Business Options in Printed Tote Bags

One item that has made its way into almost every home, car, or office these days is printed tote bags (know more). These branded tote bags seem to be everywhere carrying different things. Asides being the ideal idea for eco-friendly individuals, promotional eco bags are perfect for saving money.

To help you get the best of these bags, we bring you the different use options available.

The importance of printed tote bags

There seems to be a revolution among businesses with respect to the kind of promotional items they use. We are experiencing a shift from conventional ideas to printed tote bags. These bags have become ubiquitous as they can be found almost everywhere you turn.

Students use them to move books around, shoppers use them in moving items from grocery stores, and so much more. Why are these branded tote bags so important?request quote from zigpac

There are so many reasons but you could begin with the benefits they bring you. They are cute and yet sturdy and durable. When you have one of these bags, you are sure they won’t give way to you.

Businesses have understood this and have made the shift to promotional eco bags. Then there’s the fact that they are reusable so they protect our environment while saving money.

We could keep talking about the importance of these bags but let’s move to the crux of this post.

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Using printed tote bags: your options

There are so many bags out there and they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Different companies pledge to brand these bags on your behalf and there are numerous designs to go with.

All of these make it really difficult to pick out the perfect printed tote bags for your marketing campaign. We understand this and that’s why we want to help you spell out the options right. After reading this section of this post, you should find it easy to single out your branded tote bags. More than this, you will understand different ways to use them.request quote from zigpac

  • Why tote bags in the first place?

Before we even move ahead, understand this. There is almost no company that wouldn’t benefit from giving out tote bags to clients. The question is “why?”

Answers to this question are not farfetched. Firstly, these bags are very affordable which is a huge advantage considering you’re not planning to spend a fortune. Making and distributing these promotional eco bags doesn’t come at a huge cost.

We cannot push aside the fact that these bags churn out amazing results in terms of impressions. Only a few promotional items can compete with tote bags regarding the results they produce.

Regardless of what services or products you churn out, with these bags, clients can parade your brand throughout the city. They do this unconsciously as they handle their daily chores. There are so many ideas to help you effectively hand out these bags. From using them as welcome packs to using them as rewards, the benefits cannot be overlooked.

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  • Types of tote bags

Whatever the industry you work in, there is a type of printed tote bag that suits you. Choosing the type of totes to use for promotion depends on the way your clients may use them.request quote from zigpac

There is a standing rule with using totes, simplicity is the key. Though they should be aesthetically appealing in design, the bags should be unobtrusive. This way, they will communicate your brand easily and the user will look cool carrying them about.

It is all in your strategy. So whether the bags will be used in grocery stores, clothing stores, or wine shops, choosing your design is important. Remember that there is a bag for every purpose and you can customize them as you please.

When designing your branded tote bags, remember to use your business name and logo. You could also add a slogan but make sure the colors pass the right message about your business. There are endless options and opportunities with these bags.

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  • Printed shopping totes

When implementing totes into your promotional campaigns, you need to be strategic. You cannot hand out bags that are not comfortable for customers. Comfort is relative to the situation. For example, a person going to shop groceries will find a jute tote really comfy.promotional eco bags

There are so many bags available, it all depends on what customers you are targeting. You should also be considering environmental friendliness which is why promotional printed eco tote bags are better.

While you could hand out bags to your customers when they come to shop, there are many other options. Sometimes, try surprising your loyal clients by printing on a tote bag and sending it to their residences. Of course, this is before their next shopping appointment and it shows that you care.

Have it in mind that they can do a lot more with these bags than just come to your store to shop. Many of these people are spontaneous shoppers and will find these totes very useful.

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  • Fashion-inclined totes

Initially, printed tote bags were to carry items from one point to the other. As the idea is becoming more acceptable, they are gradually becoming a way to make a fashion statement. What this means is that when making your bags, you must consider the designs thoroughly.

While people will choose a bag for convenience and versatility, the style will be an added advantage. Whether at an event or at your shop, hand out very stylish bags to your customers. The effect of this is that you will add a new niche to your business.printed tote pouches

More fashionable people will get attracted to your brand. By the way, since many people are becoming aware of their fashion, it means you are having a huge number. These branded tote bags will carry your logo and a business name far beyond where you would have reached.


Printed tote bags are a huge advantage to businesses who can channel their benefits right. There are so many options with respect to using these promotional eco bags. You have to be proactive and innovative with your ideas then you can watch your numbers soar.