Easy Green Alternatives to Wasteful Gift Wrap

The need to save our environment has led to lots of research. Green gift wrap (know more) is one of the alternatives we have to wrap gifts these days.

As you prepare for Christmas, we advise that you adopt a Christmas gift wrap that is recyclable. In this post, we will share with you a few gift packaging alternative options you can adopt. 

green gift wrap

Green alternatives for your gift packaging

The green movement is stronger now than it has ever been. It is, therefore, your responsibility to find the best alternatives to avoid waste. To do this, you should take into consideration, size, cost, and materials among other factors.

Green gift wrap are among the latest and most trusted options available today when it comes to gift packaging alternative. Let’s see a few you can use for your Christmas gift wrap this season.gift packaging alternative

Reuse old gift bags

This is one of the most unlikely green options because most of our old gift bags are not recyclable. However, you probably have a collection of gift bags that you kept from the gifts received in the last few years.

Already you know that tossing those bags in the trash will constitute waste which isn’t healthy for the environment. Why not reuse the bags to convey your gifts this year. You don’t even have to spend on wrapping paper, the bags alone are perfect. If you want to, you can add a greener option to show that you care about the environment.

Paper grocery bags

Put your creativity to work and make a couple of attractive gift bags from paper grocery bags. Decorate your bags using crayons or markers if you are a good artist. If you are not so good at drawing or painting to try something else.

We suggest you make a few cut-outs from your favorite magazine and paste them on the bags. If you prefer to personalize the paper bags, then try this. Print a few pictures or text from your computer or the internet. Get some paper glue and stick your artwork to the grocery bags. 

This will completely transform your paper bags into amazing gift bags. Finish the look with a scrap ribbon from an old gift.

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Make reusable gift bags from fabric

This is a cool way to reuse those old fabric lying eating up your closet space. Most of these old clothes have really cool patterns and designs. You can try sewing these old pieces of clothing into a cool Christmas gift wrap bag.

It is best you do the sewing by hand so you can be as creative as you want with your green gift wrap. We advise that you make the bag into a shopping bag so that the recipient can use it after Christmas.

Put your creativity to work as much as you can. You can check out shopping bag samples online to inspire you.request quote from zigpac

Clay pots

Clay pots are an interesting gift packaging alternative but they will always come in handy later on. All you need is to put your gift inside the pot. Cover it with a drainage dish so that you can conceal the gift to effectively use the element of surprise.

Find a beautiful ribbon and tie up your package. If you don’t have any ribbon, make use of a few strips of old fabric. To make your clay pot more beautiful, make use of ceramic markers to make attractive inscriptions. 

Place a gift inside another

This is another strange idea but it works all the time. It entails using a less costly but larger gift to wrap a costlier smaller gift. For example, you can get a hand-knit scarf and use it to wrap a purse or a handmade piece of jewelry. 

The effect of this on the recipient is quite amazing as they have no idea what to expect. Another thing you could do is wrap a pair of shoes in a table cloth. 


You may have not heard about this idea before but it should be familiar when you know what it is about. It simply means converting a piece of cloth into a beautiful package for your gifts by folding it. 

To achieve this, get a beautiful piece of cloth, preferably one that has patterns. Fold it neatly and make a couple of knots in different parts of the cloth. Now use this to wrap any gift of your choice. You can be sure that the recipient will be in awe of the package. 

green gift wrap


This is one of the most unlikely Christmas gift wrap options you could try. We all have maps that aren’t useful to use anymore. The good thing with these maps is that they hardly stop looking good.gift packaging alternative

This is one green gift wrap that will keep your recipient looking at the wrap a couple of minutes before opening.

Cereal boxes

This is one gift packaging alternative that is very easy to get and use. You can use this unique idea to pack almost everything, from clothes to accessories and decoration items. 

After placing the gift inside the box, simply cover it up and wrap it with some ribbon. You can use the ribbon to make a bow and add a few accessories to embellish the package.

Junk mail

As much as we all don’t like to receive junk mail, they come with material that is great for wrapping gifts. When next you receive a mail that you term as junk, pull the package apart.

You should find a few humorous pieces of material that will be useful to you. 

Glass jars

A lot of our packaged food comes in glass jars. Remove the label of the jar by soaking it for a while. You can line the interior of the jar with some recyclable paper. 

Hide your gift inside the jar and cover it up. This is a great gift packaging alternative for small gifts.gift packaging alternative


Now that green gift wrap ideas are taking over, get more creative with yours. There are tons of recyclable Christmas gift wrap ideas like the ones we discussed above. Share a few we forgot to mention in the comments section. If you have any demand, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.