Benefits of a Pocket Book for Business

When you have the best pocket notebook in your hands, you enjoy several amazing benefits. Many people today still wonder why they should use pocket notebook.

This is not strange considering the fact that we have smartphones and tablets these days. There are things a cheap pocket notebook will help you achieve that a smartphone can never. What are the benefits of using a pocket notebook (know more) for business?request quote from zigpac

Benefits of a pocket notebook

The most successful men in the world, even though they have the best devices at their disposal, use pocket notebook. Are you shocked at this statistic? You shouldn’t because it is one that has been in existence for centuries.

Even before man had access to the best pocket notebook, there were scribes who wrote things down. If a man never wrote things down, we would have no access to history today. As a businessman, you cannot undermine the capacity of that cheap pocket notebook in your hands.

Truth be told, not all of us are interested in writing personal journals. But there is a lot you can put down in your notebook which will be useful in the nearest future. Many people tend to ask why a notebook is so important, let’s show you a few surprising facts.

Rich history

Smartphones seem to have knocked notebooks off their perch for a while. In times past, great minds would hardly leave their homes without a pocket notebook. Just the way you would find it difficult to step out without your phone today. 

Edison, Tesla, Beethoven, Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln, etc. all couldn’t do without their notebooks. Today, some of the brightest human minds, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, etc. all carry notebooks. So if you love to carry notebooks around, you are in good company.request quote from zigpac

It is clear that notebooks are the perfect place to store ideas, which is just one of their advantages. While in deep thought, your mini pocket notebook is your best companion. This is besides the details you can write down as a business owner.

Some of the biggest businesses in the world were built inside notebooks. A notebook will help you store up your ideas, expand them, and organize them. This way you will find it easier to implement the ideas.

Don’t miss any opportunity

There are times that your creative juices are flowing non-stop and ideas are pumping through your mind. The challenge is that when you get out of your element without writing these ideas down, that’s the end. You will never remember them the way you thought about them again.

Many business owners have missed out on amazing opportunities because of this. Imagine you have the best pocket notebook by your side as these ideas pop up. You can begin writing them down a straightaway. request quote from zigpac

In fact, the paper helps your creativity because you will be able to expand the ideas more as you write. No wonder some of the biggest businessmen in the world use pocket notebook. You will be shocked at what you will be able to achieve when you start to use that cheap pocket notebook.

From sketches to needs, you can jot down everything in a pocket notebook. Sometimes, an inspirational quote comes to mind, write it down. 

You can apply this to business growth in several ways. From recording minutes of meetings to planning daily agenda, the possibilities are limitless. 

Durability, longevity, and availability 

Smartphones are cute and beautiful with so many functions but they are not as durable as notebooks. A pocket notebook can be passed from one generation to the next and so on, as long as it is kept well. So you are not afraid to jot down recipes, trade secrets, travel locations, etc. request quote from zigpac

The good thing with notebooks is that they don’t need electricity or battery life. You can flip open your notebook in the middle of nowhere to input or retrieve information. There is no need for internet connection too so you are covered.

You can jot down the numbers of clients, suppliers, and key partners in your notebooks. These pieces of information will be useful to anyone who picks your pocket notebook in your absence. The idea behind storing information is so that it can be used in the future. 

Smartphones may crash, get stolen or lost, or even get damaged. Once any of these happens, the probability of retrieving stored information is vague. With notebooks, you are not scared of crashing.

If you protect the content of your best pocket notebook properly, you can have it for two lifetimes. In times past, information written in books were duplicated and kept in separate locations. This way, even if there was damage to one of the books, the information was kept safe and accessible. You can do this for your cheap pocket notebook as well.

Notebooks provide you a hard surface

Still, wondering why you should use pocket notebook? Here’s another reason. You probably like to write, but instead of in a notebook, you prefer papers.

This is not so bad except for the fact that the papers may get missing. There are also times when you may need a hard surface to help your writing. All you need to do is to flip the notebook cover and you can scribble away. request quote from zigpac

This will make your notes more legible than when you hand no surface to write on.

The perfect reminder

It is very painful to have a great idea or a list of events and you cannot remember any. Actually, it is frustrating and so many business owners suffer from this.

If you want to always remember things, write them down in a notebook. Science tells us that you will hardly forget what you write down. Even if you do, all you need to do is pick up your cheap pocket notebook and flip the pages.


Do you now see why you should use pocket notebook? We should tell you at this point that there is no best pocket notebook, except the one you choose. It all depends on your purposes, what are your thoughts?  If you have any demand for custom cheap printed notebooks, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.request quote from zigpac