Advantages of a Spiral Bound Notebook

One of the most common methods of joining book pages is spiral binding. What are the advantages of a spiral binding book?

If you are able to decipher the advantages of a spiral-bound notebook, then getting one becomes easy. In this post, we will show you some of the advantages of a spiral note journal.request quote from zigpac

Describing spiral binding

Even though spiral binding has been here for a while, not everyone understands what it is. Another name for spiral binding is coil binding. Coil binding is an efficient method of joining the cover and pages of a document together.

A metal or durable plastic coil is used in the spiral binding book. First, small holes are punched at the spine edge of the book’s pages and cover. The coil is then passed through the holes and twisted gently to form a spiral-bound notebook.

The amazing thing about a spiral note journal is that even though the coil is firm, the pages open freely. After perfect binding and saddle-stitching, coil binding is the third most popular binding method. In fact, we reckon the reason why it isn’t more popular is because of the cost and its minimal flatness.

Advantages of spiral binding

Despite being the third most popular binding method, a spiral-bound notebook comes with several advantages. In this section, we will take a look at some of these advantages. It should be an exciting and enlightening ride so hang on. 

You can open the pages of the book 360 degrees

Some of us like to open our books all the way back for comfort purposes. This will help you write better if you don’t have a hard surface on which to place the book. A coil-bound notebook gives you that sort of advantage as it can fold on itself and still be flat.

What does this imply for the writer? Less space consumption while making accessing reference easier. For this reason, this kind of notebooks (know more) is perfect for sales presentations, reports, directories, proposals, maintenance books, and instruction manuals.

You will notice that most travel guides and atlases are also spiral bound. This is because as you travel, you need a book that is easier to manage in transit. Spiral-bound books fit this description perfectly. request quote from zigpac

Another thing you enjoy from the book opening 360 degrees is access to all information. You will notice that with regular books, information close to the spine may be difficult to access. With a spiral binding book, the case is different since the book opens all the way.

Pages stay put and turn easily

When you flip the pages of a saddle-stitched notebook you have to hold them to keep them open. This sort of resistance is not present when you open a spiral-bound notebook. As we have told you earlier, the pages open 360 degrees.

Only a binding method that offers the pages little resistance can achieve this. The spinal tension present in books bound in a different manner is absent in a spiral note journal. This is why you don’t have to always hold down the pages to ensure that the book stays open.

No wonder this binding method is used for wall calendars as well. You need the calendars to be open all year round as well as the pages flipping easily. Due to the absence of the spinal tension, the calendars are able to stay flat on the wall.

Many students and project managers also prefer spiral notebooks for this purpose. It makes it easier to write in class or on the go. They also find it more convenient to leave the notebook open on a desk while doing other tasks.

spiral bound notebook

Accommodates both low and high page counts

There are several diameters of spiral coils, each size is able to accommodate a specific number of pages. The bigger the diameter, the more thickness it can support. 

This advantage requires quite an amount of understanding as you need to know how much thickness a diameter can support. If you get it wrong, then you affect the aesthetics and proper function of the notebook. 

We already told you that the coil can be metal or plastic. However, people prefer plastic coils more because there are so many colors to choose from. Another reason people prefer plastic coils is the fact that these coils are resistant to distortion.spiral bound notebook

For this reason, it is better to make use of plastic coils when sending a spiral binding book via mail. The same goes for calendars and every other kind of spiral-bound document.

Work better with index tabs

Like we told you earlier, certain occupations prefer a spiral-bound notebook because it can stay open without any effort. Some of these occupations include engineers, project managers, sales reps, business managers, students, etc.

For these people, they like to use index tabs to make references in their notebooks. The advantage of the indexing is that one can easily flip to the page where a piece of information is located. The best form of index tabs is dividers.

These dividers have printed tabs that complement a reference document perfectly. Thus a spiral note journal is preferred for reports, training manuals, presentations, and directories, to mention a few. With these, it becomes very easy to access information from any part of the book.

Index tabs are usually printed in different colors and in some cases, coded numerically. This makes it easier to use these tabs.

spiral bound notebook

Readily available

There is a widespread appeal for spiral binding, especially when engaging in shorter production cycles. Since the process is straightforward and easy to achieve, binding has become really popular.spiral bound notebook

You don’t need folded signatures, adhesives, or any other form of extensive preparation. There are also different colors and sizes of coils which you can buy from a stationery shop. 


A spiral binding book makes life easier on so many fronts. You can make a spiral-bound notebook yourself or buy one from the store. If you run a business, you design a spiral note journal and use it as a promotional item. If you have any demand for custom online sketch notebook, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.