DIY Gift Bags: Ideas for Creating Your Own

As we approach the yuletide season, it is not strange to start thinking of making DIY gift bags. These DIY paper bags (know more) are the perfect way of adding thought to an already beautiful gift. Just in case you are in search of gift wrapping ideas, we have put together a few in this post.

They are all easy to achieve since you can make them from home.request quote from zigpac

DIY gift packaging bags ideas

So here’s the gist about some of these DIY gift bags ideas, some might take extra money and time to achieve. This will depend on how detailed you want to be with the design of your DIY paper bags.

These are about the best gift wrapping ideas you will come across today so let’s get straight to them.

  • Create a DIY gift bag from a cardboard box

You probably have a few cardboard boxes lying around. Instead of throwing them out in the trash or using them wrongly, you can recycle them.

One way to recycle your cardboard boxes is to turn them into gift bags. Simply make a few cuts on the box before flipping it inside out. After this, you can reattach it with some glue or stapler. Get a few fabric scraps or ribbons to add style and color as well as handles to your corporate events goodie bags.request quote from zigpac

  • Print templates from your computer

There are so many design templates online for your gift bags. If you are short on ideas regarding what to use for your gift bag designs, search for templates online. There are tons of design templates to choose from.

When you pick any of the templates, you can add a few tweaks to personalize it before printing. These kinds of bags are great for parties or bridal showers. This idea is not in any way complicated.

gift wrapping ideas

  • Make DIY gift bags using fabrics

This is one of the gift wrapping ideas we love so much. The reason is that it is quite versatile and the bags can carry quite an amount of weight.

Are you worried about your sewing skills, you don’t need to be. Without any sewing experience, you should be able to pull this off easily. You can make use of glue if your gift isn’t too heavy. However, if your bag is meant for a heavy gift, then you need to wrapping ideas

This idea is best for carrying wine bottles made of glass. You can mix different colors of fabric to add some style to the design.

  • Add a label

When you want to send out one of your DIY paper bags, why not add a label? The process is very simple and would take your time at all. One of the advantages of this is the receiver sees that you had really good intentions and immediately feels special.

You don’t need to break the bank for this. An old ribbon will do, simply write your text using a permanent marker. On the other hand, you can print a small sticker and place it somewhere on the bag.

This idea is perfect for small gift items like jewelry.

DIY Gift Bags

  • Making your bag from scrapbook paper

You probably never thought you could make DIY gift bags from scrapbook paper. Now that you know, you should definitely try it. Since your bags are produced by hand, you can make them from any material.

The scrapbook paper is obviously a great choice considering the fact that there are so many designs. With this, you don’t need to bug your head with designing the bag after putting it together. The ready-made designs make your job very easy.

If you are out of scrapbook paper or you just want something stronger, then cardstock paper is a great option. Cardstock paper tends to hold very well and will definitely be used a couple of wrapping ideas

  • Use wrapping paper to make your DIY gift bags

Almost every one of us has a stash of wrapping paper somewhere in our cupboards. You must have gotten yours from gifts you received in recent times. At the end of the day, you are most likely to throw away your stash.

Instead of trashing these wrapping sheets, why not make good use of them? This idea is great when you want to package a gift that has an awkward shape.

You can look for tutorials on how to make a bag using wrapping paper if don’t already know how to. We are sure you will find this easy and lots of fun as well.

DIY Paper Bags

  • Add stamps to your paper gift bag

So here’s another quick tip. The fact that you are making DIY paper bags doesn’t mean you have to begin from scratch. You can simply remodel or add some spice to what you already have or buying from a wrapping ideas

In this case, you can add some stamps to the bags in your hands. These stamps will make your bags look more attractive while showing off a bit of your personality. Personalize the bags depending on the individual receiving them or on your occasion.

  • Turn an old book into a gift bag

Okay, let’s be straight with this idea. We are not saying you should damage your classic books. The idea is to pick a book that you don’t see any use for anymore. In fact, you may opt for magazines or newspapers.

It is best you double the pages so that you can have some sturdiness. Pick out the pages that have cool pictures and backgrounds.

DIY Paper Bags

  • Crotchet your bag

This is one of the gift wrapping ideas that could end up being a gift in itself. Simply crotchet your DIY gift bags and then put the gifts inside.

You will be amazed at how much the receiver would appreciate the gesture. To add some spice, drop a note in the bag. The great thing about this idea is that the bag can be used for a very long time.

Conclusiongift wrapping ideas

There are several ways to create your own DIY gift bags. Choose from our list of gift wrapping ideas above to make your DIY paper bags. Share some of your ideas with Zigpac in the comments section.