Benefits of Having Business Cards

Technology has almost completely transformed the way business is run these days. Despite this clear fact custom business cards (know more) are still very important. It is almost impossible for technological gadgets to replace these cards completely.

A personal greeting card is a very potent marketing and networking tool that has been in use for several years. What exactly are the benefits of making use of these cards? In this post, we will share some of these with you so you can see how important they are.custom business cards

Benefits of business cards

One of the most important aspects of growing any business is networking. There are several tools that aid networking and make it easier to achieve. With technology, networking has become easier as so many gadgets have been designed for this purpose.

It is amazing to see that there are certain items that technology has found it really difficult to replace. One of these is custom business cards. These items have been at the forefront of business networking for decades. They are regarded as highly as one of the most potent tools for brand growth and marketing.

As time goes by, new methods of designing business cards crop up. It is imperative that you follow the trends in designing your personal greeting card. The question is how do you invest in a marketing tool if you don’t know about its benefits.

Let’s learn about some of the benefits of business cards below.

custom business cards

Makes exchange of contact information more personal

The aim of networking in the first place is to make connections. When you make connections, it is imperative that you add a personal touch. How can you say you have connected with an individual and there was no personal discussion?

Text messages, social media, and emails all help us connect with other individuals efficiently. The only challenge with these methods is that there is no personal discussion. This means that the networking process is void of that essential “personal touch” ingredient.

The whole idea of networking is imprinting a personal impression on the person you meet. This way, they will find it easy to always remember you. Business cards help to bridge this gap in the most effective manner.

Before you hand a person your business card, you have to walk up to the individual and share a discussion. This will lead you to the point of handing out your card. Before this time, both of you already have a feel of who the other person is.

When you have created a platform with your discussion and handed out your card, the next level beckons. The next level entails following up using different media like the ones mentioned above. This way, your networking campaign is more effective and yields more results.personal greeting card

Making great first impressions

Whether in personal life or business, one thing is constant, first impressions matter. It is important to always make a good impression the first time you meet an individual. While most people think you only strive for this with good prospects, you shouldn’t leave anyone out.

So how do you make a great impression in business? There are so many ways but you cannot kick out the place of custom business cards. Your personal greeting card should be of the highest quality with a mature and attractive design.

This will ensure that the recipient of the card has a feel of your personal brand. The uniqueness of the business cards creates a great impression that sparks interest in your brand.

custom business cards

Efficient marketing tool

Social media and other digital marketing methods do a great job of spreading the word about your brand. Billboards and television are also not bad ideas except that they are costly. All of these methods are efficient but studies say they are not as efficient as the use of business cards.

Is that a surprise? Let’s show you why. With business cards, you have the opportunity to speak directly to your prospects before handing out your card. Here’s a simple question for you to answer, is there any better method of marketing than word of mouth?

Of course, the answer is no. This is because you have the opportunity of telling others exactly what you want them to know about your products. They have the opportunity to ask questions and you can provide answers on the spot.

When you are done with this, you can give out your card with the confidence that they will call you. Carrying around your business cards ensures that whenever you meet prospects, you are ready to advertise your brand. For this reason, business cards are still regarded as one of the most potent marketing tools in existence.personal greeting card

Very affordable

As a small business owner, one of the things on your mind when it comes to marketing is budgets. You are always looking for the most cost-effective option for your marketing. One of the most affordable tools of marketing is custom business cards.

They are even cheaper when you order them in bulk. This helps you to stay within your budget which is why we suggest you order from a professional company. When you do, you can produce a quality personal greeting card at the most affordable prices possible. 

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Business cards are really small in size compared to how much they are able to help you achieve. Even with their sizes, they are able to carry so much key information about your brand.  Beyond this, these cards can do just about anything from advertising your brand to being used as coupons.

This means you get so much value for money from each order. In some cases, scratch card printing has been employed to add more versatility to cards. 


Using business cards is very convenient. First, what strikes you is their size, they are so portable so you can carry them around easily. Since they carry all the necessary information about your business, it saves you from unnecessary bulk. custom business cards


Custom business cards are very important tools to help you grow your brand. Order a personal greeting card today to create a great first impression and grow your network. If you have any demand for custom business cards, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.