One of the reasons why hologram stickers are gaining much popularity is because of their versatility. Asides from this, they present you with a cost-effective way to protect, authenticate, and promote your products. Visa hologram stickers are totally customizable, difficult to imitate, and verifiable.

Holograms resemble 3D photos entrapped in plastic, metal, or glass. This gives you a picture of what hologram stickers are. The question that begs an answer is, “how do these stickers work?” We will answer this and more in this post.

Creating Hologram Stickers

In case you were wondering how master hologram stickers were created, we will provide you an explanation in this section. These stickers are simply adhesive labels with a flat surface that presents you with a 3D image visual effect. In other words, while the sticker is flat, you get the illusion of a 3D image.

Hologram stickers have been used mostly for security purposes because of the complexity of the printing process. The only way to create visa hologram stickersis from the master hologram. A piece of specialist equipment is used in achieving this which is the major reason why the stickers are difficult to imitate.

How are these stickers printed or created? A hologram is made over a previously-treated glass plate. The plate is first treated with some iron oxide after which it is coated with a photoresist. After this, the material used sets off a chemical reaction along with the light waves used in making the hologram.

Commercially, holograms are created by the reflection of a laser beam on the object that is to be captured. This beam splits into 2 halves by shining through a half-mirror. The mirror is a glass that has a thin silver layer designed to allow one half of the beam to reflect. At the same time, it allows the remaining half to pass through.

Here are a few things to note about the process:

- It is the meeting of both beams and their reaction with the treated surface that creates the image.
- Exposure may take between a second and a minute.
- The slightest movement could cause the resulting image to be blurred.

With this in mind, a lot of care is required during the process of making a visa card hologram sticker.

How Visa Hologram Stickers Work

Laser beams provide purer light than what is obtainable from a flashlight. This is because the light waves from the latter are random and jumbled up. However, laser beams present more coherent lights that have a precise movement when they travel. As described above, you split laser beams to create holograms.

Each part of the resulting hologram takes in light waves that travel from every point of the object. This explains why the holographic image seems to change when you look at the sticker and move your head simultaneously. Even if you broke the hologram into small pieces, you would still see the whole object in each piece.

The visa signature panel makes it difficult for counterfeiters to recreate items with the visadove hologram. These stickers are difficult to copy because the holographic foil possesses holographic properties. The image is printed over this thin plastic foil from which it is projected.

Patterns on a holographic sticker can either be slightly irregular or regular and simple. Just beneath the foil is a material produced from light-diffracting silver. It is this diffracted light that causes the shapes and colors to seem to move when you move the foil.

Some hologram stickers come with an extra tamper-evident layer. As such, when you peel off the sticker, there is a residue that is left behind. This residue is known as “VOID” and it is repeated over the surface from which the sticker was removed. Other kinds of residue visuals that are used include checkerboards and dot patterns.

Uses of Visa Hologram Stickers

There are different designs of hologram stickers and they are used for different purposes. From transparent stickers to hologram labels and full tamper-evident stickers. You can combine these with advanced printing processes to come with several kinds of designs. Let’s show you a few of the uses of visa hologram stickers.

Product Protection

There is always the risk of piracy from counterfeiters. Popular brands are wary of this and make use of holographic stickers to secure their products.

To do this, they create personalized or branded holograms specifically for their brands. These hologram stickers help to create a level of uniqueness for their brands that is impossible to recreate.

Sometimes, they add special dyes known as tagganted foils to their holograms. These dyes can only be read or identified by special readers.

Brand enhancement

Top brands, especially recognizable brands like Intel and Microsoft, add hologram stickers to their products. There are two major reasons for this.

The first reason is that it creates a certain perception of the product in the minds of customers and prospects. Another reason is that it helps to increase the overall perceived value of the product in the market.

Because of the hologram stickers, people place premium value on the products. This means that you could sell at higher prices and also create a unique identity for your brand.

Promotion and packaging

Hologram stickers will always stand out regardless of how small they may seem. This is one of the reasons why the big brands always use them in promotion and packaging.

When you add these stickers to your products and place them in a crowded store, the products will stand out. The good news is that you can add hologram stickers to just about any kind of packaging.


For most brands, this is the main reason behind using holographic stickers. These stickers come in handy on ID cards, credit and debit cards, and season passes.

They help in identification and authentication because of how difficult they are to replicate. If you use these stickers for this purpose, add an extra layer of security by using tagganted foils.

Wrap Up

Visa hologram stickers look great but they do more than just attract attention to your products. They also help in protecting them from piracy and counterfeiting. Click here to check out our vast array of holographic stickers that you can choose from.