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How to Get into Key Chain Collecting

Custom key chains (know more) are small chains that are usually made using plastic or metal. The main work of a key chain is to connect small items to a cool custom key chains holder. If your cool key chain is long, it will be easier to use the item, instead of connecting directly to the key ring.

Cool Key Chain Items

A cool key chain is an important item everyone should have. To make your key chain more useful, you can attach certain items to it. Here are some items that you can attach to make your key chain more useful:

  • bottle openersrequest quote from zigpac
  • flashlights
  • lighters
  • nail clippers
  • compasses
  • key finders
  • pepper spray
  • credit cards
  • laser pointers
  • digital sound recorders
  • slogans, logos, or phrases
  • magnets
  • memo pads
  • decorative or ornamental items on custom key chains
  • USB flash drive
  • lipstick
  • whistle
  • animal tails
  • thermometers (digital and analog)
  • pillboxes
  • pen knives or pocket knives
  • stopwatches and wristwatchesrequest quote from zigpac
  • text labels
  • photo holders
  • security tokens
  • tape measures
  • vehicle remote system
  • carabiners
  • keyrings
  • electronic games

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Uses of Using Key Chains

 Custom key chains seem like the best gift you can give a person. Although some people see them as insignificant objects, they are keepsakes. Since they are very functional and decorative, anyone could find a way to use them.

Here are some uses of custom key chains:

  • A key chain holder can hold as many keys as possible. People can attach this to the loop of their belt to ease access to the keys. You are less likely to misplace your key when you attach it to a cool key chain.
  • They are lightweight and portable so they serve as souvenirs for promoting businesses. All you need to do is make sure it carries your business name, logo, and contact details.
  • Some of these key chains offer functions that people use often. These functions include scissors, bottle opener, army knife, address book, etc.
  • There are cars that come with key chains that help to remotely lock and unlock the cars. Some of these remote functions can also start a car engine.
  • Since they are small and inexpensive, large and small companies can afford to give them out. The number of custom key chains given out will depend on the budget of the company.request quote from zigpac

How to Get Into Key Chain Collecting

Key chain collections often comprise of popular characters, souvenir, advertising, and monuments. There are many collectors with Brent Dixon of the USA holding the Guinness World Records. He has up to 41,418 non-duplicated key chains.

Many people attach sentimental value to their key chains and now collect them as a hobby. If you want to get into key chain collecting, here are some points to keep in mind:

Choose a theme for your custom key chains collection:

You need to decide if you want your key chain collection to comprise of random key chains. Otherwise, you can pick a particular theme for your key chain collection. Themes could be countries, nature, characters, or animals.

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Set a budget limit:

Not all your key chains will come free of charge. It is important to set a budget limit, especially if you intend to sell them off later. This will help to give you an idea of how much profit you stand to make later.

Are you targeting expensive varieties or an assortment of cheap key chains? Without setting a budget limit, you may overspend in a bid to collect as many key chains as possible.request quote from zigpac

Start collecting custom key chains:

Look around the house for key chains to start your collection with. Check drawers, cupboards, cartons, and even your basement for key holders. Give your collection process a great start by picking the ones laying around you.

Keep your custom key chains safe:

Get a solid box or a display of some kind you can keep your key chains in. Wherever you choose to keep them should be safe and easy to access whenever you want to see your collection. It is important for your key chains to be in good condition so you need to keep them out of reach of kids and pets.

key chain holder

Each key chain should have a memory:

To better enjoy having and showing off your collection, each key chain should come with a story. It does not have to be a long story as a short story can also be effective. You should remember something whenever you pick up a key chain.

Attaching memories to your collection will make it more special. You can note the price of each key chain on it to serve as a future reference point.

Display your custom key chain collection:request quote from zigpac

When you start collecting key chains, display them in a safe place like a key chain holder. You can hang them in a place that kids and pets will not have easy access to. If you can, try not to keep your collection locked in a box.

You can even display your collection in a shadow box if you have many to display. Show off your collection to family and friends. Your collection could spur someone else to pick this up as a hobby.

Continue adding to your collection:

There is no limit for key chain collection so you can keep adding more key chains to your collection. You can do this by visiting key chain shops regularly to ask for new varieties. If there is a variety you want that is within the limit of your budget, buy it and keep growing your collection.

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You could make your own custom key chain holder

Instead of buying your key chains, you can make yours by yourself. It is quite easy, fun, and exciting to make your custom key chains. The basic materials you will need are not hard to find in markets.

Hook or loop

This is the base of the key chain, and it should have a hoop that you can open and close. You can attach small loops to the main hoop to have a key chain. A typical hoop should have a diameter of between 1 inch and 3 inches.


You connect a chain to the hoop to make it easy to connect it to your clothing. The chain size should have a length of between 1 inch and 2 feet, with a small hook at its end.request quote from zigpac


You can make your key chain look more stylish and attractive by adding decorative shapes. The largest size should be 2 inches.

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