Brand Stickers Used to Boost Local Business

Brand stickers (know more) are one of the most underrated strategies that business owners tend to forget. On the other hand, marketers and branding experts have long been researching the power of brands. One essential thing business owners must do build a positive brand image that is easy to remember.

And when it comes to salience, there’s nothing cheaper than using simple stickers that allow your brands to spread everywhere.

Here’s why brand stickers are a fantastic way to raise awareness of your brand:

Reasons Why You Need Brand Stickers

Personal endorsement

People show more trust in personal support because they do not gain motivation from money, but experience and satisfaction. Once your customers place your stickers on their property presents you, say, a car, they promote your brand. The endorsement does not seem forced and is more of a recommendation by someone else.request quote from zigpac

How? Some people are reluctant to apply these stickers because they don't want to appear advertising things. A way to lessen that is by using mascot characters that are interesting and appeal to their younger family members. Their children will be happy enough to handle the stickers or use the labels anywhere on personal property.

Another way to make it less of a forceful advertisement is to print stickers in various expressions. Let customers show what they feel about your service or product through those office stickers so easy to use. A good strategy that works well for walk-in customers as they are about to leave the location.

Affordable branding

Using a logo, cut-off sticker to promote your brand on every product and service that you provide is very affordable. Using expensive packaging is not a priority. A logo sticker serves the same purpose.

A business card sticker can also replace hundreds of business cards that might end up in the trash can. Putting a call-to-action on your business card encourages customers to keep them.

Fun fact: Zigpac offers branding options for your business stickers and they are more affordable when bought in bulk.


There are various ways stickers can be used to create a sense of exclusivity around them. For example, a company can design the office stickers so easy to use so they use to create a new culture inside the office. In this case, labels do not give out giveaways to just anyone who has been there or is interested in it.

Apple users, for example, can enjoy showing how they are ‘part of the club’ by applying the signature Apple logo sticker at the back of their car. Even if they are not currently using an Apple product right now, that logo alone is enough to promote your brand and create a sense of exclusiveness. “I have to own an Apply product to be given that sticker at all.”

Increase exposure through brand stickersrequest quote from zigpac

Stickers can also contain your contact information. A business card sticker is an excellent way to promote yourself when you can't be in multiple places all the time. For example, you can work with business partners to encourage each other by attaching a business card sticker on each other's products.

Alternatively, they can be attached to the customers’ consultation table for service offerings. One of the most natural ways stickers can increase exposure is when they are attached to cars. Cars travel to many places, and they are likened to a personal advertisement of "I've been here" to possibly thousands of people at once. Best of all is that stickers have evolved from mere bumper stickers.

Make yourself ‘real.'

Nothing beats online social media marketing when it comes to being very affordable, very creative and reaches the highest number of users at once. But you can always integrate this with other strategies. Online social media marketing can be ‘distance’; people do not always trust online reviews, pictures and ‘official advertisements’ that are slipped in between Instagram and Facebook posts.

However, letting some of your customers willingly use a business card sticker that represents the company speaks at a different volume. It’s the power of personal endorsement and being real that will invite more people to come to you.

brand stickers

Increase salience

With so many startups and competitors, customers easily forget brands. Stickers can serve as reminders that ‘We are still here!'. You can insert any message inside the labels, for example, you have upped your game and improve your quality, or maybe you have recently reached the international market, etc. Through those messages, you tell your customers that you are still around and doing better than ever.

Other times, brand stickers can contain only a logo and a website address. Stickers can serve as a constant reminder to people that you are around when they need you.

Get creativity running in the office

The Office stickers can make working less stressful and instill creativity, humor and keep the atmosphere light. Of course, you would want everyone to take their job seriously. But, too much stress is never good for work performance. You don’t have to use the Office as your only template, but they are examples of stickers that you can use for your company.request quote from zigpac

The point is to use stickers to lighten up the mood. It is a simple but often overlooked method to improve motivation and keep employees happy. Happy and motivated employees mean better work performance which also means higher conversions. Not to mention that you can always replace the stickers without damaging the wall. If you make sure to purchase removable or repositionable wall decals.

Create a conversation with the business stickers

Stickers are also a fantastic way to start a conversation with your customers without being there. Quite literally. You can print out bubbles containing communication that represents the common issues your customers face. Your discussion should provide either the solution or the channel where they can consult for an answer.

Another way stickers start conversations through use by individuals. Those who are possibly wondering about the brand may question those who are confidently associating the brand with themselves. You have happy customers doing word-of-mouth promotion to people. These people will come to you with trust already build through the recommendations.

These people will come to you with trust already build through the recommendations.

Fun fact: Our stickers promote conversation amongst your preferred clients and they come in different shapes and sizes.

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Reward your customers

Stickers serve diverse purposes, and while some treat them as giveaways, use them to reward your customers. For example, you can reward customers who use your stickers by giving them $10 off from their first purchase. The office stickers so easy to use the program when merged with online social media giveaways generates good buzz.

For example, loyal customers get exclusive discounts. They can also be the first to taste new products, enjoy priority memberships, etc., by showing the sticker.request quote from zigpac

Why are the office stickers so easy to use?


There are several reasons why brand stickers are favorable in comparison to other marketing strategies.

  1. You can use it together with other programs. The sticker does not depend on the season and can be used at any time.
  2. Stickers are effective to promote anything. From increasing salience through logos to raising awareness of a particular event you are currently holding. A label comes in various sizes, thereby differing the design and content.
  3. Stickers come in flexible shapes and sizes. They can be cut-off at 5x5 inches size or huge and covers one side of the wall inside your office. The cost to manufacture the stickers is also reasonably cheap. But, it depends on the quality and durability that you need.
  4. Attaching stickers on your vehicle is a sort of interactive activity you can give to customers. This voluntary act allows people to consider it to be a sort of recommendation from the customers’ side. You don't have to pay for them, and they will still be promoting your brand through these stickers.
  5. You can stay updated by printing a new batch of stickers whenever you need to. They are affordable but still get the message through, so you won’t be burning through your marketing budget.

brand stickers

Is it too late to get brand stickers?

You might think that it’s just too late to start with brand stickers now. However, nothing is too late for your customers when it comes to using labels. You have a ton of reasons to start it: promotion event, new item, preach a positive message, etc.request quote from zigpac

Stickers are very cheap and can last up to decades for indoor use or 3-7 years for outdoor use. They can also replace business cards by printing business card stickers. They remain stuck on a surface and if placed strategically, will serve as an excellent way to promote yourself.