Having experienced several years of rapid development since the establishment in late 2009, Wenzhou Zigpac Industry Limited get the full experience in custom printing and packaging service, which apply to labels & stickers, notebooks, gift & packaging boxes, gift & shopping bags, plastic bags, wrapping paper, cards, books printing, and other kinds of promotional products.

We also create the most healthy relationship with other reliable factories in China, working together on some special products.

We located in the Chinese most significant package and printing area, equipped with a computer-controlled 12-color printer, heat cutting machines, UV6+1 (local light oil) version of the PS web offset printing machine, Japan solar 8+1 full rotation speed printing presses, injection molding machine and other kinds of device. Moreover, we have already trained a group of technicians and skilled workers who can achieve some complex handicraft products with high-quality assurance ineffective way. This advantage can meet some sure customers whose products are not natural and require more labor work.

Our products pass the various test for EU and US standards, Widely Used in medicine, food industry, liquor, cosmetics, electric cable, chemical products, office supplies, building materials, electrical appliances, hardware machinery, toys and gifts, daily necessities, clothing foreign trade company. The manufacturing techniques and printing quality meet international standards. Owing to these advantages, our products sell well in markets around the world, especially among clients in the US, EU, and Japan.

Hope to establish business cooperation relationship with your party shortly.


The team has undergone exciting growth over the past ten years, expanding from two people to more than 50. And in the past three years, Zigpac has supported 1,500+ American Amazon sellers build their printing and packaging solution for their eCommerce business, and also helped a European company grow from 0.1 to 1 million USD annual import amount. We always believe that we make you succeed, then we will achieve.

In 2009, Zigpac was founded on the belief that the best trustworthiness establishes trust, breathes authenticity, and provides buyers with true value. The way to achieve this goal is through working with experts and extracting their knowledge. That’s why Zigpac teamed up to create a company to help business leaders to do easy job in printing and packaging and gifts.

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