All About Plastic Bags

When you buy things at a grocery store, you are asked to choose between paper and plastic grocery bags (know more). This is a regular occurrence at the counter and most people tend to prefer wholesale reusable plastic bags.

This is because these wholesale plastic bags come with several advantages, one of these is versatility. We will be looking at a few uses of these bags but first, their advantages.

Advantages of wholesale plastic bags

Even though we know that paper bags are eco-friendly, we still prefer to use plastic grocery bags. Not because we don’t love our environment, but because they have a lot of advantages. Both the retailer and the customer will choose these bags any day and the question is why?

Let’s check out a few reasons below.request quote from zigpac

Wholesale plastic bags have been around for about half a century. During this period they have grown in popularity, especially among retailers. This is because of several reasons some of which include:

  • Cost-effective. These reusable plastic bags don’t cost so much, yet they do so much. No one wants to spend a fortune on packaging products. They are even cheaper when you purchase them in bulk as they allow you to enjoy the economies of scale.
  • Ease of use. Looking for the easiest packaging method? You better look at the way of these wholesale custom plastic bags. There isn’t much to using these bags. All you need to do is print on the bags and then that’s about it. Generally, they are easier to open or close than paper bags. You will also notice that they can be doubled up very easily.
  • Easy to store. Storing product packages can be a serious headache for both retailers and consumers. They tend to consume a lot of space which makes the whole place choked up in the end. The story is different from plastic bags as you just need to fold them properly and put them away. You can even pack all of them away in another plastic bag. Along with this, they don’t weight so much.

wholesale plastic bags

Consumers also find these bags quite appealing. Statistics have revealed that each year, Americans use at least a hundred million plastic bags. This huge figure is because of certain advantages these plastic grocery bags come with.

  • Durability. When you look at plastic and paper bags, it is easy to figure out that plastic bags are more durable. This implies that after taking their purchased items home, customers can still use these bags. Plastic bags are weatherproof and you are not scared they will tear because of the load.
  • Versatility. Paper bags cannot be used for so much. However, you can make use of wholesale plastic bags for so many purposes. This is a major contributor to why consumers will choose plastic bags anytime, any day.request quote from zigpac

Uses of wholesale plastic bags

As we have stated above, one of the reasons why reusable plastic bags are popular is because of their use. Using these bags puts our environment at risk, it causes plastic bags pollution, only if we keep trashing them. If we recycle them, we are able to enjoy a clean environment and also save money by the side.

Just in case you were wondering what these wholesale plastic bags would be useful for, here is a list of uses.

  • Using them over

The best way to use any item is to use it for the purpose it was designed in the first place. Plastic bags were designed to carry items from point A to point B. You can leverage this thereby using the bags for as many times as you can.

Of course, this is dependent on how qualitative the bag is. Frankly, most stores don’t provide quality wholesale plastic bags these days. When you have the opportunity, use these bags and return them to your car. Leave them there until your next visit to the grocery store and use them over.

wholesale plastic bags

  • Car trash bag

When you go on road trips, you are likely going to do a lot of disposing of trash as you travel. With these wholesale plastic bags, you don’t need to drop things on the road. You can have your trash in one of these bags and then when you get to a service station, you dispose of.

We already told you that plastic bags don’t take up much space and are easy to store. Simply fold the bags and drop them in your trunk or glove compartment.

  • Lining trash cans with wholesale plastic bagsplastic grocery bags

You can use wholesale plastic grocery bags to line your trash can and save yourself a lot of money. Consider how much you would have spent on regular trash bags. When you do this, you can figure out how much these plastic bags have saved you.

It doesn’t take much. Put the bag into the trash can then drag it all the way down. Do this and you may not be spending any money on trash bags for a very long time.

  • Donations

You may not know this but you can donate your bags to the flea markets and even thrift stores. They will be glad to receive your donation since it will save them a fortune.

Here’s a little piece of advice, don’t send in your bags to any of these places without making an inquiry. It is important that you reach them to ask if they are interested in your stash of reusable plastic bags.

Don’t find it strange that some may reject the bags. It is either they have excess or they are scared of bacteria.

wholesale plastic bags

  • Keep dirty laundry with wholesale plastic bags

When you are on a trip, you may not find it easy to do your laundry. Instead of packing these dirty clothes together with your neat ones, you can pack them separately using a plastic bag.

When you put the clothes in the bag, you can drop them in the truck of your car. Now, you don’t have to worry about mixing the clothes together.

Conclusionreusable plastic bags

There is so much you can do with plastic grocery bags, you just have to be open to the possibilities. Wholesale plastic bags are versatile and they come with several advantages. So when next you get an offer of reusable plastic bags, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take it.