Adding Value to Your Marketing with Labels and Stickers

As a business owner, you must be constantly in search of the best ways to add value to your marketing campaign. One such way is using labels and stickers (know more). It is a pity that these tools are underutilized these days considering their potency in creating brand recognition.

Custom marketing labels are very cheap to produce and so many businesses undermine their ability. However, brand sticker value goes beyond the surface, they are worth more in terms of how many impressions they create.

Using stickers for marketing campaigns

Stickers work round the clock to create awareness about your brand. Of course, that is if you use them properly. One of the reasons why people see them as very potent is how flexible they are. You can come up with just about any shape or size of labels and stickers

There is always a sticker for any kind of job, from name badges to address labels and window stickers. You can do whatever you want with your stickers. They will always add value to your brand because of the variety of ways in which they can be used.custom marketing labels

How can you use custom marketing labels to boost the results of your marketing campaign? Let’s share a few secrets with you.

Multiple uses

This where brand sticker value lies the most, in how many ways these stickers can be used. It actually seems like, it is the user that determines how to use the stickers. There are no rules to using stickers neither are there specific ways to using them.

Since stickers are in different sizes, shapes, and colors, you can channel them to different purposes. This means you can employ them as marketing tools in whatever respect you choose. Their versatility is a huge advantage and many big companies know about this so they invest in stickers.

You can use stickers as flyers, placed in the middle of leaflets or brochures, on car windshields, etc. If you decide on running a targeted campaign, stickers can be your main tool to achieve the most of your campaign. The whole idea boils down to setting campaign goals and using the stickers to meet these goals.

labels and stickers

Provide information

When running a campaign, you want to provide as much information to the client as possible. This information can be about a specific product or service, a range of products or services, or your brand. Even though you want to do this, you need to present it in a concise manner.

This is because customers are not will to spend more than a few seconds reading through your information. No one has that much time these days. Since you don’t have so much time, how do you keep the customer attracted to your info? Use stickers.

You need to design your stickers in a way that they can pass the necessary information about the campaign. To do this, you don’t need to put up a bulk of information on the stickers. All you need is to arrange the necessary pieces of information creatively on the sticker.

What you need on the sticker include business name, business logo, product or service name, contact details, and prices. Incorporate these to your sticker design by using the proper arrangement and blend of colors.

You will be shocked at how your labels and stickers will get the message across very easily. Even if your customers don’t have time to read through all the info at once, they have the stickers with them. This means they can always read when they come across the sticker again.label sticker marketing

Be creative

You can show off how creative you are using custom marketing labels. This will help you make a bold statement in a way that no one else would. Come up with unique designs and messages to enhance your product or service offering.

The truth is you are not the only person doing what you are doing. For this reason, you need to stand out from the crowd. You cannot afford to present your messages in the same way as other brands. If you do, then your whole campaign will end up bringing the usual results.

It is not just about the messages on the stickers or the sticker design. Brand sticker value goes beyond that when it comes to creativity. You also need to be creative about using the stickers. 

Ask yourself the question, “Do I want to give the stickers to customers or place the stickers at strategic points?” This will determine your approach in using the stickers. 

If you will be handing the stickers out, then you must devise creative means of doing so. The idea is to grab the attention of as many readers as possible to create impressions. Most of these impressions will end up becoming conversions after a while.

brand sticker value

Take them on the road

If you travel a lot for exhibitions, conferences, and trade shows you can add stickers to your business literature. By business literature, we mean anything readable that you have to tell others about your business. Some of this literature include leaflets, flyers, and business cards.

While all of these are quite effective, somehow, stickers do a more efficient job. Stickers are very powerful at these events as they not only attract people to your stands, they help to pass your message. The good thing is that stickers don’t cost as much as these other items of literature.

Long term value

When you consider how cheap stickers are, you just want to print many copies. As you can tell, the more stickers you print at a time, the cheaper it is in the long run. But that’s not all, with more stickers, you have added value.

You can keep the stickers for the future since they don’t expire and they will always be useful to your brand. Simply add the stickers to any of your printed literature and share them as you like.brand sticker value


Labels and stickers can add a lot of value to your marketing campaign. We have shown you how you can channel your custom marketing labels properly. Brand sticker value cannot be overemphasized when it comes to growing brand recognition. If you have any demand for business brand stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.