Custom waterproof cool car stickers

Car advertising using car stickers is seen as one of the most affordable and easiest ways of promoting a business. If you strategically use your custom cool car stickers, hundreds of people will see it in an hour. You can choose from the many styles of weather-resistant custom car stickers available at Zigpac’s stores.


Types of Car Stickersrequest quote from zigpac

There are different designs you can use to turn your logo, text, or lettering design into an eye-catching car sticker. Basically, cool car stickers are known to be rainproof, windproof, and highway-proof, hence they should be designed with premium materials.


Here are some of the types of car stickers:


  • Die cut stickers

One of the easiest and fastest ways to promote your business or brand is by using die cut stickers. They are made from thick and durable vinyl that will protect your stickers from weather conditions and scratches.

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  • Clear stickers

Clear custom stickers are printed in such a way that there is white ink behind the design. This will help to preserve the opacity of the sticker (know more). It is perfect for car windows and will make your car stickers look unique.


  • Front adhesive stickers

Front adhesive stickers are also called window decals. Also, the front of the sticker’s design is sticky so that it can be used inside the car window. Such car stickers have great exposure to rain and are usually transparent.


car stickers


  • Transfer stickers

These stickers make it easier for you to apply very intricate designs on your car. They last long and have good use both inside and outside.


  • Vinyl lettering

With vinyl lettering, you can easily apply your business name and other details on a car. On Zigpac’s store, you can type in the message, choose any font style you like, then order. They are also durable.

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Advantages of Mass Production for Stickers

One of the things mass production helps to produce includes standardized goods in big quantities. Zigpac specializes in bulk production as seen in many of their cool stickers. So, an example is the 50 non-infringement multi-lot box stickers tide brand cartoon notebook skateboard stickers foreign trade graffiti car stickers.


cool car stickers


Here are some of the advantages of producing cool stickers in bulk:

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  • It is more economically efficient

Mass production will help in reducing the cost of labor, cost of material, and total expenditure per unit of the stickers. The power and money spent also increase and resources used wisely. This helps manufacturers save money they would have spent on unnecessary expenditure.


  • Faster production rate

The rate of production of cool car stickers is also very fast. We use machines to the highest possible extent in order to save time. Mass production requires advanced machines as well as belt systems that will streamline production faster.

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So, mass production actually has the fastest rate of production of all manufacturing procedures.


  • Ensures accuracy in production

Large production of custom stickers has to do with the repetition of the main and other operations working mechanically together. It is these operations that create the final product. So, in mass production of custom car stickers, a sample is first of all made and all corrections made as required.


After making sure everything works, we print the stickers in bulk exactly as they should look. This helps to reduce the error margin and also increase the accuracy of production.