10 Tips for Buying Promotion Gifts

We all know what promotional branded merchandise gifts are and what they are used for. As a matter of fact, if you take a look at your belongings you should find some promotional gift merchandise (know more).

Purchase promotional merchandise comes with specific messages representing a brand or product line. We will take a look at a few tips to help you buy the right merchandise for your business.request quote from zigpac

Choosing promotional gift merchandise

These days, branded merchandise gifts have become the real deal among companies. They use them as a means to spread about their products and services. At the same time, these promotional gift merchandises help them show their clients that they care.

Some of the most common purchase promotional merchandise include calendars, pens, ashtrays, notebooks, tote bags, badges, etc. One thing you should know is that there is an effective way to use these promotional items.

What would you see to make you know a promotional item is worth your buy? How can you choose the right promotional items? These ten tips will help you identify the right items and pick them for your business.

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Picking the right promotional gift merchandise

It is very important to pick the right branded merchandise gifts for several reasons. Firstly, you have to think about what message you will be having on the item. Whatever the length of the message, the item must have enough space for it.request quote from zigpac

Some items have very small space to accommodate printing. For this sort of item, you can only have about a line of text. In fact, in some cases, all it will accommodate is your business logo. This means you need something wide when you have a lot of text.

Other things to consider when choosing your promotional gift merchandise include the design and color. The color you pick should be one that identifies the items with your brand. Don’t be scared to choose colors as what you pick will sit well with your clients as well.

Decide between simple designs and elaborate designs. It all boils down to which conveys your message perfectly. Here’s our suggestion, research about all of these before you purchase promotional merchandise.

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  • Where to use the promotional gift merchandise

This is one question you should ask yourself before picking out promotional items. Where do you plan to use them? There are so many places where you could use these promotional items.

You can display your items at a trade show. One thing is sure, people will come by your booth to pick a couple, especially if they are attractive. It implies that your designs have to be top-notch if you will be displaying the items at a trade show.

Another place you can use these items is conferences. Loads of conferences held all through the year and these items are always shared. If you will be sharing your items here, then you have to inscribe details about the conference.request quote from zigpac

You can also display these items in your store. This means they can be sold or you can use them as rewards for your loyal customers.

  • Color is everything

Even though you can print the colors you want on your items, there’s a better option. This is because printing these colors may not be as neat and may not achieve exactly what you want.

The challenge with printing colors on your promotional items is that they end up looking generic. This isn’t good for your brand. So here’s our better option. We believe it is better to buy items that already sport the colors of your brand.

For example, a brand like Coca-Cola always makes use of red and white items. This way, anyone who sees them can already identify the items with the company. Take a cue from this for your own items.

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  • Contact Numbers

As much as colors are important, you also need to add numbers through which people can contact you. Why do we purchase promotional gift merchandise in the first place? To promote our businesses and brands.

Without contact numbers, the whole effort is flawed. Clients will have very beautiful items in their hands with no way to reach out to you.

You would be amazed at how many impressions these items will produce on your behalf. Some of them could make up to 6,000 in their lifetime.request quote from zigpac

  • The uniqueness of the promotional gift merchandise

Your promotional gift merchandise should stand out as unique. As we said earlier, so many companies are employing this means to promote their brands these days.

It means that your own items must be different else they would be lost in the crowd. You don’t want this to happen else you would have wasted time, effort, and money.

Everything about your items triggers a specific action. By everything, we mean color, shape, and even message. Make them unique to make your brand distinct from the rest.

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  • Your preferences

So the last time you got branded merchandise gifts, which ones struck you more? Check out their properties and draw inspiration from here. You would have entered into your clients’ minds and won their hearts.request quote from zigpac

  • The longevity of the promotional gift merchandise

Promotional gifts are meant to last long because several surveys have proven that people get to use them for long. It means you need to put out durable items else you’d be painting a bad image for your brand.

Anytime your clients see these items, they would remember your brand and would have a smile on their faces. This is the exact effect you want to create.

  • Call-to-Action

Don’t put out items without adding a call-to-action else that will be poor marketing. Add an address and an invitation to purchase your products and patronize your services. This is a great way to use promotional gift merchandise.

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  • Supply

So that you don’t run out of supply, get as many as you can. It is better to buy in bulk, this makes you enjoy economies of scale.

  • Work with a budget

As much as you want to satisfy your clients and promote your brand, you need a budget. It isn’t wise to spend all your funds to purchase promotional merchandise.request quote from zigpac


With these tips, you should find it easier to buy branded merchandise gifts. They are a great addition to your business and will spread the word about you in more ways than you imagine.