Best liquid pouch with spout suppliers

Liquid pouch with spout suppliers is a kind of recent packaging with so many features that will benefit both production companies and customers. These pouches are superior to most packaging types. That is, in design, cost, environmental friendliness, flexibility. Also in durability, protectiveness, and lots more. This innovative product is designed to provide convenience for users. It also increases flexibility, and reduce the cost of logistics.

Besides, the best feature most spout pouch suppliers offer include the capability of storing and protecting liquid contents. Moreover, the liquid pouch with spout offers protection from:

  • moisture,request quote from zigpac
  • light,
  • pests,
  • air,
  • vapor,
  • pets,
  • odor, and
  • other elements.

Further, the level of protection they offer is dependent on the nature of the contents.

Features of a Bag from Spout

This liquid pouch with spout (know more) has a lot of applications in our everyday life. In fact, here are some of the features and uses they offer:

  • They are:
  1. lightweight,
  2. portable, and
  3. easy to use for dispensing liquid products.request quote from zigpac
  • These products include:
  1. energy drinks,
  2. soft drinks,
  3. liquid soaps,
  4. sauces,
  5. pharmaceutical products,
  6. hand wash,
  7. shampoos,
  8. alcoholic beverages,
  9. hygiene products, etc.

liquid pouch with spout

  • In addition, these pouches ensure that transportation of liquid products occurs without leaks or punctures.
  • Likewise, the manufacturing process of the spout pouch involves multiple film layers scientifically formed and laminated together.
  • They also come with ergonomic handles that make them easier to hold and use. These handles are sturdy. Most importantly, they will not easily slip out of your hands. Also, they will not break while in use.
  • The material structure of spout pouch packaging depends on the nature of specific contents. That is what it will carry. Some of the material structures used for these pouches are:
  1. PET/NY/PE,
  2. NY/PE,
  3. PET/AL/PE,
  4. PET/PE,
  5. PET/FOIL/POLY, andrequest quote from zigpac
  • The end product is:
  1. a strong,
  2. puncture-resistant,
  3. stable,
  4. durable,
  5. reusable, and
  6. stand-up barrier bag.
  • With the attachment of a resealable cap, the pouch seals in chemical potency.
  • It maintains:
  1. flavor,
  2. freshness,
  3. nutritional qualities, and
  4.  the fragrance of products.
  • Storing spout pouches is quite easy as they are safe in:
  1. closets,
  2. garages,
  3. car trunks,
  4. cupboards,
  5. refrigerators, and
  6. kitchen pantry.

liquid pouch with spout

Other Featuresrequest quote from zigpac

  • The incorporation of pour spout and a cap further extends the shelf life of the pouch’s contents and prevents spillage.
  • More so, spout pouch suppliers ensure their availability in different sizes and styles for companies to pick from.
  • With the use of state-of-the-art equipment, some companies produce these spouted pouches in bulk.
  • They also have beautiful user-friendly designs and labels which makes them stand out on retail shelves.
  • Some of these pouches can be printed, while others are left unprinted and laminated. Most of the time, the result is a matte or glossy finish that is attractive and neat.
  • Also featured is a clear window for people to easily see the level of liquid inside the pouch. This will help to know when to start planning for a refill or replacement before running out of products.
  • Company labels and stickers can be done on the wide front and the back-porch panels of these pouches.
  • Additionally, spout pouch suppliers use these pouches help save a lot of space during transportation of liquid products. They can be stacked on other items or stored in a corner of the vehicle.
  • Liquid pouch with spout has a lot of applications in the following industries: beverages, pasty and liquid products, and pharmaceuticals. Other industrial applications are home and garden products, health and beauty products, as well as industrial and other packaging industries.
  • Liquid product companies can also do customized printing on the entire spout pouch in different beautiful colors.

Processing a Bag from Spout


Spout pouches also have to go through a number of tests to ensure they are suitable for delivery to customers. Some of these tests include: seal strength testing, compression testing, drop testing, tensile testing, puncture resistance testing, and burst to test.

Product Packaging

They also go through product packaging compatibility testing before use in packaging and distributing liquid or semi-liquid products.

spout pouch suppliers

Benefits of Using Liquid Pouch with Spout

Pouches with spouts are perfect for packaging liquid and fluid. These pouches have a lot more to offer which is why they are winning over many companies worldwide.

Some of the benefits of using a liquid pouch with a spout are:

  • Costs:

There are two main ways spout pouch can help you to save money. Firstly, they do not use up a lot of resources so you get to save on raw materials. Secondly, you can choose to use these pouches without the spouts, thereby saving on the cost of the spout. Since these bags can stand up straight, you will not need to pay more to make the customer more comfortable.request quote from zigpac

  • Custom printing:

There are so many options for custom printing available in a liquid pouch with a spout. These bags have a lot of space for placing ads and branding. Product information placed on these bags is easier to read than those placed on jars or cylindrical bottles.

More so, custom printing on these pouches is not as labor-intensive as those on some other form of packaging. In fact, printing on a pouch with spout is not as expensive as printing on packages like tin cans.

  • Environment:

The environment has become a major concern in the world today. Moreso, the government, environmental organizations, and companies are earnestly looking for new ways. That is, to conserve environmental resources and protect the environment. In addition, new ways are being sought to protect the government and companies from the rising cost of raw materials.

The manufacture of bulky jars and bottles requires a lot of plastic which uses up a lot of environmental resources. Since less plastic is required to produce spouted pouches. They become a great way to save on raw materials. In turn, the environment is protected.

Other Benefits

  • Spout versatility:

Furthermore, when it comes to spouted pouches, there are a lot of designs to choose from. Businesses and companies use different types of spouts to meet the needs of different customers. In addition, there are many spouts that are kid-friendly and specially designed for children’s food.

Some others have sports cap spouts specifically designed to meet the needs of sportspeople.

  • Visual Appeal

Spouted pouches are very attractive and appeal to many people. The entire design is eye-catching and will draw the attention of customers to the product. This is why it is becoming a favorite of even beverage and oil-producing companies today.

Final Thoughts

Pouches that are used in packaging liquid often come with spouts. To enable the user to pour out the liquid easily. This liquid pouch with spout also guarantees that your liquid products are:request quote from zigpac

  • transported safely,
  • conveniently,
  • and mess-free.

You can get more information on spout pouch from spout pouch suppliers like Zigpac.