Branding With Water Bottle Stickers

Business owners have to come up with creative ways to promote their business. In-person contact is important as it helps you come face-to-face with potential customers. Hence, one sure way to remain in their memory is through giveaways like custom vinyl water bottle stickers.


In addition, custom water bottle stickers are an effective method of getting your business noticed. Contact Zigpac to help put your company information on water casks using decals. Your business name, logo, photo, etc. is right there on your stickers.

What Details Should Be on Your Water Bottle Stickers?


Also, it is important to know the information to add to these beautiful labels. This will make you maximize the space on your decals. Here are some of the major items or details to include in your custom water bottle stickers:request quote from zigpac


  • Organization logo
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Contact details like phone number, website address, and email address
  • Company slogan or motto

water bottle stickers

Major Ways to Use Water Bottle Stickers to Promote Your Business

Stickers (know more) can make your beverage casks to look very cool. Some customers cover their beverage casks almost completely with labels. Customers could use as much as 20 labels to decorate their water bottles.

When you give out waterproof water bottle stickers, you can be sure they will be well utilized. Moreover, there are many nice ways to organize the labels on the beverage container. Furthermore, it is important that you start from the bottom of the water bottle upwards.

Here are some ways you can use water cask labels to promote your business:request quote from zigpac




  • An amenity in your reception area

Firstly, you can make a very good impression on your clients a few seconds after entering your office. They will feel welcome if you hand them water casks with your labels on them. So, you could make sure that your receptionist offers every visitor a water bottle.

vinyl water bottle stickers

  • Charity walks and runs

Handing out high-quality vinyl water bottle stickers at charity events is cool. You could go a step further by handing out branded bottles with labels on them.  Finally, this will help to get your name out in the area or community.


  • Community events

You can get your name known in your community by giving out labels. Order for your vinyl water bottle stickers from Zigpac stores to get a pack of 25 or more. Then you can hand them out at barbecues, parades, picnics, etc.

It is possible to get attention when you use these stickers to create brand awareness. You can give them out as promotional items when customers patronize you.


  • Trade shows

Trade shows are busy events that will make you tired and very thirsty. Therefore, you can capture the interest of your potential customers with a branded beverage containers. So, the touch of fanciful custom water bottle stickers on the bottle will be a nice touch.request quote from zigpac


Use custom water bottle labels. In addition, this combination of 25 stickers from Zigpac can come in handy as promotional items.