Custom Sticky Notepads: Smart Ways to Make Use of Them

Custom sticky notepads are very potent these days as much as when they were first invented. These easy use notepads help to keep us organized and also improve productivity.wall sticker decals

In this post, we will look at how to use the best cheap notepads effectively. If you are ready, let’s get to the crux of this post.

Using sticky notepads

Technology has given us access to several productivity-improving software. In fact, there is a constant evolution in the productivity software industry. As much as software companies have tried to mimic and recreate sticky notes, custom sticky notepads maintain their popularity.

Despite the number of apps created to usurp sticky notepads (know more), no app seems to come close in terms of efficiency. Easy use notepads are very popular these days in different parts of the world.

The question to answer is “what are the best ways to use the best cheap notepads to your advantage?”

custom sticky notepads

Advantages of sticky notes

There are several advantages that come with the use of sticky notes. The most obvious advantage lies in how easy they are to use and their cost. On your way to becoming productive, you need a material that helps you conserve energy and time. This is one such material.

The design of sticky notes gives the user the leverage of highlighting important pieces of information in a contrasting manner. Usually, they make your information pop out from a backdrop of books or standard documents.

According to a certain study carried out at the Sam Houston State University, sticky notes can influence performance. This is because they are able to convince individuals to comply with requests. The experiment showed that most people responded positively to messages on sticky notes added to files using a personal touch.

According to another researcher, sticky notes draw most of their value from “handwriting.” This is simply because handwriting is seen as a more intimate approach to communication. Another advantage of sticky notes is the fact that our brains process handwritten information better than typed information.

Using sticky notes efficiently

Let’s lay it bare, there is no specific rule to using custom sticky notepads. Despite this fact, there are a couple of ways that allow you to optimize their use. A typical example is counting how many note sheets you use. 

The unwritten rule regarding this is that the few note sheets you use, the better. Of course, the number will depend on what you are using the easy use notepads for. Sticky notes are among the most persuasive and attraction-catching tools of communication. However, excessiveness can distract the reader from the actual message. 

This is also evident when you study. The more sticky note sheets you have on your book or information desk, the more likely you’d be confused. You need to be minimal with the number of sheets you use to help you keep focus.

Finally, you need to dispose of notes you don’t need anymore, even if they are from your best cheap notepads. This saves you the hassle of clutter and gives you the satisfaction of peeling a sticky note off.

custom sticky notepads

Different ways to use sticky notes

There are several ways to use sticky notes. They can be used to organize our daily lives, pass information to others, and make reading more effective. We will take a look at a variety of ways you can make use of these notes in this section.

Create bookmarks

Art Fry invented sticky notes to mark pages on his hymnal. This was because his choir was always losing their place after papers placed in their hymnals would fall off. What this tells us is that sticky notes were first designed to be bookmarks.

There is an adhesive strip on these papers that allows them to mark a page and stay in place. The good thing with this strip is that it does not cause damage to the pages of a book. 

When you need to make use of several bookmarks on the same page, you need to work on positioning. Don’t place them in the same position on all the pages. If you do, you put yourself at risk of being confused.

Annotate text

As you study, there are times you want to add insights to a certain page without writing in the book. With a sheet from one of your custom sticky notepads, you can record such insights neatly. This will help improve your understanding of such texts while helping you to remember the insight.

Create a personal auditing system

With easy use notepads, it is easy to keep track of a lot of personal information regarding performance. Certain pieces of information you can scribble down on your notes include goals, values, and dreams.

When you look at these periodically, it helps you evaluate whether you are making improvements. This gives you the opportunity to make necessary adjustments towards achieving the set dreams.

custom sticky notepads

Creation to-do lists

One of the famous ways people use the best cheap notepads is to create to-do lists. It entails putting down a line of action for the day in a sheet and pasting somewhere. This will keep you organized and more productive.

Initiate action

Like we told you earlier, a study showed that people respond better to sticky notes. If you have certain actions you need taken, write them down in sticky notes and attach them to files. Watch how your colleagues and subordinates expedite action accordingly.

Remain inspired

What are those quotes that inspire you? Do you have career mantras you want to see often? Write these down in your easy use notepads and stick them around your office or study. They will ensure that you remain inspired all through the year. wall sticker decals

Organize projects

Each project has a cycle which implies there is a specific line of action leading to its success. When you have these written on sticky notes, it is easy to evaluate progress and ultimately, success.


There is so much you can do with custom sticky notepads. Simply find one of the best cheap notepads and get to organizing your life and improving productivity. If you have any demand for custom printed notepads, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.