A notebook, or called as diary, journal, notepad, writing pad, drawing pad and legal pad, is combined with dotted or blank paper pages by binding of stitching, staples or glue, and some are spiral bound. Manufacturers custom notebook in printing logo, book size and embossed logo on the cover, the material of which can be soft leather or hardcover. The very cheap notebook can be made in bulk by Zigpac, if you want to order a printed notebook, just contact us to make the best deal for the bulk notebook.

The Introduction of Zigpac

Zigpac is built in late 2009 and has been specialized in this field for many years. We have made a fast development and focus on the product range of stickers, custom notebook, gift & packaging boxes, gift & shopping bags, plastic bag, wrapping paper, cards, books, promotional gifts, and other printing & packaging products. Equipped with much-advanced printing and packaging machine, we have more than 50 skillful workers and 2000sqm production area, also have ISO certificates and pass SGS tests for EU and US standards. We accept OEM for custom service, also we can wholesale products which are in stock.

We also build a super healthy relationship with other reliable factories in China, working together with them on the different process of production for some items mentioned above.

The Types of Cheap Custom Printed Notebook

When we talk about custom notebook printing, we first need to know the type of it. Whether it is a business notebook or a custom composition notebook (a kind of a student notebook) or a daily notebook, the style of the notebook is categorized based on three standards, the cover material, the cover hardness, and the binding method.

The material of the custom notebook cover can be divided into the leather ( like the custom leather notebook ), textile, paper, and other materials. The cover can be divided into hard and soft surface according to the hardness. Meanwhile, according to the binding method, it also can be divided into wire binding, glue binding, binder binding, Rivet binding, spiral coil binding ( like the custom spiral notebook ), etc.

The cover can also be equipped with some magnetic suction buckles, snaps, elastic straps, zippers, etc., all of which are used to fix the custom printed notebook pages.

The Feature of Different Binding

Let’s find the feature of different ways of binding in the following introduction.

1) Line binding (Stitching binding): whether it is only one line at the position of the spine or the line of the lock line, this type of notebook can be flattened to 180 degrees, which can maximize the use of the area of ​​the inner custom notebook pages for recording. There is also a special ancient book, and the line is on the back of the notebook, and it is also a wire binding, but it cannot be flattened to 180 degrees. The advantage of this binding method is that it is more secure and reliable.

2) Glue binding: most of the business notebooks or cheap notebooks used by students use glue binding. This type of binding is the most common and economical. Good firmness and fast binding process in bulk notebook production. But if the number of pages is large, it is not able to flatten to 180 degrees.

3) Binder binding: It is also a common binding method for custom notebooks. The binder means the clip can be opened at any time and the inner page can be added or taken out. The common binder has two holes, three holes, four holes, six holes, and nine holes, etc. The advantage of this binding method is that the inner page can be taken out or added at will, the cover can be recycled, and can be repeatedly turned over, the firmness is high, and the paper flipped to the left side of the binder may hinder write.

4) Rivet binding: The so-called rivet binding is to first punch the edge of the notebook or notepad, and then fix it with rivets. The binding method is also very firm, and the rivet is also divided into plastic or metal. For recipe production, the application is not very common in the binding of notebooks and notepads.

5) Spiral coil binding: compared with glue binding, this is also one of the common binding methods for custom notebooks. It’s cost-effective, and it can flatten the notebook by 180 degrees, which is convenient for writing, and it is not easy to drop pages when flipping through multiple times.

Besides, according to the different application,  you also can find some cheap bulk notebooks in the market with names like a mini pocket notebook, laboratory ( lab ) notebook, engineering notebook, travelers planner journal, reporter notebook, A5 notebook for fountain pens.

Our Quality Guarantee

We export products mainly to the US, UK, AU, India, Malaysia market, and get the good reputation from our customers, we have complete interior inspection system and also accept 3rd party of inspection. We guarantee that all failed and defected custom notebook can be reproduced free of charge if it’s caused by our side. No matter it’s for small order or big order, we can make the best arrangement to finish them inefficient production and fast worldwide shipping. So if you want to create your own graph design and customize journal for sale, buy from Zigpac, you will never regret.