Ideas for Designing Unique Christmas Packaging

Each year, most businesses are faced with the same challenge, how to design Christmas packaging. As a business owner, you must be facing the same difficulty. How do you come up with unique Christmas packaging amidst the frenzy of the orders building up to Christmas?request quote from zigpac

It is not just about the Christmas box colors, marketing your brand goes beyond this. We will consider a few ideas to help you come up with unique designs this Christmas.

Never too early

Christmas comes with a lot of good business which may turn sour if you are not ready. Stores are choked with clients and website traffic is on the high. How do you meet up with your unique Christmas packaging?

It is simple, design Christmas packaging early. When you plan to package early you wouldn’t be bothered by the Christmas rush. Making decisions on minute details such as Christmas box colors wouldn’t be a problem too.

Christmas box colors

Here are some benefits of using unique packaging during the holidays:

  • It refreshes and promotes your brand image.
  • It gives you the opportunity to come up with several unique product variants.
  • It helps you surprise your clients with ease.request quote from zigpac
  • Reiterates your special offers for the holidays.

Having established these, let’s show you a few design ideas to help you this Christmas.

Design ideas to create unique packaging this Christmas

In this section, we will look at a few ideas that will inspire you to design unique packages this Christmas.

  • Using Christmas colors for your packages

Three colors are symbolic of Christmas, white, red, and green. You will notice these colors on lights, Christmas trees, and ornaments. Do you know that you can make a huge statement with these colors when you use them for packaging?

You don’t have to completely alter your packaging. With a few scattered touches of these colors, you can infuse the Christmas touch to your packaging.

Christmas box colors

  • Alter your colors

Even though the colors above are the traditional Christmas colors, people are becoming more creative these days. Retail companies and e-commerce brands are coming up with new ideas daily. It is now a race of who is more creative with Christmas box colors.request quote from zigpac

Have you thought of using gold and black or silver and navy blue? They aren’t the regular Christmas colors but they bring to mind luxury and elegance laced with simplicity. When you use these to design Christmas packaging, your boxes (know more) stand out.

  • Rustic inspirations

Rustic designs come with simplicity and a special organic warmth. No wonder when you use them, the end result is unique Christmas packaging

Mix the earthy natural brown color with gold, black, white, or grey and you have flawless designs. Your designs don’t have to be complicated to be attractive or astonishing. A simple festive pattern along with your logo and some ribbon could be the game-changer.

The good thing about using rustic designs is that you can achieve them on your own. 

design christmas packaging

  • Scandinavian sweater design

As you seek out the best design ideas, you need to keep your mind open. One of the strangest design ideas you would ever see is using Scandinavian sweater designs. 

First of all, these sweaters appear to be quite ugly but they have so many patterns. Why not take advantage of these folk patterns? Some of the patterns include pine trees, snowflakes, reindeers, Christmas ornaments, etc. You could even have Santa himself.request quote from zigpac

Really, you shouldn’t limit yourself because of the possibilities are boundless. 

  • Minimalism 

While many businesses would prefer complex designs, sometimes, it is best to stick with minimalism. If you ever learned design, you would have heard that less is actually more.

So if you are looking for design ideas, it may be wise to stick to minimalist designs. This will make your products stand out and give them a more mature look.

There are so many minimalist designs to choose from online to design Christmas packaging.

design christmas packaging

  • Embossing

One way to boost your brand recognition is by the print method. One of such methods that helps you achieve unique Christmas packaging is embossing. A lot of upscale brands make use of this, probably because of the cost.Christmas box colors

You can create 3D effects on your boxes using this method of printing. This sort of novelty influences your prospect’s sense of touch. If you want to present a luminescent effect, lace the surface of your box with hot stamping.

  • Hot stamping

We just mentioned hot stamping above so it is wise to tell you how it works on your boxes. It is simple using glowing foil to laminate part of a design. With this, you are able to create a glossy pattern. 

Imagine how this will make your Christmas box colors to pop. It is a great option to make logos and text illustrations more prominent in the packaging box design.

design christmas packaging

  • Make use of funny text

The Christmas season is one that is filled with laughter and fun. With your packaging, you can place smiles on the faces of your customers. How is this possible?

Very simple. Add some funny text to your packages, either as a note or on the box. You can decide to have these handwritten if you are good with calligraphy or just print it out. The whole idea is to surprise your customers and they sure will when they see your message.Christmas box colors

  • Create custom partitions and inserts

A lot of customers, just like you, prefer organized packages. Leverage on this idea to create partitions in your gift boxes. You can achieve this with a few cardboard inserts.

Asides from the fact that this protects the products better, it ensures that the boxes are useful later. If you feel like toe products are too small for this sort of packaging, you can be creative with your box design.

design christmas packaging


There are so many ways to design Christmas packaging these days, it just depends on how much effort you put in. To come up with unique Christmas packaging, you need to be creative. Working towards your designs early saves you from hasty decisions regarding issues like Christmas box colors. What are your thoughts? If you have any demand for gift boxes wholesale, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.Christmas box colors