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How to Make a Notebook

Everybody uses or buys a cheap custom composition notebook at some point in life. This writing tool has been around for a very long time and is still very loved by all age groups.

These stock-bound books, which traditionally come with a black and white cover and horizontally lined sheets, sometimes have generic labels. In addition, these labels are usually on the front cover and require name, subject, and other information to be filled out thereon. Furthermore, the back cover of this notebook also traditionally come with tables of measurements, multiplication tables, and other educational tips.

Also known by the name exercise books (know more), custom composition notebooks serve multiple uses mostly in schools for copying notes and doing other school work. Moreover, they are available in different formats for different lessons, although the majority are the ones with lined sheets and a margin. Most exercise books used for drawing tables, diagrams and graphs in subjects like mathematics have graph sheets or boxed papers.request quote from zigpac

In addition, these custom composition notebooks are often used in schools to keep records of students’ learning by reviewing, scoring, and then grading lessons. Some schools have adopted the use of color coding for each subject notebook to avoid mix-ups.

In modern times, however, composition notebooks are not used by students alone. Many offices and individuals have adopted these notebooks for record-keeping, journaling, and other data entries. Hence, they now come in different formats, designs, and sizes to suit the purpose for which they are gotten.

The Idea of Having a Custom Composition Notebook

The idea of having a hand-made custom composition notebook is also gaining popularity as the result is often cool. It is also a nice way to reduce the cost of buying composition notebooks at book stores. This handcraft, apart from saving you a lot of money, can also help you explore your more creative side.request quote from zigpac

Hence, you can have your beautiful notebooks made with tools at your disposal and in the comfort of your home. By making your notebooks yourself, you are ensuring a more sustainable environment, especially when recycled papers and scrapbooks are used.

However, if you would rather buy your custom composition notebooks, Zigpac notebooks are the best to look out for. At their stores, there are a lot of brilliant-looking composition notebooks that you will love. You can also order for these notebooks wholesale and have them customized to your specifications.

custom composition notebook

Steps In Making a Notebook

Buying notebooks may be a little bit overbearing for most students who need separate notebooks for each subject or lesson. However, it will not be a bad idea to make some notebooks for yourself in your spare time. All you need are some printer papers, cardboards that you recycle from your cereal box and other household tools.

If you are worried about where to buy cheap why not learn how to make a composition notebook, you can follow these simple steps.

Tools neededrequest quote from zigpac

  • A blank notecard or any recycle cardboard
  • A couple of lined paper
  • Needle
  • Thick cotton thread or embroidery floss
  • Awl or any tool that can pierce the paper
  • Cutting board
  • Ruler
  • Knife or guillotine
  • Scrap paper
  • Glue stick
  • Ink, stamps, stickers, or other embellishments

how to make a composition notebook

Steps in Making a Composition Notebook

First Stage

  • Decide on the size you want your custom composition notebook to be in.
  • Get the number of lined sheets you will like to use for your notebook
  • Trim the notepaper and notecard to your desired size. Ensure that they are both of the same sizes.
  • Fold your notepapers in half, then use a ruler and knife to trim the outer edges down. This will give your notepaper a crisp edge.
  • Place the notepapers in your notecard cover.
  • Measure out the places you want to put your binding holes in. The number of holes you choose will depend on whether you want to do a simple or complex binding.request quote from zigpac

Second Stage

  • Pierce the paper using a hammer or heavy object and a needle.
  • After making the initial piercings, wiggle your needle a little through the holes to make the holes wider.
  • Thread your needle with a thick cotton thread or embroidery floss to bind your custom composition notebook. Pass the threaded needle through the hole from the outside of the notebook to its inside. Thread through one hole and out through the other, then use a double knot to secure the thread’s ends together. Trim the excess threads at the ends.
  • To make a spine cover, cut out a piece of decorative scrap paper. It should be the same length as your cover, and a few inches wide.
  • Cover the back of this decorative paper with paper glue.
  • Secure it on the cover to neatly cover your notebook’s binding and spine.
  • Immediately, fold the custom composition notebook in half so that the glue will dry in that position.
  • Your notebook is ready at this stage. You can use embellishments like stamped letters or stickers to customize it.

With these and a little creativity on your part, you could start making composition notebooks as gift items as well.

custom composition notebook

Buy Cheap Composition Notebooks on Zigpac

Zigpac offers composition notebooks that will meet your note-taking, journaling, and record-keeping needs. If you do not want to make or buy a cheap custom composition notebook by yourself, you can buy one at any of their stores.

Also offered by Zigpac are composition notebooks looking like the traditional ones but with a touch modern-day design. Books like the custom printing logo school exercise composition notebook are the favorites of students worldwide.

Furthermore, this China-based company manufactures these brilliant notebooks with high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. Their composition notebooks, just like their other books, are beautiful and practical. The bindings are durable and will not come off even when used daily.

Also, Zigpac’s composition notebooks come in neat vertically-ruled sheets that make writing easier and neater. Moreover, the number of sheets you want can be specified while you order for your custom composition notebook from any of their stores. In addition, these sheets are thick, do not smear ink, and are guaranteed to stay attached to the binding for years.request quote from zigpac

In conclusion, you can buy cheap composition notebooks from anywhere in the world from any of Zigpac’s online stores. Also, there is an opportunity to choose the size, shape, color, logo, and number of books you want to order. They are known for their quality products, efficiency, as well as their great customer service.

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