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What Is Transfer Decal (Car Decal)

Car decals are also called car garlands, car logos, and car stickers. They are divided into car decals and motorcycle decals. They were held in Paris on April 20, 1887. For the first time in the world’s first racing competition, racers’ car side doors must be marked with the entry number for identification. This is the earliest form of a car sticker. After a long period of promotion of car and motorcycle events, a large number of sponsors flooded into the car. In the industry, racing car bodies began to appear sponsored brand car stickers. We call such car stickers modified car stickers and logo stickers. It can be said that the earliest large-scale popularity of car stickers originated from motorsports; The development originated from the rise and popularization of the automobile industry in Europe, America and Japan. The car buyers were gradually becoming younger and more personal in their families. Due to their young personality characteristics and the influence of racing styles, car stickers became popular and became popular all over the world.

Car Sticker Material

The material of the car sticker is mainly PVC outdoor special adhesive sticker that can adapt to outdoor conditions. It requires more wear-resistant and UV-resistant than ordinary advertising-grade materials. Although the material and color are not as rich as clothing fabrics, there are also ordinary, There are many choices of luminous , metal reflective, laser reflective, metal drawing, etc. Car stickers are omnipresent in the whole car. On both sides of the body, on the hood , light eyebrows, skirts, and wheels, as long as reasonable creations are made within the scope permitted by the current regulations, the owner's personality and hobbies can be fully demonstrated. Car stickers are not the patent of young people. People of all ages, as long as they love car culture and life, can find fun in car stickers.

The car sticker must withstand the wind and sun. The car sticker must have durability functions such as waterproof, sunscreen, not suitable for fading and no glue after tearing. Therefore, the best choice for the car sticker is to choose a sticker. The color and color of the sticker The material is made of a special process and has the highest color durability when it leaves the factory. Other car sticker production methods such as printing, inkjet, photo, and screen printing use color ink printing or silk screen on the base film. With modern technology, no pigment ink can stand the wind and sun for a long time.

Since the knife-engraved sticker can ensure that the logo of the racing sponsor is clear and high-quality on the car, and the high-end sticker will not damage the paint and gloss of the racing car after being removed, it is generally used in international racing. Dry-adhesive car stickers production technology, eye-catching colors and night reflections are not only dazzling, but also greatly improve the safety of the car. Taking this as a journey, the car stickers gradually have the four characteristics of numbering, branding, decoration and safety Essential supplies for the car race.

Installation And Cleanup

Installation Steps

Material: transfer film, rag, scraper or credit card.
1. Clean the car body and evenly sprinkle water on the parts to be pasted-to reduce the viscosity of the stickers and facilitate adjustment of the position;

2. After confirming the pasting position, slowly stick it on one side, scrape it gently with a tool, and peel off the transfer film (the translucent paper shown in the figure);

3. When you encounter door handles or anti-scratch strips, cut the materials and pack them in according to the situation;

4. Properly adjust, after confirming the general position of the figure, wipe off the water and bubbles repeatedly. Tear off the transparent transfer film;

5. Use a utility knife to draw a knife on the car door and car sewing, and stick it inside;

6. Do not let the car sticker and the body have any separation or protrusion;

7. Try to let the moisture in the car sticker dry, and if possible, it can be heated and dried appropriately. According to the weather, wash the car after one or two days.

Cleanup Steps

Material: heated hair dryer to remove glue cleaning agent wipes

When the car sticker is old or you don't like it, use a heated hair dryer to blow it on the car sticker, and it can be easily removed by hand when it reaches a certain temperature. Use a rag dipped in the glue cleaner to wipe the sticky marks left by the car sticker.

How To Order

You just need to provide the below information to get a fast quote in 1-6 hours.

  • Size of each design.
  • Quantity of each design.
  • Printing color, like 1 color or full-color requirement.
  • Other specific details if necessary. Like surface finish effect (Glossy / Matte / Holographic / Glitter / Spot UV / Dull polish / Foil stamping / Embossing), glue type, UV resistant strength.

We will finish your sticker order in 5-7days depends on the quantity and types of stickers, and they will be well packed and shipped by the most appropriate way (Yunexpress, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT), and shipment time will be 5-7days.

We also can customize individual packages, you can find below picture options for your reference.


0.02mm transfer film+0.1mm PVC+140gsm release paper


3" x 5" or customized size


each one well packed in polybag, standard export carton.

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