How to Create the Perfect Brand Bag

As an entrepreneur, one of the things always on your mind is selling your brand. One way to achieve this is by using an attractive plastic bag design. These bags (know more) are very important to our everyday lives.  You might not know it yet but great shopping poly bag design ideas will help sell your brand.

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It is almost impossible to go through a day without using or seeing a plastic bag. They are always in our faces. It means with the perfect shopping bag design ideas, you can be in the face of prospects.

All you need to do is brand the bag and let it do the talking on your behalf. Those bags will reach places you never expected and will attract loads of attention. It is important that you make use of reusable bags in this regard.

Now that you have seen how important these bags are to your business, how do you create them? There’s no need to make a fuss, it is one of the easiest things to do. By the way, they are not as costly as you think too.

Creating the perfect plastic bag design

At this point, we are sure you are interested in creating your own plastic bag design. If you are a novice at this, it might seem a bit challenging at first, so here are a few ideas.

  • The material should match your business.

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The material to be used is the first thing to choose. You cannot afford to get it wrong at this point. Any material you select must be one that works perfectly with what you produce or sell.

For example, if you are a clothier or you produce pet food, you want a sturdy eco-friendly cotton material. This sort of bag will come in handy to protect your wares as well as for your customers. If you could visit your customers months after their purchase, you’ll see them using these bags.

A producer of green goods would rather go for reusable plastic bags. This is important as they are also doing the earth a service.

plastic carrier bags

  • Decide on a style, or two.

After choosing your material, the next thing you want to do is choose a style. Again, the style will depend on what you want to package and your business in general. There are a million plastic shopping bag design ideas to choose from.

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If your business is beverage-based, then you want a bag that can carry bottles with ease. You also want one that can manage spills without absorbing liquid or getting spoiled easily.

For a startup business, it is best to keep orders at a minimal level. This way, you can experiment with different styles and decide on which is the best for you. You should also take a look at what other businesses in the same industry are doing. Your aim is to be better so try to be unique with your designs.

Go on the internet and look at the designs that apply to your industry. Try to add some variety by choosing two or three designs as time goes on.

poly bag design

  • Choose your colors.

Colors are very important to branding. As an entrepreneur, you should know this. Some of the biggest brands in the world are recognized by colors. If you get your colors right, you’ll be attracting a lot of attention with them.

It is best that the colors you choose for your bag are in line with your business identity. For example, if your business is known for red, then your poly or plastic bag design should play around red. If you don’t have a branded palette yet, check your logo or website to choose one.

In case you haven’t created a logo or website yet, this is a great time to do so. When you do, then you can pick the theme color to brand the bags.

poly bag design

  • Pick the appropriate logo.

Okay, before we go on, this step isn’t for everyone. If you already have a logo that works for your business, then you’re good already. However, if you have been working with multiple logos, it is time to pick one.

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You need a logo that represents your business on your bags. While doing this, consider that certain logo shapes work for certain bag types. For example, a round logo sits better on a beverage bag that carries one bottle.

If you don’t want a logo, you may stylishly have your business name across the bag. This is better for bigger bags as it allows the text to be bolder and readable from a distance.

We’ve already discussed colors above but it is wise to shed some light at this point. Pick colors that attract attention from a distance. Don’t try to mix too many colors, three colors at most. Ensure that the colors stand out from the bag material so your brand name is recognizable.

poly bag design

  • You don’t have to design the plastic or poly bags yourself.

If you are not design-savvy, it is better to let a professional handle the design of your bags. There are so many companies that can do this on your behalf over the internet. In case you don’t know, it can be difficult choosing designs.

Even if you can design the bags yourself, still get a professional to approve it. They have been in the business longer and already know the different pitfalls. This is the best way to get the best results with shopping bag design ideas.

shopping bag design ideas

  • How do your bags reach your customers?

Many people overlook this very important point. You need to sort out whether you want to give the bags for free or sell them. Another thing to sort out is whether the bags will be given out when a product is bought.

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Figure out the best way based on your client base and employ it.


With all you know about plastic bag design, you should be able to create amazing bags for your brand. Never forget that a poly bag design could be the icebreaker for your business. This is why you need to get it right.