10 Shipping & Packaging Tips

While many of us don’t take much consideration with the packing and shipping supplies wholesale we give away for business purposes, it is one important aspect every business owner should think about. From custom product packaging to how much you spend on shipping, we want to give you our top 10 recommendations product packaging supplies, shipping, and packaging tips to benefit your business gifts.

Shipping and Packaging Tips for Business Gifts

Label Everything with Custom Product Packaging!

As obvious as this tip is, you would be surprised by how many business owners forget to label shipping supplies wholesale they need to ship. Labeling items with product packaging supplies for shipping with custom product packaging isn’t as complicated as you may think it is. Just slap a sticker on the bottom of a coffee mug, a logo on the box or your business branding on a gift box.request quote from zigpac

Not only will it show your customers that you care enough to label their gifts, but it can help go a long way in terms of branding.

Always Be Sure to Use the Correct Size Box

If you are forgoing the online route of delivering goods, you will be forced to send packages via the standard snail mail. Even you are forced to do this, make sure you use the correct box to send your packages. While a standard cardboard box will do the trick, you will have to take into consideration the weight of the item you are shipping, its durability during shipping and whether or not you are going to wrap it in a protective covering.

Use Gift Wrap for a Personal Touch in Custom Product Packaging

There is nothing that says a personal touch than using gift wrap to show off your creative flair. Use whatever gift wrap you feel will represent the vibe of your business as well as match the same color of your business branding.request quote from zigpac

Ship Perishable Items Correctly

If you run a business that requires you to send baked goods, perishable foods such as cheese or milk or are sending fruits or vegetables, be sure to ship them correctly. Ideally, you want to ship perishables via next day or same-day delivery. You also want to make sure these perishable items are able to handle hot and cold temperatures in various degrees for as long as four days.

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Don’t Hesitate to Add in Extra Goodies for your Customers with Shipping Supplies Wholesale

Adding in extra goodies to your packages is also part of our shipping and packaging tips. But, it will be dependent on what you are giving away to the customers and what kind of products you are selling. When deciding what extra treats you can toss into your gift package, think creatively.

Ask yourself, “what do my customers like?” “What extra goodies will my customers appreciate?”

Whatever you decide to add into the gift package, be sure it matches the overall vibe of the gift package itself. Consider giving extra goodies that can work alongside the main gift.

Shop Around for the Best Shipping Wholesale Suppliers Cost

Keep in mind, different shipping companies will offer different prices based on the type of shipping you require. The price will ultimately depend on how fast you need the package to be received by your customers.request quote from zigpac

The option of shipping that is typically available includes same-day shipping, two-day shipping, standard shipping, overnight shipping, and premium shipping. Prices can range between $10 to as high as $75 dollars. This will also depend on how heavy the package is that you are sending.

Use a Flat-Rate Box Whenever Possible

Want to save money on shipping costs? Use a flat-rate box and cheap product packaging supplies from the post office!

Flat rate boxes are perfect for saving a lot of money at the post office. These boxes are perfect for shipping items that weigh less than 2 pounds. However, the post office offers a flat-rate box that can cover a shipping charge for an item that weighs as much as 70 pounds.

If Your Gift is Fragile, Double Wrap It!

If you are expecting to a custom product packaging gift that is incredibly fragile, be sure not only to label the package correctly. There is nothing worse than sending a fragile package and have it break on the way to a customer’s house.

To protect a fragile gift, even more, wrap it in a double package and with plenty of bubble wrap to ensure it will not move during delivery.

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Keep the Holidays in Mind

Shipping itself can be a headache, but not as much as it is during the holidays. We decided to cover this area in our shipping and packaging tips.

During the holiday season, expect your packages to arrive at its destination late. This is why it is important for you to schedule shipments accordingly. Be sure to give the packages enough time to make it by the desired deadline.shipping and packaging tips

However, if you can’t help the shipment times, be sure to communicate with your customers and inform them of the delay ahead of time.

Always Follow Up with Your Customers

Following up with your customers is always important, even more so than shipping supplies wholesale itself. You want to make sure that you notify your customers the moment a package is shipped, by giving them the tracking information for them to track their package by themselves. You may even want to follow up with your customers to ensure they are happy with whatever gift you have sent them.

As a general rule: The best time to follow up with your customers will be dependent on how soon the package is delivered to their home.

As simple as this is, you would be surprised by how little business owners follow up with their customers. It is especially important, regardless if you are making sales in the process.

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Hopefully, after reading through these various tips and recommendations we have given you, you are able to ship your products or gifts to your customers without much of a hassle. By following one or two of these lists, it can save you a headache at your local post office and help to take your business shipping to the next level. If you want to know more about the packaging and labeling, please click here.shipping and packaging tips

Remember, don’t overthink the entire process. When it comes to shipping supplies wholesale, creating custom product packaging and using specific product packaging supplies, be sure to go with your gut and ship items in a logical manner. Do that and you will be golden! If you want to get a quote, feel free to contact Zigpac.