How to Market With Gift Boxes for Clients

It is safe to say that gift box advertising is a resurrection of an old practice. Remember seeing your grand mum’s old wooden box  (know more) that played home to lots of items? Well, these promotional gift boxes ideas are back and they are taking the business world by storm. These boxes come with a lot of benefits if you can use them right.

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Before we even take a look at gift box ideas, let’s take a look at why you should use them. You might consider gift box advertising old school, yet there are loads of benefits they present. Some of them include:

  • Makes your products unique

Most companies are not open to the idea of promotional gift boxes yet. They are still working with paper and plastic boxes. It means that if you make the switch, automatically, you show off your uniqueness.

It is not like paper and plastic doesn’t last long but wooden boxes are almost everlasting. Your clients also may have never received a wooden box from anyone at any time. With these boxes, your advertisement is almost done. It is wise to back it up with quality products.

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  • Gift box advertising is trendy

Try searching for wooden gift box ideas online and you’d be amazed at how many ideas will pop up. You’ probably get thousands because the old has just become new. The marketplace is understanding the unique qualities of these boxes and is adopting them.

It is best to join the train now before you become obsolete in your promotional methods. You wouldn’t be shocked that a matter as trivial as not using these boxes could make you lose customers. They’d think you are not moving with the trend or you don’t even know the latest marketing trends.

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  • Show off your creative side

Even though many of us hardly agree with it, we all have some bit of creativity innate in us. The problem is that the business environment has stifled our creativity by its rigid methods.

With these wooden gift boxes, you can switch on that creativity button. Bring to play your ability to design your gift boxes by using different colors, styles, or images.

As you play with the different styles, make sure you are channeling them to suit your brand. You don’t want to have any misrepresentation because these boxes are very durable and will last long.

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  • Gift box advertising keeps you customers’ minds locked on you

One reason why we make use of promotional gift boxes in the first place is to create impressions. You want something that will keep your customers’ minds locked on your business. This is exactly what you’d achieve with these boxes.

Since they can be used for several purposes, you are sure that these customers will always see them. The more they see the boxes, the more they remember the brand that gifted them the boxes.

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  • Lots of space

This is one of the key advantages of wooden gift box advertising. The boxes have so much space, a lot more than plastic or paper boxes. This implies that you can do so much more with these boxes.

It all depends on how well you can maximize this space. There are so many things that you can add to your boxes to ensure uniqueness. Some of these include:

  • An appreciation note.
  • Business card
  • Gift card
  • Price slash card for the buyer’s next purchase.
  • A QR code that will conceal a special surprise for your customers.
  • Promo flyers

Although they don’t seem huge, they will contribute to a better wooden box experience.

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How to use these gift boxes in stealth advertising

These boxes are promotional items and there are so many ways to channel these to the benefit of your business. It is your creativity that matters in this case and you have to be at your peak in this regard.

We have brought you a few gift box ideas you could work with for your business.

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  • Reward loyal customers

As we said, these boxes are very durable, versatile, and attractive too. Since many businesses are yet to adopt this method, you can seize the opportunity.

Why not use these boxes to reward your most loyal clients. There are some clients you know will do anything for your business and stick with you no matter what. These clients will even stick out their heads to advertise your business regardless of the conditions.

When next they come to make a purchase, you can hand them one of these wooden boxes. Of course, the box should be branded to represent your business.

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  • Promote a new product or service

It can be quite difficult to advertise a new product. You may need a few more creative methods to break the ground for a new product. What you should know is that promotional gift boxes are very potent in this regard.

Simply pack the new products in these boxes. It will attract the attention of customers to that product. If you are offering a service, you can tell your clients they’ll get a box if they pay for that service.

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  • Create more impressions for an old product

This is one of our favorite gift box ideas. Gift box advertising can be very strategic, that is if you can channel it properly.

Every business owner has some old products that are quite old yet are still useful. Since they are in stock and it seems no one is going for them anymore, you need a trigger.

Every customer would love these wooden boxes, so why not use them as a rewards program. Brand the boxes with pictures and specifications of these products. Then place them at strategic locations in your store.

You’d be creating an impression in the mind of your customers and they’ll see the need to buy. It is a subtle way of advertising. When each box leaves your store, it goes to tell the world about the same product too.


We could go on and on about gift box advertising. Promotional gift boxes are the new trend and it is time you picked up gift box ideas to keep up. They’ll have an amazing effect on your business and sales.