Can a Notebook Inspire Your Customers

What exactly is the best notebook gift to inspire customers? Many businesses invest in promotional gift notebooks

The aim of this is to attract customers by showing them that they care. There is so much you can achieve for your business by sending out cool notebook gifts. We will take a look at a few of these in this post.

How does your business benefit from promotional notebooks?

Before investing in the best notebook gift, it is important that you make your findings. No business owner wants to invest without reaping benefits. request quote from zigpac

Investing in promotional gift notebooks is a great idea for any business for several reasons. Let’s see a few of these below:

They make your clients happy

While people don’t remember what you say or do, they will always remember how you make them feel. This is why handing out cool notebook gifts is very important. There is no human being that doesn’t love to receive gifts.

When your clients receive your notebook gifts, they become happy. In fact, every time they get to use these books, there is a certain happy feeling that wells up in their hearts. 

When you can make your clients happy, you are able to gain their loyalty and trust. This way, you will be taking a huge part of the market for yourself. Customers hardly turn to substitute businesses when they are satisfied with yours.

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Efficient advertisement

Usually, most advert media only run within a limited time and can only reach a certain number of people. With cheap printed notebooks, this is a bit different because of how durable and versatile they are. A billboard advert, for example, will only be shown for a couple of months at most.request quote from zigpac 

Promotional products like notebooks (know more) last far longer when it comes to advertisements. This is why they are seen as more efficient for advertising. Asides their longevity and durability, they produce lots of impressions. This is because the owners can take them to different places since they aren’t bulky.

In these different locations, different people see the notebooks and can see the logos on them. An attraction is created that is likely to convert many of the impressions into sales. 

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Generating new business

There are several aims of producing promotional notebooks. The foremost is to reward clients for their patronage. This is one of the best ways of retaining your clients.

However, you can do a lot more with these books. Among the many abilities of notebooks is the fact that they can help generate new business opportunities. We have already told you how a lot of people come in contact with promotional notebooks.request quote from zigpac

When they see these books, they are attracted and begin to ask questions. This is likely to spark new interest in your services or products. People hardly throw away promotional products that they receive.

This means that when you hand the best notebook gift to your client, the person cherishes that gift. Even when they may have no use for it, they will hand such promotional gift notebooks to loved ones.

Imagine one person receives a notebook and another hundred come in contact with that book. Now calculate how many people will come in contact with a hundred notebooks. This is how potent they are when it comes to generating new business opportunities.

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Improve brand recognition

Another reason why we give out cool notebook gifts as business owners is to improve brand recognition. When building a brand, you want to put your logo, brand, and slogan in the face of your target market. The more they see these, the more they will remember your business.request quote from zigpac

When they can remember your business, there will be no need to visit other brands. Gifting notebooks is one of the best ways to put your brand in the face of the target audience. 

When they receive your best professional notebooks, they have so many uses for these books. Some of them will be carrying the books around as companions. Each time they pick their notebooks to write or read, they will see your business name and logo. 

Unconsciously, they would have your business name and logo imprinted in their minds. After a while, when they need anything related to what you do, your business comes to mind first. This is why investing in cool notebook gifts is very important to your brand.

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Improves sales

If you are seeking ways to improve your sales, you should consider promotional gift notebooks as one of your options. Studies show that if you do, you can boost your sales by up to 22 percent. This is a huge figure considering how much it will cost to produce the best notebook gift.

The major reason why your sales increases are because of how much exposure the notebooks give your business. We have already told you about the ability of these books to produce impressions. A single notebook could create about 5800 impressions in its lifetime.request quote from zigpac

Factors to consider when designing promotional notebooks

To help you get the best of your promotional notebooks, here are a few factors to consider in design. 

Personalize your notebooks

When you make a notebook personal, you draw some amount of sentiment from your clients. Now, you may not be able to write the name of each client on their notebooks. What you can do is make use of inspirational messages and quotes that they can make personal.

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Consider the function

What do you think your clients need a notebook for? This should guide your choice on the kind of notebook you want to produce. If you provide business solution services, you should produce organizers. These will show your clients that you care about the organization of their businesses.request quote from zigpac

Seek inspiration

There are so many notebook designs you can choose from. You really don’t need to design the notebooks yourself. Companies that produce notebooks are scattered all over, simply contact one of them to produce on your behalf. 


With the best notebook gift, you can attract and retain any customer. Promotional notebook gifts have so much potential if you can wield them appropriately. Find the best companies to produce cool notebook gifts on your behalf. If you have any demand for custom notebooks, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.