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How to Use Product Stickers as a Marketing Tool

Custom personal stickers have been in use in advertising campaigns for a very long time. These product marketing stickers are popular because they are affordable and attention-grabbing. Digital printing technology helps to design and print business custom decals in bulk. As a matter of fact, with digital printing technology, the possibilities are endless.

How to Use Personalized Stickers as a Marketing Tool 

Product marketing stickers are the norm in marketing solutions. They have many qualities that make them stand out among other marketing strategies. Here are some tips on how to use personalized stickers (know more) as a marketing tool:custom personal stickers

  • Everyone’s Favorite

There is hardly anyone who does not love stickers. Everything about them is worth loving. From the smell of the adhesive to the colorful designs, they are eye-catching. The fact that people love them makes them of great value in promotional campaigns. Also, they make a lot of meaning to so many people.

If designed cleverly, custom personal stickers can increase sales for brands. The more people fall in love with the design, the easier for people to associate your brand with it. People love to have beautiful stickers they can place on different surfaces. 

custom personal stickers

  • Make Them Very Informative

Business custom decals come in handy when customers need extra information. When branding these decals or stickers, make sure you highlight the key information. Information on the price, contact details, key products or services should be glaring. Use bright colors that stand out to pass your message. People are more likely to notice brightly designed stickers.custom personal stickers

This is very crucial to times when people want to patronize you even after relocating. A quick look at your stickers should provide almost every information a client may need.

  • Take Advantage of Their Versatility

One of the reasons stickers are so popular is because of their versatility. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any brand perfectly. You can place them on just about anything. Doors, cars, bags, laptops, mugs, notebooks, windows, and many other places are suitable.

Customized stickers will look great at any time of the year, depending on the theme you choose. If you choose a general theme, customers can use your stickers for a longer duration. 

product marketing stickers

  • Make Bulk Purchases

The most outstanding of all the benefits of stickers is their cost. They are the most affordable way of promoting your brand name. It is cheap marketing of very high impact because more people get to see them daily.custom personal stickers

With the reduced price of bulk printing, it is even cheaper to get more stickers. Business custom decals are very resourceful tools for such an inexpensive investment. Buying in bulk will help you save some money and reduce repetitive buying.

  • Make Sure the Design Fits Your Brand

Stickers are great promotional tools that one can design to fit any brand. All you need to do is think of the best theme, shape, size, and color to print your custom personal stickers in. You can make your stickers star-shaped, round, rectangular, square, or crafted around the lettering. Also, you can pick a floral theme, bird, trees, season, or any other theme that will fit your brand.

product marketing stickers

  • Ensure You Use High-Quality Stickers

Stickers can have long term value if the quality of materials used in making them is very good. Go for manufacturers who do not compromise quality during production. Stickers that last longer are not easily forgotten by customers. business custom decals

The quality of the material should be able to withstand the weather condition of the target area. To start with, they should be water-proof and tear-proof. Try using PVC material with durable adhesive to make your stickers.

  • Get Creative

With stickers, it is easy to bring your creativity to the forefront. You can make a bold statement through your design or the size of your stickers. There are many messages, quotes, pictures, or colors that are breathtaking and eye-catching. 

Try to make your design go hand in hand with the theme your brand represents. The colors and graphics used should be in line with what your brand stands for. Your sticker is an extension of your brand and should have a positive impact on people.

  • Place Them in Strategic Places

The novelty of product marketing stickers is of utmost importance. Sticker placement is also part of creativity. You are not trying to hide them, but trying to draw people’s attention to them. Hence, place them in unexpected places that will leave people surprised and impressed.

product marketing stickers

Suggestions for Stickers Placement

Here are a few suggestions for sticker placement:

    • Products

Your product packaging can determine whether a customer purchases your product or not. Hence, it is important that you package your product in a way that will attract people’s attention. Stickers can help you achieve this.

With stickers, you can write important details about the product and place it on the package. You can use a stylish font to list the ingredients or instructions on how best to use your product. Find a way to incorporate stickers in your product’s design to draw attention fast.

    • Car bumperrequest quote from zigpac

One of the main advantages of bumper stickers is that cars are mobile. They can travel miles, and take your stickers along with them. When it comes to cars, there are lots of surfaces you can place your stickers on. 

The more places the branded cargoes to, the more people will get to see your stickers and know about your brand.

product marketing stickers

    • Laptops

Almost everyone owns a laptop or MacBook. If you place the sticker on the back of the laptop, people will see it whether the laptop is closed or open. People will notice the sticker from far away and may come closer to have a better look. Since people take their laptops with them to public places, you will get more audience.request quote from zigpac

    • The loo

Everyone visits the loo at some point, so it is a great place to place your stickers. The estimated time people spend in the loo is about five minutes. Within this time, people can go over your sticker over and over again.

Custom personal stickers are tools that can get your brand out there at little cost. You can get your business custom decals in any form to appeal to different customers. Product marketing stickers are quite indispensable in modern-day product promotion. With a little thinking outside the box, you can get your message across to a whole lot of people. If you have any demand for custom stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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