It is no longer a secret that the market is filled with lots of cookies vape carts. Several people have fallen victim to these items and suffered sickness or even died from using these cartridges. The problem is that they look legitimate, however, they are fake and contaminated.

You will find these CBD carts for sale online and they are usually cheaper than the original ones. The best way to protect yourself from purchasing a fake cookies vape cartridge is to know how to identify one. We will show you how in this post.

Identifying Fake Cookies Vape Cartridge

How do you know a cookies runtz cartridge is fake? There are a few factors to check to help you differentiate a real one from a fake. Check some of them out below:

The license

When you purchase CBD carts from unlicensed dispensaries, they are likely to be contaminated or faulty. One thing that you must know is that additives that seem harmless can cause dire consequences.

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