How Do Branded Bags Help Retailers

Branded retailer shopping bags are the new trend and they seem to do so well with business publicity. With branded retailer bags, you can share a lot about your business without saying a word.

Have you been looking for trendy methods of publicizing your business? Read through this post and see how you can use branded shopping bags for this purpose.

The branded shopping bag trend by retailers

Let’s try to trace when we first started seeing these bags. Somehow, these bags (know more) seem to have been with us the whole time. However, it was only recently that we began to see the efficacy of these bags in relation to brand growth.

Today, you are likely to see tons of retailer shopping bags as you stroll down the street. In fact, when you visit business districts with lots of shops, almost every shop has its own branded retailer bags.request quote from zigpac

You are almost forced to ask the question, why? Considering the advantages these bags bring to the table, it is surprising we didn’t tap into their resources earlier. 

Once upon a time, plastic and paper bags were the trends. There was no store that didn’t have their fair share. When we look through our shelves and drawers at home, we would find a few of these tote canvas bags.

However, a worry for the safety of our environment has driven us to seek a better option. It is obvious that the amount of plastic waste produced every year is not healthy for the environment. Already, 2.46 million tons of plastic fill the oceans every year. This is very harmful to sea life and we cannot let that continue.

Branded shopping bags are therefore the new trend and they seem to be way better than plastic bags. If you have ever wondered why you should switch to these bags, we will provide reasons in this post.

retailers shopping bags

Benefits of a branded shopping bag to a retailer

Already, governments are beginning to ban the use of plastic bags in several countries. There is a switch to green bags. By green bags, we don’t mean literal green-colored bags. We mean reusable bags.

These branded retailer bags are reusable which is a huge advantage to the environment. Now we don’t have to dispose of bags immediately after use. Let’s face it, branded shopping bags are among the best investments any business will make on promotional items.request quote from zigpac

Producing these bags don’t cost a fortune, yet they produce really amazing results. Consider the number of impressions each bag can make in its lifetime. Most of them make up 6000 impressions, way more than what a billboard will produce.

Many countries have a bag charge for using bags that are not reusable. Of course, your clients don’t want to pay for this charge. This is why they would be drawn to any store making use of retailer shopping bags.

So many people are turning to these bags these days. This means that making the switch now for your business is a great step. The move will keep you in competition with some of the biggest brands on the market.

Another thing you should consider is that when your clients love your bags, they will carry them anywhere. With beautiful designs, you can easily make your clients become ambassadors for your brand. This is almost free publicity since all you are paying for is the bags, your clients carry the bags for free.

branded shopping bags

Fashionable branded shopping bag styles for retailers

There are so many designs to choose from and really it can be a headache choosing. It is difficult knowing what designs are the most fashionable, especially if you are a novice. Never mind, we’ve got you on this. 

In this section, we will show you the top styles of branded shopping bags you can make use of. Check them out below:

  • Non-woven totesrequest quote from zigpac

Tote bags have been a trend for a while now. They are classic bags that carry out so many functions. They are recognized for their beauty as well as versatility. 

Using totes as retailer shopping bags comes with lots of advantages. Firstly, you decide how you want your bags to look in color and size. There are so many designs that you can tweak to represent your brand.

You can choose between heat transfer or screen print for the print finish. Always remember that the quality of your bags matters to the image of your brand. First impressions are difficult to erase so it is imperative that you make good ones. 

branded retailer bags

  • Messenger bags

You must have seen these a few times on the runway. Some of the biggest fashion brands in the world have featured them in their fashion shows. This makes you know something about these bags, they are very fashionable.

Your clients will be glad to have their branded retailer shopping bags in this style. This way, they can carry the bags almost anywhere. The more they can carry these bags around, the better for your business.request quote from zigpac

Usually made with non-woven fabric, these bags come with a variety of advantages. The most paramount of these is that they are water-resistant. No wonder they are so popular. 

Another reason is that they are reusable and can be carried to almost any function. They can be personalized to more than 30 colors. All you need to do is choose a color that represents your business, add your details, and you’re good.

Finally, these bags come with adjustable straps. Isn’t that just so convenient? Who wouldn’t love them?

branded shopping bags

  • Metallic bags

These bags are also very popular on fashion runways. They are classy and vintage at the same time. retailers shopping bags

When running a promotion, you need something attractive. This is what you get with metallic style branded shopping bags. Their shiny color will attract attention to your bags from a mile away.

What better method of brand awareness can exist? This is a great idea for clothing stores and fashion houses.

branded retailer bags

Conclusionretailers shopping bags

With the right retailer shopping bags, you can build your brand very easily. You can design your branded retailer bags yourself or seek the help of a professional. Whichever method you choose, these bags are worth the investment. If you have any demand for custom personalized embroidered clothing labels, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.