ways to use custom printed notepads

30 Fun Ways to Use a Notebook

Having brand-new custom printed notepads is one of the most exciting feelings you can experience. With a small spiral notebook, there is so much potential at your disposal, it can become intimidating for people who aren’t used to it. From the feeling of the front cover of a notebook to the very smell of the brand-new pages as you flip through it, everything about a new notebook is intoxicating.

The problem is, many people are under the assumption that notebooks (know more) or custom printed notepads can only be used for taking notes or for showing off their cute notebooks for school. In fact, there are a plethora of things you can do with a new notebook. Here are 30 fun ways you can use custom printed notepads that you would have never thought of doing before.

12 Creative Ways to Use Custom Printed Notepads

Make a Sketchbook

Hey, you don’t have to be an artist to make a few sketches. Artist or not, having a notebook around for your silly sketches can help you relax, even during a stressful day. There are different types of notebooks that you can use for the purpose of sketchings, such as notebooks with grid paper or even cute notebooks for school without lines.

Remember, you don’t need any fancy paper or a fancy notebook to sketch in. Any notebook will do.

Improve Your Handwriting with Custom Printed Notepadsrequest quote from zigpac

If you have sloppy handwriting, then using a notebook can be a great way to improve it. If you have a blank notebook ready, you can learn how to use brush lettering or calligraphy to add a certain flair to your personal handwriting. With a scrapbook, you don’t have to get fancy. Just let loose and let those creative juices flow.

Start a Gratitude Journal

We all know and can empathize with the amount of negativity we have to deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes all we need to do is reflect on all of the positive things around us to help improve our mood. Using something as simple as cute notebooks for school to write down every positive thing that has happened to you can help you feel happier.

Start a Scrapbook

If you have never tried scrapbooking, we guarantee once you do, you will become hooked. A great way to use a notebook, especially a plain one is to get creative and use the blank pages to create a photo collage of your favorite moments.

ways to use custom printed notepads

Keep Track of Your Favorite Recipes

Another popular way that most notebooks are used is to keep track of your favorite recipes that you have come across, whether online or in your real life. This is a great way to refer back to a recipe when you want to make something extra special for your family.

Learn a New Language with Custom Printed Notepads

Have you always wanted to learn a second language? Now is your chance!

A notebook can be extremely helpful, especially in the early stages of learning a new language. A notebook can be a storage space for grammar rules and new vocabulary. It can also help you correct any errors you may make while learning this new language.

Make a Bucket List

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Using custom printed notepads is a great opportunity to come up with a list of the things you want to do before your life ends. Whether these things are over-the-top or humble activities, keep track of it in your next small spiral notebook.

Send Love Notes to Your Significant Other

While this may not be possible for the singles out there, it is perfect for a dating or married couples. Jot down cute little love notes to each other every morning. Don’t be afraid to let those sappy feelings out in the process. It is a great way to create a beautiful memory with the person you love the most. It can also make an excellent keepsake you both can appreciate in the future.

Track Your Dreams with a Special Notebook

Do you suffer from reoccurring dreams?

Use a notebook to keep track of your dreams, no matter how outlandish they are. This can help you see how your mind wanders on its own accord or help you track dream patterns for medicinal or mental purposes.

Make a List of Hobbies You Want to Try

Hobbies come and go like the weather. Keeping track of the hobbies you are interested in trying can be an excellent way to utilize a notebook. Write out rough ideas of what you want to learn, present or future. This can also help you record all of the hobbies you have already tried.

ways to use custom printed notepads

Free Writing

If you are a writer, most likely you are concerned with keeping all of your writing organized in a single notebook. However, creating a free writing journal will allow you to let loose and write whatever comes to mind at the moment. Use a notebook to write for a specific time frame, such as 15 minutes, and just write until the time is up.

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Make a List of New Words You Have Learned

Want to improve your vocabulary? Want to sound smarter?

Write down new words you want to use! Write these words down as a single word or how they are used in a sentence for the best results.

12 Organized Ways to Use a Notebook for School


Whether you need to write a novel or want to come up with a few ideas to tackle errands around your house, using a notebook to brainstorm can help organize your thoughts. As creative beings, most of us can predict when a new idea will come to mind. Carrying around a brainstorming notebook can help you take note of inspiration the moment it hits.

Creating Lists

Are you the type of person that just has to make a list for everything? Do you like the idea of coming up with your own top 10 list? If so, then using custom printed notepads for this purpose is great for you. Aside from helping you come up with new lists, it is a great way to keep these lists organized as well.

Keep Track of Daily Events

There are some of us that don’t want to forget what we have experienced throughout the day. This is where a notebook can come in handy. With a notebook, you can write down a few sentences about your day, each and every day. You can write things such as what food you ate, what project you recently worked on or what happened while you were at work.

Keeping track of your daily events can help you notice whether or not you follow certain patterns throughout your life and can help you gain insight into who you are as an individual.

custom printed notepads

Keep Tabs on Your Time

Most of us find it difficult to get through all of the tasks we need to get through on a daily basis. From hectic work schedules to procrastinating, there never seems to be enough time in the day. Using a notebook to keep track of what you do with your time can help you make the most of your time and improve your productivity during the day.

Tracking your time will also help you come up with new ways to free up time or put a stop to your procrastination.

Track Your Daily Fitness

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Staying on track with a daily exercise regimen can be a struggle. However, using a notebook to track your daily fitness habits can help you stick to your regimen for the long-term. It is also a great way to stay motivated, especially when you don’t feel like working out.

Store Your Passwords

How many times do you have to reset a password just because you forgot what the original password is in the first place?

With the help of a simple notebook, you can keep track of all of the passwords you use on all of your accounts in one simple place. Best of all, these passwords are stored in a place that can’t get hacked. Be sure to keep track of your login usernames as well for even more convenience!

Double as a Folder

One of the benefits of owning a notebook is that it can double as a folder/storage compartment. Stick photos, cut-outs from magazines, movie tickets or sticky notes can help add to your own journaling experience while giving the notebook a personal touch.

Plan Your Next Trip

Have a new place you want to visit in mind?

Use a notebook to plan a trip to that place! A notebook can help you organize plane tickets, prices, hotels and even maps of the place you want to visit. Plus, it can help you save time later when it comes to booking your trip officially.

custom printed notepads

Track Your Expenses with a Special Notebook

If you want to get a better handle on your finances, keep track of them in a small spiral notebook.

Creating your own financial planner can help you focus on the financial goals you want to achieve such as paying off your college debt, creating a fund that is strictly made for emergencies or saving up to take that trip of your dreams. Use a notebook to track how much money you spend in a month and watch how you become more aware of your regular spending habits.

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Track Your Health

If you suffer from a medical condition, no matter how minor or serious, you can keep track of it using a notebook. Tracking symptoms, medications or new triggers can help you stay on top of your medical condition. It can also help your doctor in diagnosing or changing up your medication whenever necessary.

Make a Food Journal with Custom Printed Notepads

Tracking what you eat doesn’t have to necessarily mean you are trying to lose weight. It can also help ensure you are eating healthy. Use a notebook to create a daily log of what you are putting into your body and make changes wherever you see fit.

Make a Grocery List

We all understand how bothersome using simple sticky notes can be to come up with a grocery list. Use a notebook to create a list of food you need to get on your next shopping trip. Do this to save yourself time and effort to get everything you need the first time.

custom printed notepads

6 Spiritual Ways to Use Custom Printed Notepads

Make a Journal with a Special Notebook

This is by far one of the most popular ways most people use a notebook. A notebook can be a great way to gather your thoughts after a tiring day and it can also help you reflect on decisions you have made recently.

Starting a journal with a notebook doesn’t require much effort on your part. All you need is a couple of minutes to yourself a day to really make a difference in your mood.

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Jot Down Inspirational Quotes on Custom Printed Notepads

Every now and then we all need some inspiration to help lift us up or to keep us motivated. Keeping cute notebooks for school full of inspirational quotes is a wonderful way to start off any day. Once you do this daily, you will begin to notice how you walk out of your house with a little skip in your step.

Write About Your Ambitions

Everyone has a dream. However, not everyone has the ability to reach their dream. That doesn’t have to apply to you.

Whether you want to advance your career or if you want to achieve a dream that you know will take a lot of hard work, keeping track of them in a notebook is a great way to keep you on track. It can also help you remain position towards reaching for this dream and help to ensure you keep pushing forward.

Create A Memory Journal with a Special Notebook

Memories are just visions of the future you haven’t planned yet.

Using custom printed notepads can help you keep track of the most notable thoughts and memories you have from your life. It is a great way to look back on your life fondly and then share those memories with a loved one in the future.

custom printed notepads

Create a Book of Affirmations

Affirmations are known to be an excellent tool to help steer your thoughts into a positive mindset. You can find a whole list of affirmations and add them into a notebook to recite every morning before you start your day.

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Make a Book of Poems

Poems can be relaxing, regardless if you are writing them or reading them. Poems can help enlighten those in a sour mood or can help you reflect on your attitude towards life in general. Write down new poems you come across to reflect on later or write down poems as they come to mind.


While we have given you 30 different ways you can use a notebook or custom printed notepads, you need to remember that this isn’t all there is!

A blank page in a notebook is just the start!

Don’t commit to using a small spiral notebook or cute notebooks for school for a single purpose. Be creative and use it for whatever your mind can come up with!

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