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Corporate Events Goodie Bags for Your Branding

You may be asking yourself, “How can using Corporate events goodie bags help build the brand of my company?”

Goodie bags (know more) aren’t just for birthday parties or weddings. Corporate goodie bags have their place in the business world too. Not only is it a great way to help engage those who may be interested in your company, but it can also help improve your company’s marketing capability by utilizing the strength of branding.

Why is branding important?

Branding is an integral part of any business. A business’s brand can alter how people look at the company as a whole. Branding can leave a lasting impression on consumers as well as allow potential clients to know what they can expect from your company. Branding is a great way to distinguish your company from the competition and can show the market why your products or services are better choices. With the right type of branding, it can drive new business and repeat sales.

Proper branding can show a true representation of your company and it can be perceived to the public however you want.using corporate events goodie bags

But how can the use of cheap gift bags in bulk from Zigpac help with branding? Let’s find out!

How to Create the Perfect Corporate Events GoodieBag

Once guests begin arriving at your event, we all know how exciting this can be. This is it. It is your corporations time to shine by networking and increasing its brand awareness. Corporate event goodie bags are well worth the effort to put together to help create a long-lasting connection between your company’s brand and the attendees. A well put-together gift bag can help generate buzz for your event before you even rent out a venue.

However, a goodie bag that put together without much thought can have the opposite effect. There are a few things you need to consider when using goodie bags at your next corporate event.

using corporate events goodie bags

Consider the type of event you are hosting

While this may seem like a silly consideration, you will need to consider the type of event you are hosting to help you generate appropriate engagement with your brand. If you have swag that doesn’t match with your event, the corporate gift bag won’t be as effective in grabbing your attendee’s engagement.

It is important to understand your event’s demographics, the general attitude of the event and the interests of those attending.

Consider your audienceusing corporate events goodie bags

Once you understand the mood of the corporate event you are hosting, the next step will be considering the audience that will be attending.

You should ask yourself, “How many people will be attending? Do I need to get cheap gift bags in bulk to accommodate? What type of people will be attending? What is my budget?”

It is important to fill your corporate goodie bags with swag that is proportionate to the amount of money the attendees spend on attending the event.

For example, if you are hosting a high-ticket event, think about filling the goodie bags with premium items such as VIP tickets to a concert or an opportunity to become an event sponsor. If you are hosting a smaller event, be sure to fill the goodie bags with items such as pens, t-shirts, stickers or lanyards.

How to choose a good gift bag to use

The point of your swag bag is to help push your company’s message or brand across to the consumer or attendees. With this in mind, you want to choose a bag that will fit the tone of your company event as well as fit the tone of the image you are trying to show off to the attendees.

corporate events goodie bags

What is in the goodie bag?

Remember, what goes into the goodie bag is just as important as the type of event you are hosting. Any corporate events goodie bags are the perfect opportunity to get your company’s branding out to the public. It is almost as if the goodie bags are a blank canvas, upon which you can use to make your company’s brand shine.

It is important to fill corporate goodie bags with items that your attendees can use daily. These items should also be sturdy, functional and relevant to your event. Some of the best types of items to pack into your company’s swag bag can include:

  • Custom soft bottle openers
  • Custom printed acrylic keychainsusing corporate events goodie bags
  • Dry erase refrigerator monthly planners
  • Custom coffee tumblers
  • Custom phone cases
  • Corporate laptop bags
  • Custom car decals
  • Personalized pen cases
  • Custom logo pens
  • Expanding file folders
  • Corporate t-shirts

Unsure of where to start? Find yourself asking, “I don’t even know where to begin finding gift bags near me?” All it takes is a quick Google search to begin finding items and gift bags to have during your next company event.

corporate events goodie bags

Consider the theme of the event

There are many different themes for corporate events that you will want to consider for your own company goodie bags. The theme will dictate how you will approach the branding aspect of filling the goodie bags and how formal you want to make the swag that goes into the bag. Some of the most popular themes for goodie bags include the following.using corporate events goodie bags

A Fun Corporate Event Goodie Bag

Sometimes, a company event doesn’t just have to be about business.

It can be about fun!

Using a fun goodie bag can help attendees liven up for an otherwise regularly professional and boring event. These types of goodie bags can include goodies such as customized snacks which can be enjoyed during business presentations, customized games or even a company t-shirt which holds the brand of your company.

A Hobby Goodie Bag

For this type of corporate goodie bag, you will want to search for items to hand out to attendees that focus primarily on their past times or hobbies.

Ask yourself, “What do my attendees enjoy? Do they like to golf? Have children? Own pets?”

Understand your attendees and find items that not only match these hobbies, but that can help push your company’s branding in the process. Consider adding technological devices that your attendees can use such as phones or tablets, food storage jars or water bottles that they can use for any occasion.

corporate events goodie bags

A Home Goodie Bag

A great way to utilize your company’s branding and making it personal at the same time is to come up with a home-themed goodie bag. Connecting with attendees in this space can help make them comfortable with your company in the place they feel the safest: at home. The main goal of this type of goodie bag is to add items that will not only remind attendees of your company’s brand but will do so when they aren’t busy working or taking care of their family.

These types of goodie bags can include items such as customized dishware, customized blankets, customized makeup kits, customized food storage containers, etc.request quote from zigpac

Good Gift Bag for Work

We all know how stressful work can be, especially when the company you work for is lacking in the supplies you need to get the job done. This is where a work goodie bag can help ease your attendees and constantly remind them of your own company. The goal of these goodie bags is to help make your attendees workday more efficient and reduce the stress they feel while on the job.

These types of goodie bags should hold items such as customized portfolios, notebooks, brand pens or customized briefcases.

A Personality Corporate Events Goodie Bag

If you want to connect with your attendees on a personal level, the best way to do so is with this type of goodie bag. This is a type of goodie bag that can be customized for every individual. It is similar to a hobby goodie bag and can be packed with company swag such as customized coffee mugs, customized water bottles, customized blankets, etc.

corporate events goodie bags

Do You Wrap Gifts in a Good Gifts Bag?

Ultimately, this decision will fall onto you, the business owner or the person holding a company event. There are many advantages and disadvantages to using gift bags versus wrapping gifts individually with a gift wrap. However, you don’t just want to hand out company swag directly to the attendees.

What kind of message will that send to potential customers, investors or competitors? What do I want my attendees to see when they receive gift bags near me?

No. Instead we recommend using gift bags to your advantage. The gift bags can be personalized to match your company’s brand and tone to make company swag even more memorable.request quote from zigpac

Gift Bags vs. Wrapping

Remember, the goal of corporate goodie bags are for you to leave your attendees with a memorable experience from your event as well as leave with your company’s branding in the process. Even if you need cheap gift bags in bulk, a corporate goodie bag is meant to be more than just a container for random stuff from your company. An effective goodie bag must leave the audience with a strong sense of what your company is about.

The ability to make it personal

One of the wonderful things about using a custom-made gift bag for your next branding event is that you can customize it to be personal to each attendee. In order to maximize your branding campaign, be sure to determine the goal in which you need each bag to achieve for each person.

Ask yourself, “Is the bag just meant to be a long-lasting keepsake to a potential investor? Is the bag to be used for unspoken communication? Is it meant simply as a gift for a friend?”

corporate events goodie bags

Easy to use

One of the main benefits of gift bags is the simplicity associated with them. Gift bags can be a great alternative to wrapping paper. As long as you have all of the branding material needed, you can throw everything in the gift bag and decorate it with gift paper to give it a more aesthetic look.

Gift wrapping, on the other hand, is mostly synonymous with the holidays which can be perfect if you are hosting an event close to the holiday season. Gift wrapping your branding material for your guests can help make the entire event fun while still helping you to engage the attendees in the process. Here are some of the benefits of using gift wrap as opposed to using gift bags.request quote from zigpac

Unwrapping gift wrap is fun

It is human nature to love unwrapping gift wrap. It is similar to fireworks. Sure, watching fireworks can be fun, but it is nothing compared to setting them off yourself. Using gift wrap instead of using a gift bag is a great way to bring in some fun to your branding event and allow your guests to have some fun in the process.

Gift wrap is nice to look at

Let’s face it: gift wrap is nice. While poorly wrapped gift wrap can be hilarious to see, there is nothing more admiring than a perfectly wrapped gift. Whether you put them under a tree or use them for a branding event, gift wrap will catch the eye of any guest that is lucky to hold a gift-wrapped gift in their hand.

It builds anticipation

There is one thing that gift bags cannot do for your event guests: build anticipation. With gift wrapping, there is no way for your attendees to know what is below the surface. The only way to do so is to unwrap the wrapping themselves. Using gift wrap is the perfect way to interest your attendees and build their curiosity over what company goodies they hold.

corporate events goodie bags

Can You Recycle Good Gift Bags?

Yes and no.

Keep in mind, any gift bags that have been given to attendees at your next company event will most likely not be making a comeback any time soon. These bags will be going home with a person to never be seen again.

However, any gift bags that are leftover from the event can be recycled for your next event, as long as the tone and company branding is going to remain the same.

Whether or not your company decides to recycle the gift bags it uses will depend on you or the company owner.request quote from zigpac


Whether you are holding a conference or a seminar to help build the brand of your company, it is important to make the event matter. Giving out corporate events goodie bags during the event is the first thing you will do for attendees. It is a personal experience that you should take full advantage of.

To increase branding with the help of corporate events goodie bags, the ultimate goal is to increase the image of your company by handing out swag bags that are filled with unique, exclusive and valuable items that your attendees won’t throw away. Get enough cheap gift bags in bulk to accommodate the size of your event attendance without overdoing it.

Make sure to maximize your company’s reach and hand out swag that every attendee will use on a daily basis.

Are you asking yourself, “How do I find gift bags near me?” Be sure to check out Zigpac for all of your company goodie bag needs!

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