2020 Packaging Trends: How to Stay Ahead in Business

Each time we get into a new year, we are exposed to new packaging trends. So it is not strange to find business owners seeking the 2020 packaging trends.

Consumer needs and buying habits get to change with each year. Therefore, it is imperative that as a business, you employ smart packaging techniques. Before you get custom packaging, you need to know the latest trends so you don’t waste your investment.

Top packaging trends for the New Year

You don’t expect that all the packaging strategies you used last year will be relevant this year. The only constant thing in life is a change which is why you have to follow the trends. It is obvious that there is a shift as customers expect to see, eco-friendly, sustainable, and smart packaging.request quote from zigpac

These are the top 2020 packaging trends you should invest in for your business this year.

Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging materials

For a while, customers have been clamoring for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. One thing we are sure of is that this demand will be greater than ever before this year. In 2019, the world experienced just about the fiercest protests to drive the motion of a safer planet.

As you plan to get custom packaging this year, you should think of this. Environmental issues, recycling, sustainability, and other relating issues will become more important in deciding packaging styles. 

It is expected that businesses will begin to invest in the packaging (know more) that results in zero-waste. This means you must concentrate on using eco-friendly supplies in producing your product packaging. For instance, bio-polymer and other plant-based alternatives will join other flexible supplies for packaging.

You can expect the drive to reduce waste, reuse packaging, and recycle them to be stronger in 2020. We all know the detrimental effects our earth has suffered from over the last few decades. As we make efforts to save our planet, business owners must join in the movement with their packaging.

This means that you have to make the shift from glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal. Else, you’ll be facing the risk of less patronage and fines.

2020 packaging trends

Gamification augmented reality and smart packaging

RFID tech, QR codes, and augmented reality all fall under the umbrella of smart packaging. Technology is making the packaging of products evolve by the day. For this reason, we expect to see more interactive packaging and the use of multimedia for just about any product.

With RFID technology, we will be able to track products easily. Gamification, on the other hand, will make it easier for customers to relate to the products they buy and the packaging.

Let’s help you define gamification to make it easier to grasp. Gamification is the use of elements governed by game design and principles for non-game applications. This means you are using game elements to solve real-life problems.

This year we will begin to see a merger of the traditional packaging materials and techniques with unorthodox materials. So you will expect to see cardboard and digital technology in packaging products from now on.

Vintage packaging

This is one of the 2020 packaging trends that has always been with us. The old is becoming new because there are some things that will never go out of fashion. Though technology is great, consumers want to be able to relate to their past memories.

When you get custom packaging that is vintage in nature, you are able to create some form of nostalgia. This feeling of nostalgia is what many customers look forward to for certain products. Customers want to recreate their interesting retro experiences and you can help them with your packaging.

What this implies is that you will see businesses merge modern packaging techniques with vintage product package design and colors. You can tug on your customers’ emotions by using vintage colors, typography, messages, etc. 

It is important that as you employ this trend, you seek a way to remain eco-friendly. As you know, most of the vintage packaging techniques never really focused on saving the environment. It is, therefore wise to create a balance between vintage, modern, and eco-friendly.

2020 packaging trends

Minimalist packaging

While most of us will relate minimalism to designs and materials used, there’s more when it comes to packaging. You need to find a way to ensure that your packaging has the least impact on the environment.

This means there are three things involved when you discuss minimalism as one of the 2020 packaging trends. First, your packaging should be easy to understand, straightforward, with classy designs that promote your brand and the product inside.

Second, focus on the material that is being used as it will help save costs. Third, be sure that you are not adding to the destruction of our environment with your packaging.

Customers are in demand for environmentally friendly and simple packages. Over the last few years, this demand has risen really fast, faster than that of luxury or vintage packaging. 2020 packaging trends

It is expected that more and more brands will tailor their smart packaging to marry all three standards. As you plan to get custom packaging this year, you should take a cue from this.

E-Commerce Packaging

We cannot discuss packaging trends today without bringing e-commerce to the table. The world has embraced e-commerce as it has made buying and selling easier than ever before. However, it comes with its own challenges with respect to packaging.

There needs to be a balance between eco-friendly, attractive packaging and protective packaging. Most e-commerce business owners are beginning to seek ways to create this balance. Even though there is a temptation to explore the options used by physical stores, they may not be sufficient.

Customers have expectations and excessive or non-ecofriendly packaging don’t fall in line with them. This is why you should focus on durable packaging that is minimalist in materials. By the way, your packaging must also be flexible and reusable.


We have outlined the top 2020 packaging trends above. It is important as a business that you begin to look towards smart packaging as you get custom packaging. What other trends are there? Share them with Zigpac in the comments section.