Technology has blessed us with several gadgets that help to push out our emotions. One such item is a temperature display mug. A smart mug display(Know More) is very useful in a number of ways. There are quite a number of these gadgets on the market today.

As a result, it can be quite difficult picking out the perfect one. In this post, we will show you what you should look out for when choosing a steel thermal bottle. This should be an interesting and expository read so let’s get to the crux of this article.

Defining a smart mug

Who would have thought that of all the things to become smart, our mugs would join the train? Strange but true, technology has led us down the road of having smart mugs for our tea and coffee. If you get one of these mugs, you are likely to use it almost every day.

It is easy to know that a smart mug is for drinking your tea or coffee. However, beyond this, what else does it do? If it is just for drinking tea or coffee, there is no point spending on one, a regular mug will suffice.

A temperature display mug has the ability to detect how hot your beverages are. Added to this, it can maintain that temperature for close to three hours depending on the brand. Isn’t this so cool?

You are probably wondering why a steel thermal bottle has this ability. Regular mugs are made from simple materials. These smart mugs, on the other hand, are made from special heat-retaining materials. 

The smart mug display shows you the temperature of the beverage. After this, it helps to heat the drink, maintaining it at the right temperature for drinking. The beauty of these mugs lies in heat regulation, not the retention.request quote from zigpac

Factors to consider when choosing a smart mug

Let’s face it, unlike most of the other smart devices you will purchase, a thermal mug isn’t a major buy. Despite this fact, it is an object that will be called to use almost every day of your life. Because of this, you have to ensure that you pick the right one so the money you spend wouldn’t go to waste. 

Check out some of the factors you should consider when choosing a thermal mug.


Usually, a temperature display mug is made of plastic or stainless steel. However, there are some that are made from glass or ceramic. As you will expect, the mugs made from plastic are the least expensive of the lot. You should also expect that they will have their own drawbacks too.

One of the challenges of plastic is that it will retain the flavor of anything it carries. This means if you use the mug to drink coffee, for instance, it retains the taste of your coffee. You don’t have the same problem with mugs made from stainless steel.

We advise that if you need the mug for daily use, you should get one made of steel. A steel thermal bottle ensures that you enjoy the taste of whatever you drink from it without retaining such taste. The beautiful thing with steel mugs is that you can hand them out as gifts to loved ones.

Lip or cap

One other characteristic that you need to consider closely before investing in this mug is the lid. Many people overlook this but we will show you why you shouldn’t. The lids or caps of smart mugs can be divided into two.

There are the screw-on caps and the snap-on lids. Of the two, the screw on is better because of its unique quality of keeping the contents inside the mug. A screw-on lid is very unlikely to pop off by accident.

Most of the time, you want to carry out other tasks while having your beverage. Some of these tasks include driving, working on a document on your computer, or meeting a client. If your beverage spills out of the mug during any of these, you will be disoriented. 

A screw-on lid saves you from this. It also gives you an overall better seal preventing your beverage from leaking out. If you like to multitask while drinking your coffee, you should consider a screw-on lid.

The spout

Spouts are also very important when it comes to your choice of thermal mugs. If all you will drink is coffee or tea, or a thin beverage, any spout is fine. However, if you will be taking thicker beverages like soup, you have to be more intentional about the spout.

Generally, thermal mugs are designed for thin beverages like tea and coffee. Because of this, they have thin spouts. This is very beneficial because it ensures that the contents of the mug don’t spill. The challenge is that for thicker beverages, a thin spout will be useless.

Here is the bottom line, if your mug is for coffee or tea alone, a thin spout or any spout is fine. If you will be using it for thicker liquid, find a thicker or larger spout.

Design and color

It is almost impossible to leave this out when discussing factors you should consider to buy anything. Not everyone is keen on the designs and colors of the mugs. However, if you are one who does, it is definitely worth considering.

One of the elements to look out for is the smart mug display. How does it work? Is it easy to read and understand? Simple questions like this can help you make the right choice.

Asides smart mug display, you also need to consider the color theme of the mug. Does it suit your needs? Are you particular about a specific color or anyone will fly with you? You can choose specific themes depending on your latest cravings and desires.


A temperature display mug comes with so many advantages. You can tap into these by following our guide to picking the best steel thermal bottle for yourself. What other factors do you think are important to watch out for? If you have any demand for the steel thermal bottle, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.