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How to Wrap a Gift

It is not uncommon to find people searching for a gift wrapping tutorial online. As you know, finding the perfect gift is very different from packaging it well. Wrapping gift box is just as important as sharing the perfect gift. This is why we will be teaching you gift box packaging in this post.

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The first thing you should know about gift box packaging is that it is an art. It goes beyond getting some paper and some tape and wrapping a gift (know more). A lot of thought and effort goes into the process, which is why it is very important.

Most people believe that since the gift is already great, there’s no need to stress with the wrapping. That is wrong. Whether you are sending the gift to a loved one or it is for your clients, it is important.

It makes the recipient feel the love and the fact that you really care. Wrapping gift box tutorial shows that you put in some effort into the gift beyond just buying it. Then there’s that element of surprise that comes with not knowing what’s inside the package.

Now you see how important it is? It is similar to the icing of a cake. Even though the cake in itself is sweet, the icing makes it more attractive.

wrapping gift box

Gift wrapping tutorial: What do you need to pack that gift?

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As go ahead with this gift wrapping tutorial, here’s a list of materials you will need to package that gift.

  • Scissors
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape

In case you want to get a bit more creative, you may consider having some ribbons and note cards. If the gift is for a client, then you may want to customize the wrapping paper. This implies that it will carry your business name and logo, or at least, your logo.

With this, the gift now becomes a promotional item that will speak on behalf of your business. Can you see another importance of gift box packaging?

Gift wrapping tutorial: Steps to take in wrapping your gift

You already have an idea of what you need. The next thing we’ll discuss in this gift wrapping tutorial are the steps leading to a perfect wrap. Before we go ahead, you should know that this is very simple.

  • Prepare your workspace as in our gift wrapping tutorial

When you want to wrap a gift as in our tutorial, it is best you make use of a flat surface. The surface should be free of dirt and liquids. You don’t want to spoil the gift or wrapping before it gets to the recipient. You can try the table in the kitchen or your dining table if you don’t have a work desk.

wrapping gift box

  • Put your wrapping materials together

The next thing is to bring all the materials you need to work together. We have already provided you a list above. It is better to bring them together before you begin work. This will save you from distractions and unnecessary movements when you begin.

  • Keep the fragile items safe

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Depending on what gift you have in your hands, there may be a few loose items. It is important to wrap them and make sure they are kept stationary within the package.

This is most important if they are fragile or very integral to the utility of the gift. Holding it in place will keep it from damage or getting lost. Once you have it in place, use a piece of tape to shut the box tightly.

  • Measure the amount of paper you need for the gift wrapping

It is important that you figure out how much paper you need before you put your scissors to it. While wrapping gift box tutorial, you don’t want to waste paper or have too little.

To measure it, roll out some of the paper, an amount you think should suffice. Before you cut it, put the box right at the center. When doing this, keep the box upside down.

This way, you will have the seams of your wrapping paper right at the bottom of your gift. Now, take the edge of the paper over the box to the opposite side. You should have covered the gift leaving just the sides of the box.

With your mind’s eye, make an estimate of what you need to cover the remaining portion. Now you can cut the paper.

gift wrapping tutorial

  • Use the tape to hold the paper in place over the box

Now that you have cut the amount of paper you need, you just need to hold the wrap in place. To do this, you will need to use some paper tape.

Once again, put your gift box in the middle of the wrapping paper. It is wise to do this again because it may have shifted. Take one edge of the paper and lift it over the gift box. Hold it in a place where it stops with the paper tape.

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  • Execute a fold on the other seam for a neat edge

You will notice that the edge of the paper isn’t so neat because it was cut with scissors. To make your gift box packaging neater, fold the other edge of the paper before placing it over the first. We have to emphasize this in this gift wrapping tutorial because most people get it wrong.

The fold should be about half an inch and should be creased with your fingers before the taping. Make sure it overlaps over the first seam. You may try double-sided tape, it is neater for wrapping gift box.

  • Fold the paper at the side of the box

The sides of the box now have flaps of wrapping paper. Since you have the middle held in place, it is appropriate to hold the sides too. Fold the top flap such that it forms two small wings.

Press those against the box before folding the rest of the paper over the surface of the box too. Use the tape to hold it in place.

gift box packaging

  • Fold the other side

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Turn the box over and repeat the same process at the previous step.

  • Add your finishing touches

If you have some ribbons or bows, this is when you add them. You may also add a signed notecard to convey a special message with your gift.


You have come to the end of this gift wrapping tutorial. We hope it was helpful and you now find wrapping gift box easier. Gift box packaging isn’t as hard as you always thought it will be, try practicing today.

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