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Notebook Productivity Tool: The Pros of Using a Notebook

Notebooks (know more) have been and will be the greatest tool for productivity. Despite the outburst of several online tools and productivity apps, the notebook productivity tool still remains the greatest of all time. Especially when you consider that the notebook is refillable and best for work.

There is something about the old fashioned paper and pen taking down notes that can never go out of vogue. Writing on paper, whether its notebook for work or jotting down ideas has proven increased productivity than any other means.

Why are notebooks so important as a productivity tool?

One would think that with the rise in technological advancement the notebook would have become redundant. This technological advancement ushered in an array of apps that can take the place of the cheap printed notebooks. Despite this fact, the best refillable notebook is still your important partner for storing data.

This is not only peculiar to creative writers, but industrialists have also agreed that some of their business ideas wouldn’t have come to be without the help of a notebook. A leading industrialist once sends note-taking is one of his favorite pastimes. He said he couldn’t say where he would have been without a pen and paper to write down his ideas. More importantly other people’s ideas as soon as they came to him. He also said some of his most successful companies were born from random moments and this wouldn’t have been possible if a notebook was not at hand.request quote from zigpac

Science also said that writing everything down by hand makes you smarter literally. One study has found that picking up a pen and paper instead of using the keyboard is more productive. It will make you more likely to process information instead of just typing everything words for word.

Longhand writing might seem less effective but it will force you to concentrate and analyze your thought better. This way your memory is improved and your ability to remember information too.

For most manual note-takers, a notebook for work is not just a place for scribbling information. It is more a second brain, without the notebook for this people productivity is likely less than it should be.

Now let’s see what you need to improve your productivity level in a digital world by going analog.

notebook for work

How to use a notebook as a productivity tool

  • Find the perfect notebook

To find the perfect notebook depends on personal preferences. There is no particular type of notebook to go for, as no two notebooks are the same after all. Even when produced to be alike, something would still separate the two. What works for a person might not work for another. 

So it all boils down to your personality and what you like to write about. A doodler would need a rather large note to allow their imagination to run wild. A traveler, on the other hand, should use a smaller note for the best refillable notebook. 

Another thing to consider is whether you would prefer a plain, grid or ruled line notebook. All these again are dependent on your kind of work. request quote from zigpac

Everything or object carries a habit field, this makes associating the right habit to your notebook from the on-set important. Habit fields are set viewpoints and conduct we associate with particular objects or environments. This is a reason why using smartphones to take notes rarely works. A lot of people don’t view their phones as a working object which makes them prone to distractions.

Taking note is with the phone can be really difficult with all the distractions you have on it. A phone’s use is unlimited which makes it easy to lose concentration. With just a swipe you have moved to Instagram or some other social media activity. This makes it hard to take effective notes.

Phones can’t be put to the same creative and analytical use that the best refillable notebook can. With time and the right ritual, a notebook productivity tool can become a lot more.

To build a healthy habit you need to stick to a ritual, and a habit fully develops in three weeks. To develop a healthy writing habit make sure you are writing in your luxury leather notebooks every day for three weeks. This should get you accustomed to writing down things. At the end of the three weeks, you would be surprised by how productive you have become. Also, your level of absorbing information would have increased.

notebook productivity tool

  • Create a system

To make scanning through and getting information from your notebook for work easy, you need to create a workable system. There are different systems for organizing your notebook this makes it easy to recollect information. They include Bullet Journal system, first-page index, individual index card or in separate photo binders.

Organizing your notes might be a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end. One thing you should note though is: it is useless keeping note if you will not find the information when it is needed.request quote from zigpac

You should also feel free to experiment on your own style you might something that works better for you. It not even be listed in this article.

  • Now the work

Now that you are done with choosing your notebook productivity tool, it’s time to start writing. It is strange that the part you expect to be the easiest always proves to be the most difficult. A lot of people struggle with this part. One thing you should put in mind is, your notebook is only for your eyes. You are not putting anything down for the purpose of another person’s appraisal. If you come to terms with this writing down in your best refillable notebook for work will not be all that difficult. To this effect, you don’t have to feel pressured to write down grand ideas if you have them good. You are not trying to impress anyone anyway. Your notebook is for your private thought and you can write down whatever you want.

You can start off by writing down a simple to-do list, it is not exactly a grand idea. It doesn’t have to be, what matters is you are getting into the habit. With time you can start advancing in writing and adding your own personal flair. You can go online to find a system that fits your style of writing.

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Conclusionnotebook productivity tool

As effective as the brain can be it cannot remember everything. This reason is why you should employ the use of a notebook productivity tool. No need to overwork your brain when you can delegate to your paper.

As you write down your ideas more you will find out you have become even smarter. This should help you make better use of your notebook for work. If you have any demand for custom notebooks, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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