Packaging Box Design: Questions To Answer Before Getting One

The packaging is very important to every area of our lives, especially if you are a business owner. You need to be careful with your packaging box design else you could face a lot of issues with customers.

There are certain factors you must set in place before picking the design for your company packing box. This implies that you need to ask questions that will guide and inform your gift package design.

Three important questions to ask prior to your packaging box design

As a business owner, you have to send out products to your clients, either based on order or as gifts. Whichever it is, always remember that you are actually sending out two products. The first product is the outer company packing box while the second is the main product.

Do you now see why your packaging box design must be top-notch? The same way you invest time and money on the main product, you have to invest in your gift package design.request quote from zigpac

Before manufacturing a product or delivering a service, it is imperative that you ask questions. These questions are necessary to guide you through the production or delivery stages. Since we have agreed that your packaging box (know more) is another product, you also have to ask questions.

You cannot jump into designing your packaging methods without first answering these questions. Three questions are paramount on this list and should offer you guidance. They include:

  1. What is the nature of the product?
  2. Who are you packaging for?
  3. How will people buy this product?

You will agree that these questions are crucial to achieving the perfect design. Let’s discuss each of these questions more intricately and see how they influence package design.

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What is the nature of the product?

Are you wondering if this is one of those trick questions? No, it is not and we expect that you will find it very easy to provide an answer. After all, you know what you are selling, its size and dimensions, how fragile it is, and its composition.

When you provide an answer to this question, it becomes easy to figure out the logistics needed for your product. Here’s a simple example, if you have two products, one fragile and delicate and another that isn’t, packaging will be different.request quote from zigpac

Your packaging box design is required to provide protection for the more fragile product than the other one. It is not rocket science if you don’t make the necessary provisions the product will get destroyed in transit.

Another example is if you have large or heavy products. Your packaging box has to match the size and weight of your product. Else, the company packing box will give way in transit which is bad publicity for your brand.

Sometimes, you may need custom packaging for your products instead of sticking with regular boxes. This is necessary when your products have odd dimensions or on special request.

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Who are you packaging the box for?

This second question is just as important as the first, if not more important. Your gift package design should suit the kind of people who will be using the contents. A simple way to answer this question is this, are your products for men, women, children, or the aged?

Demographics are very important when it comes to package design so you have to consider this factor. For example, if you are packaging for children, you cannot afford to have bland designs on your boxes. It will be a huge turnoff and you can be sure that they wouldn’t be attracted to the content.request quote from zigpac

The first thing your clients see is your packaging, they only experience the product afterward. So you have to pack for the client first. 

Here’s another example to drive the point home. These days, we have so many people interested in the green movement. Therefore, they are more interested in brands that can show that they are conscious of the changes to the environment.

If you are going to attract their attention, you need to show your support for the green movement through packaging. It can be with respect to the color or a simple message on the company packing box. This simple gesture could be all you need to keep your customers coming back for more. 

If your clients are affluent, your packaging box design has to focus on show-off or luxury. These clients are drawn to such gestures. Psychology and packaging work together, so you must understand your target market. 

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How will people buy this product?

This is the last question to ask as you ponder on your gift package design. The mode of purchase will determine how the package will look like. So you should ask yourself, where will they make the purchase?

Are they buying online, at a store, or at the mall? If they are buying online, the packaging has to be completely different from when they walk into a store. company packing box

As we have done above, let’s discuss a few examples. When a person orders a phone screen online, a lot has to go into the packaging. The screen is already a fragile item and since it will be shipped, nothing can be left to chance. 

It is completely different if the person is walking into a physical store to pick up the same item. Not so much will go into the packaging as a simple box will do. 

Here’s another example. If your products will be competing against many others in a mall, then you want a design that stands out. Otherwise, your product will be lost in the crowd of products and patronage will drop.

In essence, buying from different locations influences the gift package design in terms of size and outlook. 

With answers to the three questions above, you can effectively sort out the decisions made regards packaging. We already told you before, it is not rocket science, it is straightforward.

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Conclusioncompany packing box

We have successfully shown you what you need to consider before starting your packaging box design. It is clear that a company packing box design will influence how the customer perceives your product. This is why we think you should be more deliberate with your designs. If you have any demand for gift boxes wholesale, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.