Effective Use of Packaging Boxes

Carton packaging has been in use for over one hundred years and it is showing no signs of extinction.  No wonder business owners are constantly looking for the best box packaging.

There are different types of packaging boxes, each one with a specific use. These boxes (know more) come with different types of packaging materials. In this post, we will look at how best to use packaging boxes. 

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Generally, we refer to most of the packaging boxes as cartons. These boxes are mostly made from fiberboards or paperboards. Another fact worthy of note is that the need for the box determines the kind of fold it has.

In some cases, boxes have windows. These windows are infused into the design to allow the customers a partial view of the content of the box. This is done with the intent of luring the customers by playing on their sense of vision.

Locking mechanisms are built into some boxes, this is also a function of the requirements for the box. Regardless of the types of packaging boxes, they are all economic, versatile, and eco-friendly. 

Cartons are basically designed in two different formats which are rigid box cartons and folding cartons. These formats are based on the types of packaging materials.

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Folding cartons 

Folding cartons are produced from single sheet boards. The boards could be fiberboards, paperboards, or corrugated boards. Some people regard folding cartons as the best box packaging because they are flexible in design.

You can die-cut a single sheet based on a predefined template. After this, you can fold it to make a tray or a box. One of the most common examples of this is the pizza box. This box is made from a single corrugated sheet that is folded into the bottom, sides, and top.

Rigid box cartons

Rigid box cartons, on the other hand, have bottom and top parts separate from each other. We also refer to rigid boxes as telescopic boxes. They are generally two-piece in nature. Common examples of rigid boxes are shoe boxes, jewelry boxes, some clothing, and electronic items, etc.

Groups of boxes and their uses

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We have split the boxes into different groups based on construction and the material used in their design. 

Corrugated boxes

These boxes are quite unique in the sense that while they are very sturdy, they are also very light. Corrugated boxes are made from folding corrugated paperboards. Actually, they are produced by sandwiching arched or fluted paper between layers of heavy paper linerboards.

This makes the boxes rigid to bending and able to resist crushing than many of the other packaging boxes. You’ll find a variety of corrugated boxes based on the thickness and density of flutes or arches.

When there is a need to make double or triple wall boxes, a couple of corrugated boxes can be combined. This adds to the sturdiness of the box making it thicker and stronger. Such boxes are perfect for shipping heavy items over long distances. 

The low-cost, lighter boxes are used in packaging food or retail packaging. Except when they are laminated using plastic, these boxes can be recycled very easily. You can laminate corrugated boxes using different types of paper to get the best from design prints.

types of packaging boxes

Paperboard or boxboard cartons

Paperboard cartons are manufactured from material made from paper of about 250 GSM and above in grammage. This is the best packaging box if you need a box that can fold intricately or be lined using other materials. Because of the types of packaging material, they are used as retail boxes. They are very attractive when placed on shelves in stores.

One of the variants of paperboard boxes is known as containerboard and it is used in making corrugated boards. Some of the items packaged using paperboard cartons include electronics, cosmetics, toys, pharmaceuticals, stationery, liquor, and cigarette, etc. These types of packaging boxes are easy to print on. You can also emboss them for better design and laminate them for water-resistance and more strength.

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As long as you don’t recycle these boxes using metalized ink or plastic, you can always recycle them.

Aseptic cartons

These boxes are mainly used in the packaging of liquid foods and they are multi-layered in nature. They are perfect for soups, desserts, juices, and even baby food. 

Here’s a little secret about aseptic boxes. They ensure an increase in a product’s shelf life, but there is more. These boxes preserve the color, texture, and nutritional value of products. The good thing about these boxes is that they don’t corrode even with acidic content and they can withstand high temperatures.

The types of packaging material used to produce aseptic boxes make them difficult to recycle. These boxes are a mixture of layers of paperboard, polyethylene, aluminum barrier, and a couple of plastic layers. The different layers are attached using adhesives or heat.

Gable tops

These boxes have multiple layers and they are used in packaging food products to be stored in the refrigerator. The most common products in this class are juices and milk. These boxes are simply variants of aseptic boxes that we discussed above.

The only difference is that this time, the box has a separate plastic cap at the top. This simple tweak makes the box reusable. You can open the carton, pour out your juice or milk when you need to and return the box to the fridge.

Egg cartons

As you can guess, these boxes are made specifically to carry eggs around. They are made from molded pulp or recycled paper. The boxes have dimples that help to hold the eggs in place safely. These days, we have egg boxes made from polystyrene foam or clear plastic.

types of packaging boxes

Choosing the best box for your


We have shown you several types of packaging boxes, but the question is which suits your business best? It all boils down to what you need to protect your products and make them attractive to the market. In some cases, you may need to combine different types of boxes to satisfy your needs. 


The best packaging box depends on what you need. There is a box for practically every kind of product today. This is why they are considered a great solution for the packaging needs of every business. If you have any demand for custom packaging boxes, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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