How to Use Tube Packaging

There has never been a restriction regarding the use of different packaging methods (know more). While the use of boxes and bags are more common, you can explore the option of custom tube packaging.

Brand package design does not have to be like everyone else does it. You can be unique with yours and step outside the box. While the idea of custom product tubing may seem relatively new to you, let’s help with a few ideas.custom product tubing

Using tube packaging

Not many business owners know about the use of custom tube packaging even though they have been here for ages. It has always been bags and boxes. These methods are great but as you know, customer demands are moving beyond product quality. Customers are beginning to seek top-notch packaging as well. 

This implies that as a business owner or manufacturer, you need to step up your game with your brand package design. One of the ways to do this is by considering custom product tubing

We have put together a few ways you can make use of tubing for your packaging below.

custom tube packaging

Paper cans

These are about the most common methods of tube packaging, at least you must have come across Pringles. The only challenge with these cylindrical packages is that their shape does not make shipping easy. As a result, high costs are related to the use of paper cans. 

More and more businesses are seeing the need to cut down on the costs of transporting products. Because of this, the popularity of tube packaging has begun to wane. This is not to say that this style of packaging is redundant.

Many businesses still consider cardboard and paper tubes as the best options for shipping their products. Major examples are artists selling art pieces and coffee and tea companies. If you feel tubing might be a good option for your business, here are some ideas to help.

Packaging candles

Strange that you have to think of such a method to package candles right? The truth is if you are going appeal to the mind of your customers, you must do something different. Candles can be used for a variety of purposes, especially those of the romantic nature.

With paper tube packaging, you can package your candles attractively. Simply personalize each candle using a really attractive paper design. As you do this, try to imagine yourself walking into a store and coming across one of these packages.

Before you even take in the scent of the candle, you will be dazed with how attractive and unique the package is. The packaging creates anticipation of what is inside and you cannot wait to unwrap it. This is the effect you can create using custom tube packaging for candles.request quote from zigpac

Female hygiene products

To be sincere, we all do not like to discuss female hygiene products, especially those relating to their menstrual cycle. But we cannot resist the temptation to share this secret with you, just in case you are in the industry.

Do you know that you can package these products in small menstrual cups that are reusable? This is what we mean when we say think outside the box with your brand package design.

You can nail it by using really cool and attractive designs with the perfect mix of colors and font. The paper cans will be helpful to women who seek to handle their periods in a more hygienic way. You will be shocked by how much attention you will attract to your products using this form of packaging.

brand package design

Packaging natural beauty products

As it seems, we all are moving to the use of natural products in every sector. The beauty sector is not exempted from this move. How can you package your natural beauty products in a more attractive manner?

You should consider the use of custom product tubing. Paper tubes will enhance the natural appeal of your products as they show consistency with the idea of “natural.” Ensure that you work on creating very attractive designs that further portray a natural look.

Abstract designs with touches of watercolor here and there will suffice. The whole idea is for the packaging to be consistent with your brand and the values you stand for.

Natural breakfast cereals

We all want to eat breakfast but when breakfast is coming from an attractive paper tube, we can’t resist. When you package your cereals using custom tube packaging, you create so extra attraction. Because of the manner the packaging portrays your already natural cereals, people just want to eat.brand package design


Tea is best enjoyed when the freshness of the tea leaves is maintained. Of course, this freshness is dependent on the packaging method used. Custom product tubing is one of the best and most creative ways to package tea bags.

It is not just about keeping the tea leaves fresh, it is the way the brand design package appeals to the customer. Using bright colors, lively designs, and top-notch finishing is all you need to captivate potential customers. If you walked into a store and saw this, you will not be able to resist the urge to make a purchase.

custom tube packaging

Food products

Whether it is snacks or packaged food, you can make use of paper tubes. Already we have mentioned Pringles that attracted most of us because of its packaging. 

The advantage of using paper tubes is the fact that paper allows you to get the best from your prints. You can rest assured that your designs will look better and more appealing.

As you work on the packaging, ensure that it is consistent with the contents of the package. It should also be in line with your brand’s values and objectives.

Dental care products

Usually, dental care products are very attractive with their packaging. With custom product tubing, you can make your dental products more attractive. Whether it is toothpaste, mouthwash, or toothbrushes, you can switch up their brand design package.brand package design


There are several other ways to make use of custom tube packaging to boost the recognition of your brand. It all boils down to creativity and the ability to explore. What other ways do you think you can use tube packaging? If you have any demand for custom tube packaging, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.