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Guide to Design Promotional Notes

Is there any specific recipe for designing custom branded notebooks (know more) for promoting your business? The answer is a resounding NO. Every business has its own formula for designing these custom printed notebooks.

If this is your first time designing your own custom printed notebooks, we want to help you. In this post, we share tips for a proven winning formula for designing promotional notebooks.

Importance of custom printed notebooks

For several decades, promotional items have been prevalent in the market for publicizing brands. From notebooks to tote bags to small flash drives, almost anything can be used. But why do we choose custom printed notebooks for promotions?request quote from zigpac

There are loads of reasons. The most prominent of these is the fact that these custom branded notebooks create lots of impressions. Notebooks are special in the sense that, unlike other items, they are quite intellectual in nature.

With notebooks, clients can plan their time since they can scribble their to-do lists easily. Any time your customers see these books, they remember your business.

They can even be used as gift items. In this case, they go to places you have never been and speak to these people on your behalf. This could lead to a major breakthrough for your business.

We could go on and on about how important custom printed notebooks are. However, we need to show you our winning formula so you can profit from your promotion.

custom printed notebooks

Guidelines to designing your custom printed notebooks

What we are about to show you is a set of universally tested guidelines used in designing promotional notebooks. Of course, you have the liberty of tweaking them to suit your business needs.

Tip 1: Strategic Thinkingrequest quote from zigpac

Before doing any other thing, you need to be strategic in your thinking. You don’t just jump into designing your branded notebooks, you need to develop a strategy first. There is something called a feasibility study.

During a feasibility study, you get to ask a lot of questions. Questions about everything ranging from what clients prefer, what they want to use the books for, and even the cost of production.

All of these will give you an idea of what goals to set for your promotion. The objectives for your custom notebooks should be channeled towards providing satisfaction and creating impressions.

If you can be strategic with your thinking and preparation, you would save both time and cost. So this is what we suggest, draw up a list of strategic questions. Begin answering them one after the other and seek public opinion when necessary.

As you gather the answers to these questions, you gain more confidence in designing your custom printed notebooks.

custom printed notebooks

Tip 2: Size is important for custom printed notebooks

Don’t let anyone deceive you that the size of your personalized notebooks doesn’t matter, it does and here’s why. Different sizes of notebooks are fit for different purposes.request quote from zigpac

Check out this example. From your feasibility study, you may discover that your clients need notebooks that they can carry around. This means you need to design a pocket-size notebook. These mini pocket notebooks are great for organizing daily tasks and scribbling notes on the go.

On the other hand, if they want something for the office, you can’t give them a pocket-sized notebook. What you need to design in this case is an A4 notebook. This is great for office work since it doesn’t need to be carried about.

Asides the length of the notebooks, you also need to make other considerations. Some of these include the number of pages as well as the type of paper to use. These factors all contribute to the size of the notebooks in the end.

custom branded notebooks

Tip 3: The cover is equally important

Getting the size right when designing your custom branded notebooks is not enough. You must look beyond this to producing a perfect cover. In case you haven’t noticed, your notebooks all have four covers.request quote from zigpac

The front and back covers, the internal cover, and finally, the endpaper. Most people concentrate on the front and back covers alone and forget the remaining two. The truth is that if you want to get it right, you must consider all four.

Make sure that the internal design and the endpaper both correspond with the outer cover. You have to be deliberate about this for the custom printed notebooks. So if you choose a minimalist external design, the endpaper has to complement it.

This means that your endpaper should either be the same color or create a beautiful contrast. You also need to consider what you want to do with the front and back covers. Do you want to add a picture? Or would you prefer text instead?

If you are using pictures for your custom branded notebooks, then reduce the text or keep it away totally. This is the only way to ensure that your image stands out and attracts impressions.

branded notebooks

Tip 4: Mix your colors properly in your custom printed notebooks

Choosing colors when designing your custom printed notebooks can be a huge challenge. We cannot discuss the whole of the color wheel in this post, that’s a whole new post on its own. However, ensure that the colors blend properly.request quote from zigpac

If you already have a color associated with your brand, then you can work around that. It should be easier. On the other hand, you might need the help of a professional if you don’t.

If your colors are not well combined, your notebooks wouldn’t be attractive. You don’t want this to be the first impression of your business, especially when you might not be there to defend yourself.

Tip 5: Details, details, details

We cannot emphasize this enough. Details can either boost or destroy your design and the promotion altogether. Find out all the necessary accessories that will make your clients enjoy your custom printed notebooks.

Add as many as you can to the design. This will make your notebooks versatile which means they will be kept for longer.

custom branded notebooks

Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

As we said in the beginning, there is no perfect formula for designing branded notebooks for promotions. All you need to do is tweak these tips to suit your needs while producing your custom printed notebooks.

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