How to Use Custom Wedding Stickers this Season

As we prepare for the wedding season, it is imperative that you learn how to use a custom wedding sticker (know more). There is so much that you can do with a wholesale wedding decal to make your wedding unique.

Asides adding a unique touch to your wedding, a dance floor decal provides extra fun at your wedding. Are you wondering how to use these stickers? Let’s show you how in this floor decal

Using wedding stickers

Everybody loves weddings as they are very interesting events. These days, intending couples are constantly in search of ways to switch up the décor of their wedding venue. Finding the perfect way to do this can be quite difficult.

We understand this so we suggest you try making use of a custom wedding sticker. In case you haven’t heard of a wholesale wedding decal, they are simple stickers with wedding themes. You can use these stickers to make your wedding more exciting than a regular wedding.

Check out a few ways to use a dance floor decal at your wedding below.

Custom wedding sticker

Standout Stationery

This is one of the ways you can set the standard to make your wedding unique. You can begin with the wedding stationery that you’ll be posting such as invitation cards, RSVPs, and save-the-dates. Using this special stationery make your guests feel more special because of the added effort.

You can bet that they’ll be looking forward to what you have in store for them on the big day. This standout stationery adds a bit of spice to your regular wedding décor. As simple as they are, you are able to create your own theme for the day and imprint it on the venue.request quote from zigpac

Labeling tables

One of the biggest causes of confusion at weddings, especially weddings with lots of guests is seating arrangements. You find people not knowing what table they should seat at and end up spoiling the couple’s arrangements. It is very easy to avoid this using a custom wedding sticker

You can print stickers for each table, adding specific numbers and names to these stickers. Place the stickers on each table based on your preset arrangement of how you want guests to seat. It is best to use an A-size wholesale wedding decal. This makes it easy to read the labels from afar.

The stickers can be placed on flower vases at the center of each table. You can also place the stickers on the centerpieces for a different feel. If the couple is bookworms, they can imprint their habit on their wedding by placing the stickers on books.

You may consider using different shapes of stickers on which you can print song lyrics. This will serve best for a couple that loves music. Definitely, your guests will be in awe at how you are able to do so much with a dance floor decal.

Custom wedding sticker

Print perfection

Wedding stickers are not only to be used as stationery before the wedding. The can be used during the wedding as well as after it. You must be wondering how this is possible, well, here it is.

Many couples have begun to include menus at their weddings. They print these menus as well as other details about the food on stickers. They place these stickers on the tables for easy access by guests.

Again, if the couple is having a takeaway van like a pizzeria trailer or fish with chips van, stickers help. All they need to do is put the stickers on the boxes used in the packaging of the food. It is as simple as that.

You can also print little stickers and hand them to the individuals working as waiters at the wedding. These will help them work with guests to identify their dietary requirements easily. Another thing to do with the printing is by putting quotes and special dates on stickers. These stickers are handed to guests as souvenirs to remember the couple as well as the event.

Fancy favors

Are you thinking of the best way to finish off favors at your wedding? You should definitely consider using a custom wedding sticker. How does this work?

Simply put together sweets, almonds, or any other small gifts in a small box. Print a small wholesale wedding sticker, round or square, and place it on each box. To make it better, if you have a list of guests coming, personalize each box with the name of a guest. 

This will complete the look of your favor pack perfectly. Some of the most popular favors at weddings these days include marmalade, homemade jam, sweet boxes, etc. You can even play with words on your dance floor decal to create a different feel. dance floor decal

Finishing flourish 

If you have a sweetie table, you can make use of different stickers to print short messages to entice your guests. Some of these cheeky messages include “drink me,” “eat me,” and “bite me.”

You can also personalize table numbers, guest initials, wine bottles, and souvenirs at your wedding using these stickers. Another way to use these stickers is by providing directions for guests or encouraging them to engage in certain actions. 

You can make use of these stickers in the bathroom areas to provide directions. There are always reasons to use stickers and always places to stick them.

Custom wedding sticker

Benefits of using wedding stickers

Just in case you are wondering whether it is worth it to use wedding stickers, here are some reasons why:

Enhance wedding decoration

Wedding decoration is made up of flowers, ribbons, balloons, and other components. With stickers, you can make your wedding décor unique. You can add a dance floor decal to make the dance floor more attractive.

Easy installation and removal

Stickers are very easy to place and remove. This is regardless of where you will place them. It is a matter of removing the protective layer beneath and placing them on a floor decal

Unique feel

You can create a unique feel with your stickers. Your venue gives you a large surface area to come up with a unique theme for your wedding.


With a custom wedding sticker, the possibilities are limitless. You should order a wholesale wedding sticker for the next wedding you are planning to show off your creativity. If you have any demand for custom personalized embroidered clothing labels, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.