Practical Use for Small Books

Books come with several advantages if you can milk them. This is why mini book printing (know more) has become so popular. 

What does small book printing entail? This is a very important question to answer. More than this is the question of how to use mini notebooks. We will provide you answers to these in this post. 

What does printing small books entail?

Not all projects need big books. For some projects, you need to engage in mini book printing. These books are usually small in dimension. Asides small dimensions, small book printing requires the thickness of the books to be minimized.

Let’s face the fact, there is no specific rule governing how to print or use mini notebooks. However, the general unwritten rule is that the dimensions are around 4” by 6” and sometimes smaller. 

Because of their size, these books are known by so many different names, all of which connote their size. So you could hear people say pocket-size, miniature, or mini notebooks, they all mean the same thing.

Practical uses for small notebooks

Small notebooks are not popular in retail stores these days. Despite this fact, people find them and use them for a variety of uses. In this section, we will take a look at some practical uses of small notebooks.use mini notebooks

As travel or field guides

When traveling, you don’t want anything bulky to add to your luggage. A large-size or regular size notebook may be somewhat too bulky for your luggage. This is likely to be frustrating to carry around. 

It is even possible it wouldn’t fit into your small bag. For this reason, most travel and field guides are printed in a small format. When you are on the field carrying out rigorous tasks like climbing, biking, or hiking, bulk is not what you need. 

This is where mini book printing comes in handy. A small guide doesn’t get in the way of your activities while it provides you all the information you need.

mini book printing

Quick use books

There are times that you need access to information very quickly. Because of this, you need to carry the books that carry these pieces of information around. Even if you don’t, you want to be able to pick them up with ease.

This means the books have to be small enough to move around and place anywhere. Large-size books don’t fit these criteria. This is why small book printing is used. You will notice this kind of printing for books containing emergency procedures and first aid information. 

Because of their frequent use, they have to be portable. Other examples include rules, regulations, terminologies, and formulas. Today, you even have pocket-size dictionaries and religious books.

Books that should fit into small packages

A lot of consumer products these days are packaged in small boxes. These products should come with instruction manuals that will help the consumer by using the product. With a large-size book, the manufacturer will need a bigger package or a separate package.

Of course, this is not cost-effective for the producer plus consumers don’t even want bulky packages. The manufacturer needs to use mini notebooks to convey the instructions for the use and care of the products.

Some of the products that fall into this category include electronics, games, computer hardware, etc. The manufacturer needs to provide extensively documented instructions. Most times, these instructions have to be written in different languages.

To ensure that the package is not too bulky, all of these have to be put into very small books. These books are known as booklets. As a result, the letters are always small.use mini notebooks

Gift books

As you will expect, small books don’t cost so much so they come up as the first choice for gifts or giveaways. Many companies that like to produce information gift books prefer using mini book printing. While this saves them money, it makes it easy for the recipients to carry around and read the books. 

Some of the establishments that employ this method include financial legal service providers, insurance agencies, medical offices, and accounting firms. These organizations make use of these books to attract prospects and educate their clients. 

Religious organizations also employ small book printing to package messages and religious articles. Obviously, the smaller the books, the more portable they are which means they are more likely to be read. Another advantage that this brings to the table is cheaper post bills. 

mini book printing

Limited use books

This is one practical way to use mini notebooks that are very common. There are times when the information in a book is relevant for a limited period. For example, calendars, theatre programs, coupon books, puzzles, etc.

Logically, there is no need to put in so much into printing these books. This is why you hardly find the large-size format of these books. It is wiser to make them small since they will only be used for a while.

Benefits of small booksuse mini notebooks

After looking at the different practical uses of small books, let’s see the benefits of using them.


These books are small and so they don’t cost a fortune to produce or buy. Even though they are very affordable, they can serve a variety of functions. In the end, they are very much cost-effective.


If you travel or move around a lot, you will appreciate a portable book. You will find it easy to record new memories in these small notebooks on the go.


When you make use of small notebooks frequently to make to-do lists and record appointments, you are better organized. Since you can carry the books around, you are always abreast of information about what to do.

Keeps you inspired

Writing down your ideas keeps you inspired. The more you write, the more you are able to expand an idea. Your small notebook gives you the option of writing these ideas on the go. This translates to being inspired as you move.


Mini book printing is an idea that has come to stay. We are in a world that appreciates less bulk, hence the need for small book printing. You have also learned the benefits you enjoy when you use mini notebooks. If you have any demand for book printing, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.request quote from zigpac