Creating Stickers with a Puffy Sticker Maker

All You Need to Know Before Making a Puffy Sticker

A puffy sticker maker, also called domed decal manufacture, is a sticker that puffs up attractively when placed on a surface. And it has a crystal-clear view and can be carved into different shapes and styles using an emoji puffy sticker sheet. This sticker is known worldwide and is used as a product brand label by many popular brands.

And puffy stickers are glossy and have a 3D appearance which creates a self-illuminating illusion whenever it captures light. This illusion draws more attention to the artistic appeal of the graphic logo, design or colors. The 3D effect of this attractive sticker enhances its visibility and easily promotes whatever brand it represents.request quote from zigpac

The puffy sticker comprises polyurethane material that is clear, glossy, malleable, and durable. Also most kits for making puffy stickers come with a custom puffy sticker maker for an easy production.

You can place a puffy sticker on any manufactured product to add value to it. You could stick it on your phone cases, clothes, cars, home appliances, and even books. Also, most puffy sticker makers like to run their hands over the stickers to estimate the value of the product.

How is a Domed Label Manufactured?

Domed label (know more) manufacture can be done both at home and industrially. For either of them, the process is not so complicated. Since they are meant for both indoor and outdoor use, and they have to be more weather-resistant, durable, and attractive.

How Puffy Sticker Maker Do It Professionally

A puffy sticker maker can be seen as someone who specializes in making puffy stickers. He or she uses very competent digital equipment for mass-production of these stickers. Through this method, your puffy stickers will be manufactured based on your specifications.

Tools Neededrequest quote from zigpac

  • A digital or original format of the logo or artwork
  • Self-adhesive aluminum foil or vinyl foil sheets
  • Commercial inkjet printer or screen-print
  • Acrylic ink
  • Plotter
  • Doming machine

emoji puffy sticker sheet

Steps in Making Domed Stickers Professionally by puffy sticker maker

  • Get the digital or original format of the artwork or logo you want before starting the domed label manufacture process. The digital form should be in either CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop format.
  • The design will be reformatted by an in-house artist to produce as many images as possible on a sheet. This sheet will be a high-quality self-adhesive sheet of aluminum foil or vinyl foil.request quote from zigpac
  • Each of the self-adhesive sheets is then run through a screen-print or inkjet printer that is meant for commercial use. Next up - the application of acrylic ink, instead of the usual paper ink because this process does not use offset printing.
  • When screen-printing, the screen printer mixes each Pantone color manually.
  • Each logo or artwork for the emoji puffy sticker sheet maker will be die-cut on a plotter. And this will ensure that each decal cutting the intended shape. The extra material or foil surrounding the decals will be trimmed off, leaving only the decals.
  • Move them to a doming lab, a dust-free ventilated room with regulated humidity and temperature. Each logo has a domed shape with a digital and automatic doming machine, with each run delivering numerous resins or polyurethane droplets.
  • Allow the domed decals to cure for a minimum of two days. The domed decals will then be ready for shipment as individual decals or on sheets, depending on the customer’s preference.

Because of the high demand for domed decals by different businesses, it is always better to have it made professionally. You can, however, choose to complete the process at home if you have a lot of spare time on your hands.

how are puffy stickers made

How to Manufacture Puffy Stickers at Home

You can easily get most of the tools needed for your self-make dome decals online or from a craft supply store. The process of domed label manufacture is quite simple and easy to perfect after a few tries. You can use this method to make your emoji puffy sticker sheet or any other artwork you like at home, of course, if you need professional work, turn to puffy sticker maker.

Tools Neededrequest quote from zigpac

  • Polyurethane epoxy resin
  • Desktop printer
  • Self-adhesive sheet
  • A pair of scissors or a stripping knife
  • White glue or decoupage medium
  • Brush
  • Toothpick
  • 2 wood crafts or ice drop sticks

how are puffy stickers made

Steps in Making Domed Stickers

  • Get a soft copy of the artwork you want to place the domed decal manufacture on without help by puffy sticker maker.
  • Use your desktop printer to print on a sheet of the self-adhesive sheet.
  • Make use of a stripping knife or a pair of scissors to cut out each decal from the adhesive sheet.
  • Use a brush to get a thin coat of the decoupage medium or white glue. Brush this thin coating on each of the decals, then allow to dry.
  • Place the decal on 2 ice drop sticks or wood crafts lying on your work table. Ensure that it is totally level before you start applying the epoxy resin.
  • Properly mix the epoxy resin by following the instructions on the package. Then slowly smear drops of the resin at the center of the decal. Use a toothpick to smear the resin into the decal’s edges and corners, and pop any emerging air bubbles.
  • Smear more resin drops to create a nice dome, then allow to cure and dry for about 2 days.request quote from zigpac

With this simple self-make dome decal method, you can be a well-known puffy sticker maker in your neighborhood. Also, you can also specialize in doing these dome decals for home projects or small orders. If you want to get quotes of custom puffy stickers, please feel free to contact Zigpac right away.