10 Complimentary Gifts for Notebook Lovers

Finding that perfect gift (know more) for a friend can be challenging sometimes as you may not know what they will appreciate. Finding a unique gift for writers can be overwhelming also. In fact, the only thing that may come across your mind is complimentary notebook gifts.request quote from zigpac

However, most experienced writers will tell you that there are better gift ideas that you can explore that will mean the world to your friend. In fact, all you may need to do is visit the book lover gifts section in any shopping mall. 

We have carefully picked 10 complimentary gift ideas for your friend who is a notebook lover. These ideas range from simple to extremely useful. Feel free to explore these options until you find the perfect gift that will make your friend smile. 


These ideas were carefully selected in view of anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. All you need to do to make your friend who is a writer feel loved is to simply pick from the book lover gifts ideas listed below. 

Here are a few unique gifts for writers:

  1. Self-Stirring Coffee Mugs: Instead of starting off with complimentary notebook gifts, we decided to begin our ideas with one gift that the writer in your life will always appreciate. One of the things that are common with most writers is that they often stay awake late at night to jot down every thought that crosses their minds. This is probably the only time that they a free flow from their hearts to their hands without any disturbance. By writing at night, they often eliminate all forms of distractions except sleep. This is one of the reasons why most writers rely on coffee to stay awake. Hence, there is a great chance that you can never get it wrong with a self-stirring coffee mug. 
  2. In-ear Noise-cancelling Bluetooth Headphones: One of the unique gifts for writers is a Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphone. There is a great chance that you can never get it wrong with this category of book lover gifts. Every writer has a preferred working environment that allows their creativity to flow. Some may prefer the energy from caffeinated beverages while others would do anything for a quiet environment. If the writer in your life falls into the second category of writers an in-ear Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphone will surely put a smile on their face.
  3. A Jewellery Case With a Literary Jewellery: Aside from complimentary notebook gifts, you can opt for a stylish present like a set of Jewellery and a jewelry case to store them. You can include a quote from one of the writers that your friend admires. This will keep them motivated as it serves as a constant reminder of the sacrifices that their writing idol had to go through to be successful. You will also agree with me that a special gift like that needs to be stored in a special place. 
  4. Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock: One of the challenges that the writer in your life battle with every day is getting up from bed after a tiring day. Some writers have other things that they get busy doing during the day. In some cases, they may simply want to take a nap to keep their brain refreshed and prepared for their writings. Sometimes they sleep off because they lack an alarm clock that will remind them that it is time to get up to work. A sunrise simulator alarm clock will help fill in that role.
  5. A Photo Frame of Someone That Inspires Them: Everyone has that one person that they would give anything to be like. Someone that epitomizes the success they crave for. Getting a photo frame of someone that Inspires the writer in your life will go a long way in keeping them motivated. They will be reminded that success is around the corner if they don’t quit. They will stay motivated at any time they stare at their icon.
  6. Office Ascents for Table: There is a great chance that your writer friend has enough complimentary notebook gifts that he received from someone else. However, what he may not have is a decorated ascent that can store his writing materials like pen, ruler, etc. He will definitely appreciate an office Ascent to help decorate his table and store his writing tools. request quote from zigpac
  7. A Tote Carrier Travel Bag for Pets: One way you can get ideas for unique gifts for writers is by paying attention to what they love. People feel loved when you love what they love. If the writer in your life has a pet, you may need to consider buying a tote carrier travel bag for pets.
  8. Glass Coffee Maker: One of the ideas in this book lover gifts section is a glass coffee maker. There’s a possibility that the writer in your life will appreciate anything that help keep him awake as he pen down every thought that flows through his mind. This is one gift he would not turn down. 
  9. Portable USB Rechargeable Fan: There are tons of book lover gifts ideas out there. One idea that the writer in your life will appreciate is a portable USB rechargeable fan. Sometimes our heads my be going through rigorous exercises in the bid to get our thoughts down. Any writer will love anything that will give fresh air for relief.
  10. Electric Bottle Opener: It is possible that the writer in your life does not consider anything coffee as part of the unique gifts for writers. This is possible if he doesn’t like caffeinated beverages. An electric bottle opener may be just what you need. If he is a wine lover, there is a great chance that this gift will put a smile on his face.

These ideas will help get you through whenever you desperately need to get the writer in your life a gift. Getting your friend a gift he will cherish is a great way of letting him know how much you value him. If you have any demand for custom gifts, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.request quote from zigpac