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Best Stationery Gifts for Notebook Lovers

Do you have friends or clients who are in love with notebooks (know more)? If your answer is yes, then you need to check out the best notebook and stationery gifts to share with them. 

As the holidays approach, the best way to show you care for these people is through stationery and notebooks. After all, they are in love with these items.request quote from zigpac

Why should you hand out the best gifts with notebooks?

When you care about people, you want to share items with them. For your loved ones and clients who love notebooks, gifts with notebooks are appropriate for the holidays. When you gift these people items they love, they know that you truly care.

It also shows that you put some effort into the thought process for that gift. If the recipients are your clients, then you have just won their loyalty. 

Handing them the best notebook gifts for Christmas will certainly be the climax of the holidays. To make it worthwhile, add some of your business information to the stationery and notebooks. This will make them remember your business each time they pick up such items. 

Having said this, let’s take a look at the gift with notebooks that you can hand out this Christmas. 

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Top 7 best gifts with notebooks

  • 5-year memory book

Some individuals really don’t like to write even though they like keeping memories. You probably have a few among your clients or loved ones. These people are bent on putting all of their precious memories together in a place.

For this reason, they have to write down these memories in a book. Simply pick out one of these 5-year memory books and hand it to them this Christmas with love. They will be so grateful, not just for the gift, but for the intention.

These books go for as low as £8.59. If you are handing the books to a client, you can add a sticker with your business information. This will help to promote your brand.

best notebook gifts

  • Personalized desk calendar

Having knowledge of dates ensures that we are organized. Mobile phones have calendars that give us this organization but some people still prefer the old school calendars.

Desk calendars are always cute and attractive, especially when the design is done by a professional. If you are considering the best gift with notebooks for your loved ones or clients, this is it. 

Add a personal message along with the person’s name to show how much you appreciate and care for them. These calendars come with several advantages but the top three are cuteness, customization, and organization. 

You can bet your clients and loved ones would love you for this gift. Plus they will hold it special to their hearts. A unit of this item costs just £22.

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  • Pack of washi tapes

This is one of the best notebook gifts you hand to any person who truly loves notebooks. Okay, this isn’t a notebook but washi tapes are perfect for scrapbook lovers. In fact, any person who uses stationery would love washi tapes.

This pack of tapes has eight tapes, each with a different pastel color. The colors are muted so you don’t have to worry about them clashing with your notebook designs. They are perfect for minimalist designs on your cheap printed notebooks and scrapbooks. 

A pack of these beautiful washi tapes costs £6.

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  • Hardback casebound notebook

When you have someone who is in love with stationery and notebooks, you should gift them a special notebook. This hardback casebound notebook set is exactly what they deserve. From the inside to the outside, this book oozes class.

There are 90 pages, each a paper that is smooth, gsm Optik in nature. The implication of this is that there is almost no see-through as the use scribbles down. If the user writes with fountain pens, they wouldn’t be afraid of any bleeding through. 

The outer part of this book is a mixture of black and red and it is hardback casebound. What this implies is that the book will last for so long, especially if the user isn’t rough with it. The book costs £5.95.

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  • Pack of watercolor pencils

This is perfect for loved ones and clients who love to express art through drawing and painting. These pieces of stationery come with several advantages so you can be sure they would be appreciated.

First, they are portable so they can be carried about and used almost anywhere. Second, they hardly make any mess, except when the user feels like making a mess. Finally, they are pretty affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank to buy a pack.

Prices begin at £6.93.

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  • A5 diaryrequest quote from zigpac

Once upon a time, almost everyone kept a diary. Even though the art of keeping a diary may seem old-fashioned, it is still one of the best notebook gifts

A diary helps the receiver to plan properly and document daily events. The advantage with these diaries is that most of them have double schedules so dual records can be kept. This helps the user to separate work and pleasure.

No wonder they are regarded as one of the best gifts with notebooks for the Christmas holidays. You can get one from £7.99. 

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  • A gift of pens with the best notebook

We cannot complete this list of stationery and notebooks to gift out with talking about pens. A pack of pens is perfect for any person who loves to design jars or ceramic items. It is also great for writing on non-porous surfaces.

They also come with their own advantages. First of all, they come with a very low odor so you don’t have to worry about allergies. Asides this, they are eco-friendly so you are sure to enter the good books of the users. 

They are definitely among the best gift with notebooks you can buy. Get a pack of these from £10.95.

best notebook gifts

Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

The list of best notebook gifts for stationery lovers is endless. The great thing about stationery and notebooks is that they do not cost a fortune so you don’t spend much. Share a few ideas with Zigpac in the comments section, we will love to read from you.

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