If you are an owner of a company and are finding ways to promote the quality of your brand then you should get some hologram stickers for your product. A 3D hologram sticker is attached on the product that you want to promote. You can get custom hologram stickers made as well.

What is a hologram sticker?

Hologram stickers are pieces of vinyl that have been altered with different kinds of 3D effects that would seem to attract a lot of customers. An adhesive is attached on the back of hologram stickers due to which they can remain on a surface to which they are attached.

Companies usually get the quality of their product printed on custom hologram stickers which state certain messages such as showing that their product is 100% original or that a product is waterproof and various other kinds of properties of a product that would seem to get the attention of various customers. Some companies also get custom hologram stickers made for attaching on certain types of documents. Also, security hologram stickers are also created and these are attached to products to alert the customers. Security hologram stickers are usually hologram printed labels for purpose of sale security.


How to create hologram stickers?

There are various stages that have to be followed to create custom hologram stickers.

  1. The first stage is to choose the design of a company’s custom hologram stickers. Each manufacture of these hologram stickers would provide you with a long-range of colors and designs to choose from. You can either send this manufacturer some designs of hologram stickers that you had created on your own or else you can sit with the designer of the manufacturer’s company and mention all your needs that are related to your company’s custom hologram stickers.
  2. Once you have told the designer what kind of a design you want for your hologram stickers, then the manufacture’s company asks for a couple of days from you and then you sends the design that they have developed for your hologram stickers. If the design ticks off all the needs that you want to see in your brand’s custom hologram stickers then you can approve it else if you want some modifications to be made then you can ask the company’s to make them.
  3. After the approval of the design, the production of your hologram stickers is initiated.


You can create DIY holographic stickers quite easily by following some simple steps

  1. You would need to install photo editing software on a laptop or any other gadget that you have.
  2. Now you need to load up the design that you have created for your DIY holographic stickers in the photo editing software.
  3. Now blend in shades of different colors in your design. Always include black and white in your color pallet as these are not mixed together like the rest of the colors.
  4. Once your design is ready, print it on a piece of vinyl
  5. The last step of this process is to add an adhesive to the back of your hologram stickers.

Although, these hologram stickers might not be as good as the sticker that is made in the factory still they tend to work for some time.


How are hologram stickers made?

Various steps are to be followed in the manufacturing of hologram stickers.

  1. The manufacture firstly processes the raw materials for the production of vinyl as this is the key material in the development of hologram stickers. The raw materials that are used in this process are chlorine and ethylene that are extracted from crude oil.
  2. Drums of these raw materials are poured into one giant container in which these elements are mixed at a high flame. After the mixture of these materials is prepared then it is left to cool down.
  3. Once the vinyl is fully developed, it is taken towards the printing station, where designs of custom hologram stickers are printed on them. The ink of the printer tends to get inside the vinyl in such a way due to which a 3d effect is created on a 3D hologram sticker. Now, these holographic vinyl stickers are left to cool for some time.
  4. The next step is the lamination of holographic vinyl stickers so that they can be protected from dust and can be used for a good amount of time.
  5. The final step is that an adhesive is attached to the back of the holographic vinyl stickers and now these are shipped to their rightful owner.

How to print hologram stickers?

The printing of holographic decals is carried out in a factory because special types of printers are used to develop the holographic effect on these holographic labels.

When the raw materials have been processed and the vinyl has been created then these are taken to the printing station of a factory. Here trays of vinyl have been laid down before the printers and the printer prints the design that a customer has demanded on their hologram stickers. The needles of the printers have been configured in such a way that the ink coming out these needles seeps into the vinyl in such a way that a 3d kind of any effect can be seen while looking at these 3d hologram sticker labels.


Where can I buy hologram stickers?

If you require custom holographic decals then you need to place an order to a company that manufactures such hologram stickers. These companies would be able to develop holographic labels according to your preferences.

If you want readymade holographic decals then you can purchase these simply by going to a shop or by visiting websites on the internet that provide such products. These holographic decals will have random designs over them and could not be made according to your preferences as they are a ready-made product. If you want a 3D  hologram sticker from a website then make sure that you read the reviews that their customers have written down as by doing this you can be sure that if you want to purchase a 3D hologram sticker from such a website or not.

Every company should get custom hologram stickers through holographic labels made for their products as this can provide them with amazing visual positioning and marketing of a brand and could help them in generating a good amount of profit.

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