Distributing Your Custom Plastic Bags

The importance of custom plastic bags cannot be overemphasized. It has never been a question of how effective these plastic grocery bags (know more) are. Rather, what everyone wants to know is how to distribute these wholesale bulk bags.

In this post, we will take a look at how you can distribute your bags to create the most impressions.


How to distribute your custom plastic bags

You spend quite an amount of money in producing these bags. While many people think you should sell them so you can make money, others feel you should give them out. Take a few seconds to think about this if you haven’t before now.

Would you rather sell or give out your custom plastic bags for free? What we believe is that both ideas are perfect. Yet, it is what you sell that will determine which model to go with.wholesale bulk bags

If you want your marketing plan to yield the best results, you need to figure this aspect out. It will take some critical thinking because you have to put a lot into consideration.

By now, you must know that for every dollar spent on plastic grocery bags, you have 1,000 impressions. This is way more than you would get with billboards, TV ads, or even tee shirts that are more popular.

Like we said earlier, you need to discover how best to distribute your bags. Only then can you maximize the amount of money spent on making them.

We have split our opinion into two groups based on the earlier discussed. So we have “Give” and “Sell.” We will explain each point so you can see clearly our reasons and maybe adopt them.

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Give or Sell Custom Plastic Bags

Give: When you run a Wine or Brewery Store

A lot of libations fall under this category. A few include wine, beer, kombucha, and cider. If you run a store that sells any of these or other bottled drinks, it is wise to give out bags. These wholesale bulk bags can be used over and over meaning, they are friendly to our environment.wholesale bulk bags

But more than that, you don’t expect your clients to come with their own bags. Consider the fact that they will be conveying bottles and they need the perfect vehicle for this. If you let them bring their own bags, you are slowly handing power into their hands.

When they know they will get a bag, they can buy more because it’ll be easier to convey the bottles. Here’s what you can do to create a balance. Peg giving a bag to buying above a certain number of bottles.

Do this and watch your sales soar. You can even do this for a new product or one you wish to promote above the others. It works like magic.

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Sell custom plastic bags: For Grocery Stores

Many consider this idea a bit dicey but we would explain. Most shoppers at grocery stores already have one or more of these plastic grocery bags. There’s a likelihood that they would come with theirs to carry their groceries.wholesale bulk bags

As soon as they get to the car, they remove the contents and fold the bag. Here’s the trick, not everyone will come with a bag. Even if they do, what they have may not be enough to carry what they are buying.

Put some custom plastic bags on sale at the counter. Of course, you’d still have the bags branded with your logo at least. These customers will have no choice but to buy at this point.

What did you just do? Meet a need and also get the word about your business out there. Two birds, one stone, the perfect publicity stunt.

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Give: At Trade Shows

Trade shows hold multiple times every year. Even though “trade” is in the name, a lot goes for free at these shows. Let’s spell it out to you, it is unwise thinking you can sell wholesale bulk bags at these shows.

We are not saying that you should give away the bags you made with lots of money. This will be an addition to the already prevailing confusion. So what do you do?request quote from zigpac

Here’s how we think you can do this right. A lot of people are bound to visit your stand with several intentions. While some want to be customers, others want to be vendors, a few may even want to partner.

This is great for your business. But you still have to be tactical. Strike a convo with anyone that comes. Discuss what you do and your mode of operation before sharing a few marketing materials with them.

This time should be enough to find out if they are interested in your business or not. If they pick up enough marketing material, then you can give them one of your custom plastic bags. It is better to give them something flat so they are not burdened from the bulk.

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Sell: If you are a Retail Worker

You can turn around the ambiance of your boutique with these cute bags. All you need to do is pick bags that fit the color of your space and add your logo to them. Place them at different positions so they add spice to your décor.request quote from zigpac

With all of this effort, it doesn’t make sense to dash the wholesale bulk bags away. Your customers will be interested in them so they can as well pay something for the bags. The only time you should give these bags away is when you have a promotion to run.

These plastic grocery bags will achieve two things at least. They’ll show your clients that you provide quality at your business. Second, they will bring you some extra cash, who doesn’t want that?

There are so many ways to hang these bags. One of the most creative is to add them to the outfits of your mannequins. If the bags are spread around the store, you would have played a fast one on your customer’s mind. By the time they get to the counter, they are convinced to buy at least one.

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Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

Using custom plastic bags at your business is a no-brainer. We have shown you a few ways to distribute these plastic grocery bags. Share some of your own methods of distributing wholesale bulk bags in the comments section.