How to Use a Pocket Notebook

A simple pocket notebook can make all the difference when it comes to making references and organizing your life. With a custom pocket notebook, there’s so much you can achieve.

People want to get the best pocket notebook but more than this, they want to know how to use it. In this post, we will show you several things you can do with a pocket notebook (know more) and the benefits.

Benefits of pocket notebooks

Until you begin to carry a pocket notebook around, you may not know the benefits you are missing out from. When you ask people that are addicted to their pocket notebooks, they’ll tell you that it was their best decision yet. If you have been wondering why you should carry around a simple pocket notebook, here’s why.

Keeping tabs on contacts

We all save contacts on our smartphones these days, but what happens when these devices run out of battery life? A custom pocket notebook comes in handy for this task since it doesn’t run on batteries. As long as you have a pen, simply flip the notebook open and begin to write.request quote from zigpac

You can always have access to these contacts anytime since you’ll always move around with your best professional notebooks. Added to this, you can write short descriptive notes about any of the contacts in your book.

To-do lists

With the best pocket notebook in your hands, you will be more organized than ever before. You can scribble tasks into the book as you remember them and order these tasks by priority. 

As you go through each day, simply pick your notebook and check what you have achieved. Tick the tasks you have carried out so you know which ones are left. Before long, you’ll find out that you have become more organized. 

simple pocket notebook

Record and expand on ideas

Sometimes you are taking a stroll at the park and a new idea jumps right in your face. In other cases, you get these ideas in the most unlikely situations. When you don’t record these ideas as they come, you find out that you forget about them.

The truth is that ideas are fleeting and can disappear like smoke. Our minds may be occupied but there’ll always be space to record that new idea in your notebook.

Expanding ideas and keeping a focus

After you have recorded that new idea, you’ll probably leave it in your notebook for a while. However, when you are less busy, you can always come back and brood over it. request quote from zigpac

As you brood, you are able to decipher if the idea is in line with your goals and objectives. If it isn’t, you can discard it or share it with someone else. On the other hand, if it is, you can expand it further inside your notebook.

Improves your brainstorming

The greatest minds that we know today all carried notebooks around. As a matter of fact, it is said that some of them couldn’t leave their homes without their notebooks. 

This should tell you how important a simple pocket notebook is to your brainstorming process. A custom pocket notebook makes it easy to record your thoughts anywhere you are.

Even if you are not able to use those results immediately, you’ll always have records of them. This will make a huge contribution to other aspects of your life.

simple pocket notebook

Factors to look out for when getting a pocket notebook

There’s always the question of what is the best pocket notebook to buy? The truth is we all have our different preferences so we cannot pick out one specific notebook. However, there are factors to look out for that will help narrow down your choices.request quote from zigpac


This is a major factor to take note of when choosing notebooks. First, what do you want to use the notebook for? If you want to write on the go, you don’t need a notebook that cannot open all the way.

There are different types of binding, metal or plastic spirals, staples, or stitches. Since you are carrying the notebook around, you need one that would poke at you. It should be comfortable for movement and be very durable too.

Paper quality

You need a notebook that allows you to write comfortably with any pencil or pen. This is where paper quality comes in. Some paper types don’t give you that leverage which is why you need to experiment to find the best choice.

Plain or graph paper

While some people prefer writing in plain paper, others like graph paper. Plain paper is more flexible because you can quite a number of things in the simple pocket notebook. However, graph paper makes you more organized, especially because of the checkboxes.

simple pocket notebook

Page size

The best pocket notebook for you is one that allows you to write what you need to comfortably. You should consider small pages if you don’t write so much or you want the book to be more mobile. Larger pages are better for people who write more and don’t have to carry the book around much.

Using your pocket notebook

This process is mostly based on your personal ideas. The use of a pocket notebook is known as gathering. Here are a few gathering tips:

  1. Write everything you can in your custom pocket notebook. You can sift it later and deal with the juice.
  2. Take your pocket notebook with you everywhere you go. It will always come in handy. 
  3. Use a small dash to begin a new thought in your notebook. You can employ another bullet style, the whole idea is differentiation.request quote from zigpac
  4. There’s no need to organize the notebook, you can always process the contents later.
  5. You can make use of sticky notes as markers in your notebooks.
  6. For longer notes, draw a separating line in the middle to get more space.
  7. Always have your notebook on your desk while at work.


We could go on and on about a simple pocket notebook. There is so much a custom pocket notebook can do for you. Now you know how to find and use the best pocket notebook. If you have any demand for custom pocket notebooks, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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