Box Packaging Material to Inspire Your Next Product Marketing

The packaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing, which is why most businesses like yours take box packaging material types seriously. Cast your mind back to how you feel when you see an iPhone pack, you couldn’t help stopping for a moment right? That is what good but not big cardboard box or cheap packing materials do for you. It stops you in your tracks and pulls you toward the content.

You cannot dispute the fact that for more than 60 percent of first-time clients the product packaging is the main attraction. Well, that depends on the condition/type of packaging used. Primarily not picking cheap packing boxes wholesale for the sake of holding the product together matters.

There are different types of box packaging material and they come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. A fraction of manufacturers see box packaging as quite mundane but looking at it critically, we see that it is one of the fastest ways of attracting or chasing away customers. Boxes help you create an amazing exterior for the product in your hands as long as you make use of the thousands of designs at your disposal.

Without wasting much time, let’s get to the crux of how to box packaging material can help you inspire your next product marketing campaign.

Different Types of Box Packaging Material

There are several options when it comes to the types of boxes to use in packaging your products. What matters is what kind of product do you want to package and what is planning to achieve with the boxes? Once you can answer these questions, it helps you to easily narrow down your options to pick the exact type of box you need.

Meanwhile, find below the most popular types of boxes used by some of the biggest brands in the world.

Paperboard box packaging material

The materials for the box comprise of light-weight paper. Though they are light in weight, they are strong and very durable. One advantage of the boxes is the flexibility of customization to suit your purposes, especially with respect to shape and structure. As a result of this, smaller and upcoming companies make use of them in packing their products.

The production process is simple and straightforward. It involves converting fibrous materials from wood or waste paper already recycled into pulp. After conversion into pulp, bleaching follows. These paperboard boxes come in different grades to meet your different packaging needs. This means you can get those cheap packing boxes wholesale very easily with paperboard material.

The main use of the packaging box includes the packaging of milk, juice, cosmetics, frozen food, medicine, etc. Once you can take advantage of the design options available, you can get the best of results from spending very small.

box packaging material


Corrugated boxes

Forget the complicated nomenclature, corrugated boxes (know more) refer to what you know as “cardboard.” So when you think of big cardboard boxes, what you have in mind is corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes serve as the source material for the making of shoe boxes, large shipping and storage boxes.

Did you know that these boxes come in different sizes and grades? In fact, each grade comes with its specific durability and strength. This means you need to understand the different grades to pick the right corrugated box for your merchandise. Did that sound a bit complicated?

You can easily decipher the grade of a cardboard box by its corrugated medium, also known as fluting. The boxes comprise of three layers of paper which are the inside liner, outside liner, and corrugated medium or fluting. The fluting gives the box durability and strength.

Construction of the box comprises of recycled paper put together on huge machinery of high-precision known as corrugators. Recycling very easy with the boxes and as a result, popularly used in retail packaging, packaging of consumer goods, and pizza delivery boxes, among others.

custom mailer boxes

Plastic box packaging material

Plastic is about the most used box packaging material today. You will agree that most wooden, paper, glass, leather, and ceramic packaging have been replaced by plastic. Plastic boxes are more durable than many other types of packaging and they are also recyclable. When they are airtight, they can preserve food for long periods thus eliminating any chances of contamination.

They are great for storing products under extreme conditions and being able to show off content without the need of opening the package. Looking for cheap packing boxes? Turn to plastic boxes.

box packaging material

Rigid boxes

If you have ever wondered what wristwatch, phone, and a few other retail product companies use in packaging their products, this is it. You definitely know that they made use of some type of cardboard, you just didn’t know what type.

Materials used for creation include condensing paperboard. The condensing cardboard has a thickness about 4 times thicker than that of the regular paperboard used in constructing standard cartons. An example of these rigid boxes in the real world includes the packaging used Apple for its iPhone and iPad brands.

These boxes do not come cheap at all, at least when compared to corrugated boxes or paperboard. They are mostly handmade so they do not require any huge machinery for production. When used the shipping fees incurred are usually higher because of their weight which is a result of their non-collapsible nature.

You can easily incorporate lids, compartments, windows, hinges, domes, and embossing to your rigid boxes. They are majorly used in packing jewelry, luxury couture, cosmetics, big cardboard boxes, and tech products.

rigid box

Chipboard packaging

This is one of the cheap packing boxes you could get if you don’t plan to spend excessively on your packaging. It is used across several industries like cosmetics, medical, electronics, food, and beverages. Chipboard falls in the category of paperboard, the only difference is that it is made out of a stock of reclaimed paper. This choice of packaging is very flexible and can be customized simply by cutting, folding, and forming whatever shape or size you desire.

Just like most other types of boxes, they come in different grades and strengths, all of which is determined by the material’s density. To make it easier to transfer images to the clipboard, ensure you treat with sufficient bleach sulfate. Adding some Clay Coated News Black makes the material more durable than it is usually.

Chipboard is very light so it is not advisable to use it for packaging heavy items. It works great for light items, especially grocery like crackers, cereal, tissue boxes, and many others. Make sure you don’t use them in places where the environment is moist to avoid weakening, discoloration, and expansion.

types of packaging

Poly case

These are also known as pouches or plastic case and they are produced from thin, flexible, fabric made from plastic film. Looking at the packaging industry today, they are about the most used form of box packaging material and they cut across several industries. They can be used to carry several items such as food, chemicals, flowers, magazines, waste, etc.

They are very lightweight but are also very durable, flexible, and reusable. Because they can easily be customized with respect to design, size, and style, they are usually very cheap to invest in. they can also be recycled, even though this depends largely on the method of construction. A major advantage of poly bags is that they come with a few modifications which help to protect the product, make it look attractive to the customer, and easy to carry around.

opp bag

Foil sealed case

You probably have seen foil-sealed case used in the packaging of items like tea and coffee and wonder why. Here’s the reason, it helps to keep the products dense thus maintaining their flavor and keeping them from bacterial attacks. This way, the shelf life of these products are lengthened significantly.

They are not just used for packaging food or beverages, they are also used in packaging beddings and clothing.

aluminum foil bags

Different Materials Used for Boxes

Since you have seen the different types of boxes that can be used in packaging above, it is only logical to give you a summary of the different materials used for producing these boxes. They include:

  1. Plastic – which is used in making plastic boxes and poly boxes.
  2. Cardboard – this is used in making rigid boxes, big cardboard boxes and other types of corrugated boxes.
  3. Paper – this is used in making paperboard boxes and chipboard boxes.
  4. Foil – this is used for making foil-sealed boxes.

The above-stated materials are used for the most common types of boxes used in the packaging industry today. It is important to now check out a few examples boxes that you can make use of for your business.

Best Box Packaging Material From Zigpac

Handled rectangle paper gift folding box

This paperboard box is highly customizable and it is made from kraft paper. It produced by ZIGPAC and we give you the opportunity of choosing any of Pantone or CMYK color themes. ZIGPAC boxes are highly recyclable and you can customize your own logo on any of the boxes you purchase.

The use of the box extends to shipping and storage purposes. The box is highly durable and strong. To print on these boxes you need to make use of offset or flexo printing. You can package food, nuts, salad, sandwiches, scented tea boxes, etc. using these boxes

big cardboard boxes

Custom cardboard printed product packaging box

This corrugated board box is produced by ZIGPAC and it is eco-friendly and recyclable. The logos on the boxes can be customized by customers and they also have the opportunity to decide which color theme they want. The box is produced from corrugated fiberboard.

They are printed on before the boxes are cut so the company can help you with the customization process. There are three printing methods applicable for this box which include flexo printing, offset printing, and ultraviolet printing. The use extends to shipping boxes and for staff packaging.

types of packaging

Wholesale custom printed luxury gift box

It is a rigid board box is produced by ZIGPAC and is majorly used as a gift box packaging material. The material used in the production of this box is known as High-Density Fiberboard also known as HDF. What this means is that it is of higher density than regular cardboard or fiberboard.

The HDF comprises of recycled resin and wood fibers in this measure, wood fiber 82%, water 8%, urea-formaldehyde resin glue 9%, and paraffin wax 1%. It is more stable than the regular solid wood and withstands changes in weather and operation. You can choose what color you want and you can customize the box with your logo.

big cardboard boxes

Wholesale cheap printed logo round custom pizza box

The corrugated board box made by ZIGPAC that is completely recyclable. When they are used for the right purposes, the box has a good recycling lifespan.

Large transparent plastic storage box

The plastic box has totally eco-friendly properties. Carrying out customization for all your purposes is easy. Use of the packing box extends to anywhere from the home to the office, to the school and industries. You can make use of them in packaging toys, stationery, crafts, big cardboard boxes, and supplies, among others.


In conclusion, this article must have taught you sufficiently about box packaging material, whether for cheap packing boxes wholesale, big cardboard boxes, or any other type you need. With these, you can take your business to the next level by using your packaging as a strong tool. It is not so difficult most times since you can simply place an order to help customize your boxes, it is quite affordable too.

We would love to hear from you about your experience with packaging boxes and how they have helped improve your business. Share them with us in the comments section below.

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