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How to Pick a Good NoteBook

If you know anything about notebooks (know more), you know they come with so many advantages. This is why book lovers seek the best professional notebooksWhether they are notebooks for work or a personal creative notebook, it is important you are satisfied with them. This is the only way you can get the best out of these books. 

Advantages of the best professional notebooks

Technology has provided us with computers, phones, and tablets. No doubt, these gadgets have made life easier. Yet, book lovers know that with the best professional notebooks, the possibilities are endless.request quote from zigpac

Why should you make use of notebooks for work? There are too many reasons why but it all boils down to the amazing advantages they come with.

A personal creative notebook is lightweight which means it is easy to carry it in your pocket or bag. Wouldn’t you love to take the notebook that carries your ideas with you anywhere you go? 

Another thing is that you don’t need to charge your cheap printed notebooks. This is a huge advantage since you can work all day and all night in any location. You don’t have to worry about the power to retrieve information or scribble a new idea down.

Most notebook lovers say that their creative juices flow better when they are writing down in a notebook. This is far different from how they feel when they type on a phone or computer. You should try writing down your ideas in a notebook and see how creative you would become. 

Despite all of these advantages, it is not so easy to pick out the exact notebook to meet your needs. Actually, almost every person has a specific preference when it comes to notebooks. This makes it almost impossible to recommend a specific notebook to a person. 

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Choosing the best professional notebook you will love

The only way you can choose the ideal personal creative notebook is to know the factors to look out for. So to help you choose your notebooks for work, here are a few factors to look out for.

  • Sizes request quote from zigpac

This is one of the most important factors to look out for if you want a notebook you are satisfied with. The best professional notebooks don’t have a specific size, it all depends on what is suited for your purposes.

There are so many sizes that can be divided into U.S. or European sizing. You can choose a small notebook if you want something to carry about. However, if you want a notebook that will be stationed on your desk, then an A4 size will be more appropriate.

Here’s a helpful tip. The bigger the size of the notebook, the fewer the pages it will have. This is necessary to create balance. So if you want a book with more pages, then you should be looking for a smaller sized notebook.

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  • Binding of the best professional notebook matters

This is another very important factor. Once you have settled on what size you want, the next thing you should figure out is the binding. Binding refers to how the papers in the book are held together in the book.request quote from zigpac

There are so many types of notebook binding techniques. Most times, the size of the notebook is interrelated to the kind of binding used. 

Pocket-sized notebooks are known to almost always have staple binding. A4 or letter-sized notebooks mostly have spiral ring binding. A lot of book lovers prefer using books that have stitch binding.

Then there is glue binding. Most people don’t really like this because even though they may be good initially, the books fall apart later. Glue bound books aren’t sturdy and find it really difficult to lay flat.

Different binding techniques come with their advantages and disadvantages. Looking at all of them, experts recommend that you go for notebooks that are stitch bound.

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  • Weight

Weights can be very tricky when it comes to notebooks for work. Some people believe that thicker paper means better quality for a personal creative notebook. It is not necessarily so since it is possible for ink from a fountain to bleed onto the paper. 

On the other hand, if the paper is too thin, it could lead to tearing. Sometimes, a pen would even leave imprints on other pages. This problem is referred to as ghosting as seen in some of the old Hollywood detective movies. personal creative notebook

So what paperweight makes up the best professional notebooks? No one can really advise on that, you’d have to visit a store to run sample tests. Your tests should be run using the pen you love to use the most. This will give you a foretaste of what you are to expect later on.

  • Page count

The number of sheets in a notebook vary and the number you want will depend on what you need the book for. If you want to take notes during meetings alone, the pages don’t have to be too many. However, if you need a notebook for planning projects, you need lots of pages.

If you are not sure of your page count preferences, then you could try the removable sheet system. This kind of book allows you to take out pages when you don’t need them and replace them later on. 

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  • Covers

As trivial as you may consider the cover of a notebook to be, it is a very important choice to make. The major decision lies between hard and soft covers. When choosing a personal creative notebook, it is important to sort out the cover issue.

Some people prefer soft covers because it gives them the opportunity to fold the books in half. On the other hand, many book lovers prefer hardcover notebooks. This is because of two major reasons.

First, these books seem to last longer because of the sturdy design. Second, they provide you a strong flat surface for writing when you don’t have access to a table. Hardcovers are better options when you are seeking notebooks for work. They are more professional, the perfect fit for the office.

Conclusionpersonal creative notebook

Notebooks add a lot of value to your life. If you are a notebook lover, this post has taught how to pick out the best professional notebooks you would love. Share your opinions with Zigpac in the comments section.

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