Preparing a Notebook for Work

If you run an office and find it difficult to organize your work, you should try using custom notebooks (know more). You are bound to receive some of these cheap printed custom notebooks when you attend conferences.

They are great promotional items but beyond that, these cheap printed notebooks are great organizers. In this post, we will take a look at how you can prepare a personalized notebook for use at work.

How to prepare cheap printed notebooks

With the different technological devices at our disposal these days, custom notebooks are becoming obsolete. However, it is interesting to note that these seemingly old school items are very potent in a lot of ways.

By scribbling work information using a pencil or pen in these cheap custom notebooks, the organization is made easy. You can easily access information about work is done or a to-do list. The key to this is the ability to prepare the cheap printed notebooks efficiently.

Regardless of whether the notebook is plain, lined, graph, college ruled, or wide, organization methods are pretty much the same. We will be discussing a few in this post. You can choose to combine them or use the one that works for you. The bottom line is to start organizing your work with notebook set.request quote from zigpac

  • Notebook for To-Do Lists

For those of us that like to plan, to-do lists come in handy with achieving daily tasks. You could type one on your mobile phone daily but then you end up deleting it. This is why you need a notebook.

With a notebook, you don’t have to delete your to-do lists so you can refer to them in the future. This will help keep track of projects and daily tasks each day and in the nearest future.

cheap printed notebooks

Some people may find writing the list daily a huge task but the truth is writing it helps you remember. At the end of the day, you discover that you have carried out all the tasks without touching the book. All you do at the end of the day will be to evaluate your success rate.

Preparing the notebook:

  • Write the date atop a new page.
  • Put down the title of each project but make sure you separate each with a few lines.request quote from zigpac
  • Fill-in the tasks under each project in order of importance.
  • As you complete each task, strike it off your list.
  • End the day by starting up a new page for the next day. Move any unfinished business to the new page before adding new tasks.

Following these simple steps would help you organize one of those cheap custom notebooks for this purpose with ease.

  • Cheap printed notebooks for taking notes

When you work in an organization, you are bound to attend meetings frequently. In some cases, especially with project management, you have daily meetings. It can be quite tasking to remember what is discussed at every meeting.

While many people see their mobile devices as a go-to option, it may be rude to use phones in such meetings. Our old-fashioned custom notebooks save the day in this regard. They will not just help with recording what is discussed, you can use them to write and plan these discussions.

cheap printed notebooks


To make it more organized, you can have one of your cheap printed notebooks in sections. Label this notebook as “Meeting Notebook.” One section can be for planning the meeting and another can be for writing down key points discussed. You can also add a section for tasks assigned to you during such meetings.request quote from zigpac

Preparing your notebook:

  • Make the first two pages of your notebook the table of contents. This will help you make reference to different pages of the book with ease. Like a regular book, you can now find where ideas are scribbled easily.
  • Number the rest of the pages after the second page. You can decide to do this at a go or in batches, whichever is more convenient for you.
  • Now you can begin taking notes, beginning on page 3 which should be labeled “1.” Remember to write down the date as well as the subject of what you’re writing.
  • When you are done, go back to the table of contents and write the subject, date, and page.
  • Ensure you follow the same process for every meeting.

Seeing that you can use one of these cheap custom notebooks for long, ensure to keep them safe. This will help you retrieve information long after. Even if the pages of the book are filled and you’ve moved on.

  • Cheap printed notebooks for projects

There are several organizations that require a lot of task juggling, most of which come with sensitive information. It could be challenging to handle such tasks, especially if you don’t have anything written down.

cheap printed notebooks


Once again cheap printed notebooks will come to your rescue. You can plan a book based on your number of projects so you can call it your “Project Notebook.”request quote from zigpac

Preparing the notebook:

  • Jot down the names of all your projects on a scrap piece of paper.
  • How many projects are there in total? Divide your notebook into sections to correspond with this number.
  • Fold the pages at the beginning of each section then write the name of one of the projects. Do this until you are done with all the projects. Mark each of these sections with a piece of sticky paper.
  • Write notes for each project accordingly.
  • Notebooks for references

Custom notebooks will help you store factual information in a more organized manner. This will help you gain access to such information whenever you need it.

Preparing the notebook:

  • Split your notebook into four sections based on the division of the alphabets.
  • Label the first page of the first section A-F. Continue with the rest using G-L, M-R, and finally, S-Z in the same manner.
  • Go ahead to split each section into six parts, one for each corresponding letter of the alphabet.
  • Scribble necessary information into your custom printed notebooks based on this format.

cheap custom notebooks


Conclusioncustom notebooks

We have seen how important custom notebooks are to organizing work. Now you know that you wouldn’t reject any cheap custom notebooks when you get the offer. They are old school but great companions.