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Cheap paper gift bags wholesale

Cheap paper gift bags (know more) have been a popular wholesale item for bagging since their development in 1852. It is the favorite choice for shoppers and grocers due to their durability and environmental friendliness. Since their humble beginnings, these bags have continuously increased in durability and resilience.

Paper gift bags have special properties that make them an eco-friendly and efficient packaging for edible products. The best way to get these bags for gift purposes is to buy cheap paper gift bags wholesale from Zigpac.

Benefits of Paper Gift Bags

Paper gift bags are quite handy and come in a wide range of sizes, mostly depending on the gift’s size. Since the heavier and bigger paper bags are a little bit expensive, you can make yours for your gifts. These gift bags are so versatile and offer a lot of benefits.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • They have a box-shaped design that allows them to stand upright and hold a lot of goods at the same time. Since they can stand on their own, storing them will be easier. You can place them on a shelf, on your table, or on the ground.
  • The overall customer appeal and value of these bags make them suitable for giving your brand an aesthetic look. Packaging your gifts in these bags will increase its quality substantially and promote your brand in any location. Companies can get their custom paper gift bags wholesale at an affordable price.
  • Additionally, these bags are safer gift packaging bags than plastic bags, especially for children. While playing, a child is not likely to suffocate when he puts a paper bag over his head accidentally. However, if it is a plastic bag, it could easily suffocate the bags.request quote from zigpac
  • Brands spend a lot of time and effort in designing these paper bags to look attractive for their gift items. For this reason, they have become some kind of status and fashion symbol in modern society. With these branded paper bags looking so attractive, customers get to endorse and advertise these bags for free.

Other Benefits

  • Paper bags also offer a lot of eco-friendly benefits, especially to people who are more environmentally conscious. These bags made from renewable natural resources, and when well taken care of, these bags have repeated used. Since they are biodegradable, they do not pose any threat to wildlife and the environment in general. When they wear out, ship to paper mils for recycling into new paper.
  • Recycling paper bags does not consume as much energy as plastic does.
  • If properly packaged, the freshness of your product will be sealed in the paper gift bag. They will not spoil or become inedible. In addition, your gift items will not fall or spill out of the bag.
  • Also, you can get cheap paper gift bags wholesale from stores. These stores will also help you customize these bags in bulk for your gift items.

kraft paper bags

Application of Paper Gift Bags

Paper gift bags are everywhere. Men and women carry paper bags to grocery stores, malls, schools, offices, and so many other places. People love carrying these bags because they are neat, easy to carry, and can hold many items.request quote from zigpac

Here are some of the ways you can use these bags:

  • Coffee Paper Bags

For millions of people all over the world, coffee has great love. This resource is more enjoyable when it is fresh.

Paper bags are great for storing freshly ground coffee for so many reasons. Establishments that provide fresh coffee in-ground or beans form, can utilize these bags in packaging their products.

With a custom-branded paper bag, you can also feature a window or polypropylene liner to keep the coffee fresh. Your customers will now have their coffee blends in a package that has your signature on it. You can also include a closure feature to make it easier to close and seal the paper bag.

  • Paper Cookies and Candy Bags

By packaging your treats inside a paper cookie and candy bag, you will lock their aromas and fresh flavors in. These paper bags usually feature metal tabs enclosed in a paper that makes closing and resealing easier. They also have brand-ability when giving them out with your delicious cookies and candies in them.

This will enable customers to remember your business whenever they are reusing and reclosing the bag. Additionally, these bags feature tin tie tops that help to lock air out and protect your treats from the elements. With the protection offered by the bags, you can market your candy and cookies, or send them out as gifts.

kraft bags

Other Applications

  • Snack Foods and Nuts Paper Bags

Another way to use paper gift bags is for storing snacks and nuts. They tend to lose their fresh appeal easily and sometimes take on the flavor of their container. These bags come in so many sizes that make it an easy and comfortable option for take-home packages.

Fortunately, paper bags have special lining features to retain the flavor of whatever it contains. Placement of these snack foods and nuts within a customized and branded paper bag leads to customers appreciating their flavor.request quote from zigpac

Paper bags can be designed to feature a small window. This window will allow customers to see the treats without opening the bag. This is a nice way to draw the attention of potential customers to your delicious treats and promote your brand.

  • Spices

Food items like flour, sugar, salt, and spices require well-sealed containers in order to remain fresh. More so, these bags help prevent pests from entering the spice. Spices can easily lose its flavor and intensity if the packaging is not done properly.

You can confidently store your spices in paper spice bags that are designed to keep your goods sealed and protected. Since some spices tend to take on the flavor of whatever container they are in, paper bags will be perfect. You can also use these bags to reorganize your kitchen or package your professional-grade fresh spice for sale.

  • Tea Leaves Paper Bags

It is important to keep your fresh tea leaves fresh, and tin tie paper bags can do this perfectly. Lovers of fresh tea now have a perfect way to retain the freshness and crispness of their fresh tea. Also, these paper bags can be customized and used to promote your brand.

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Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

Paper bags have now been transformed into trendy bags that can be used to package gift items.

These paper gift bags are beautifully designed and will delight the recipient of such gifts. You can order for your custom cheap paper gift bags wholesale at Zigpac.

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